10 must-see museums in Luxembourg

Here are the must-see museums to visit in Luxembourg to fill yourself with culture during your stay in this cradle of Europe.

Luxembourg is a very small European state situated between France, Germany and Belgium. It is one of the richest countries in the European Union, but above all a territory rich in beautiful landscapes and an exceptional past.

The historic buildings of the eponymous old town, for example, are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Moselle valley offers an ideal setting for long, bucolic walks. Culturally, this country with a complex history offers quite fascinating tourist sites. Our team also presents you must-see museums to visit in Luxembourg, carefully chosen. Follow the guide, let’s go!

1. Le Mudam Luxembourg

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Christian Mueller

  • Address : 3 Park Drai Eechelen, 1499 Luxembourg
  • visiting time : 2h
  • skip-the-line ticket : guided tours

The Grand-Duc Jean Museum of Modern Art, or Mudam, is housed in an 18th-century fortress, Fort Thüngen. Located on the Kirchberg plateau in Drai Eechelen Park, it was designed by Ieoh Ming Pei, a Chinese-American architect. It is to him that we owe the controversial but so emblematic pyramid of the Louvre in Paris.

The Mudam dominates and offers a breathtaking view over the old town, but it is mainly for its collections of contemporary art that this cultural monument deserves the detour. The public exhibition space occupies 6,000 m² on three levels.

Here, the works, several hundred, are on the move: they are not presented in a permanent and exhaustive way. The small adjoining restaurant, necessarily designer, is also absolutely charming. Oh, by the way: on Wednesday nights, the visit is free!

2. The National Museum of History and Art

Luxembourg Museums

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  • Address : Fish Market, 2345 Luxembourg
  • visiting time : 4h
  • skip-the-line ticket : no

The National Museum of History and Art is one of the most important in the country. This essential museum to visit in Luxembourg includes a set of three underground levels of approximately 700 m². They are dedicated to the prehistoric period and the Gallo-Roman past of the Grand Duchy.

Further up, fascinating collections are devoted to the Middle Ages: coins, weapons and medieval fine art. A brand new building in front of the square houses a cafeteria, an auditorium, a screening room and a room for temporary exhibitions.

The visit to the permanent exhibitions is completely free for the general public. Children are not left out with very enriching educational activities. The place is perfect to occupy a rainy afternoon… or a heat wave!

3. The Victor Hugo House

Luxembourg Museums

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Lutsenko_Oleksandr

  • Address : 37 Rue de la Gare, 9420 Vianden
  • visiting time : 3h
  • skip-the-line ticket : no

Hey yes! The great Victor stayed, towards the end of his life, in the Grand Duchy. This literary museum highlights this period of its rich existence. The writer’s admirers will be able to glimpse his life there: period furniture, holographic projections, timetables, audio recordings… But also some surprises.

Did you know that the distinguished novelist was also an experienced painter? Drawings and paintings from the region, made by him, are displayed in this museum, essential to visit in Luxembourg. There are many autograph letters and, on the second floor, hundreds of documents scanned into computer terminals. The visit is quite long (two or even three hours to see everything) and is aimed mainly at adults who are passionate about Hugo’s work.

4. The Museum of trams and buses in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg Museums

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Natalif

  • Address : 63 Rue de Bouillon, 1248 Luxembourg
  • visiting time : 3h
  • skip-the-line ticket : guided tours possible by appointment

This museum is likely to strongly appeal to children. Housed in the heart of Luxembourg City’s bus station, in the Hollerich district, it traces the history of public transport in Luxembourg since 1875. Yes, at the time, trams were still towed by horses…

This museum to visit in Luxembourg presents various pieces, materials, tools and documents. We will discover with interest a replica of a horse-drawn carriage, models of trams, old buses and electric cars. Filmed documentaries, photos and maps from the network, as well as period transport tickets are on display. As a bonus, kids get cute model buses to take home.

5. The National Museum of Iron Mines

National Museum of Iron Mines

Photo credit: Flickr – Robert GLOD

  • Address : 1 Rue des Mines, 3714 Rumelange
  • visiting time : 1h
  • skip-the-line ticket : mandatory guided tours

The exploitation of iron ore was one of the main resources of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. To accomplish this, this essential museum to visit in Luxembourg offers a surprising itinerary in a three kilometer-long former mine gallery. A guide will present the technical evolution of iron ore extraction tools and methods.

The collections of the National Museum of Iron Mines include fascinating tools, machines and archival documents. There are fossils and examples of extracted rocks. In the heart of the Walert mine, you will be able to immerse yourself in the exhausting daily life of the miners. The course is obviously fully safe and supervised, let’s just add that it’s quite cold in there. We are underground, with an average temperature of 10°C and humidity of 90%. Warm clothes and good closed shoes essential!

6. The National Museum of Natural History

Luxembourg Museums

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Anton Havelaar

  • Address : 25 Rue Munster, 2160 Luxembourg
  • visiting time : between 2 am and 3 am
  • skip-the-line ticket : no

The National Museum of Natural History is an educational space that offers a look at the evolution of plants, animals and the characteristics of the Earth and the universe. It takes place at the Hospice Saint-Jean, a former hospital built in 1308, completely restored before the museum opened in 1996. Exhibitions covering some 14 billion years are displayed in ten rooms.

Researchers and museum organizers will talk to you about recent environmental issues, linking you to the history of the Blue Planet. You can participate in themed workshops and admire specially chosen specimens such as fossils. Of course, Luxembourg’s natural heritage is particularly honoured. Of all the must-see museums to visit in Luxembourg, this is probably the most scientifically appealing. It’s still a little bit of our past that we’re talking about here!

7. Wiltz Castle

Luxembourg Museums

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Radu Cadar

  • Address : Rue du Château, 9516 Wiltz
  • visiting time : 1h
  • skip-the-line ticket : guided tours on request

It was under the command of Count Jan that, from 1631 onwards, the construction of this Renaissance-style castle began. It houses not one, not two, but three museums! The National Museum of Beer Art retraces 6,000 years of beer history. The complex elaboration of this drink is elevated to the category of art in Luxembourg. You may even be offered a tasting.

The Tannery Museum is dedicated to leatherwork, a specialty of the town of Wiltz. In 1868, the city had up to 28 tanneries! The museum displays documents, tools and rare pieces dating back to the 16th century.
Finally, the Museum of the Battle of the Ardennes 1944/45 is dedicated to the confrontation that took place from December 16, 1944 to January 21, 1945. See the beautiful photos of the time and the poignant testimonies of soldiers and civilians engaged in the war.

8. The Wine Museum and House

Luxembourg Museums

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Robert Paul Van Beets

  • Address : 115 Rte du Vin, 5416 Wormeldange
  • visiting time : 1h
  • skip-the-line ticket : guided tours by appointment

If beer continues to be the emblematic drink of this small country, know that viticulture is not left out. The Wine Museum faces the Moselle in the heart of the picturesque village of Wormeldange. It is located at the foot of hills planted with prestigious vineyards and houses precious collections: utensils, photographic documents, machines…

Visitors can discover winemaking in two equipped rooms. He will have the opportunity to see a model vine and access a cooperage, a forge or a scouting office. The visit, instructive and dynamic, will be crowned with a tasting of a succulent local wine. Children will have the right to freshly squeezed grape juice before going out for a walk in the vineyard. Visiting this must-see museum in Luxembourg is a great opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the local natural environment.

9. The Aviation Museum

Luxembourg Aviation Museum

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

  • Address : Av. des Bains Domaine spa, 5610 Mondorf-les-Bains
  • visiting time : 1h
  • skip-the-line ticket : guided tours on request

Leave immediately for the Kind pavilion, in the center of the thermal park, which houses the Luxembourg Aeronautics Museum. Opened in 2012, the two floors of this beautiful glass building are not located in Mondorf-les-Bains by chance. It was here that, in April 1910, Man made his first flight in Luxembourg airspace.

This essential museum to visit in Luxembourg features high-level disciplines: skydiving, hot air ballooning, hang gliding, commercial, military or sports aviation. You will have the opportunity to see the “Klemm”, a perfectly restored monoplane built in 1934. Educational, the visit allows you to understand how a weather station works, listen to authentic conversations between a pilot and his control tower or watch a movie.

10. Villa Vauban (Luxembourg City Museum of Art)

Luxembourg Museums

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Peter Fuchs

  • Address : 18 Av. Emile Reuter, 2420 Luxembourg
  • visiting time : 2h
  • skip-the-line ticket : guided tours

Villa Vauban is housed in an opulent residence in the heart of the capital’s (excellent) municipal park. This historic building is mainly dedicated to the golden age of Dutch painting (which corresponds to the 17th century, that of Rembrandt or Van Goyen). French works from the 19th century and many European paintings are on display. You can also contemplate a beautiful collection of fascinating sculptures in this must-see museum in Luxembourg.

Villa Vauban organizes guided tours and fun workshops for young children. The temporary exhibitions receive loans from international collections that contribute to the cultural dynamism of the museum. For the record, Villa Vauban owes its name to a fort built on the same site by the architect of the Sun King. In fact, part of the old fortress wall can still be seen in the basement of the museum.

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