5 US Immigration Predictions in 2022

2022 will be a pivotal year for millions of foreigners awaiting legalization in the United States, as well as for those who dream of migrating and working legally in America. Forecast from an immigration expert Mark MoraisBrazilian-American attorney who served as a prosecutor and federal agent for the US government. “In his first year in office, Biden faced an unprecedented crisis on the US-Mexico border, and Congress and the Senate vetoed his immigration reform bill. The current president, who is widely criticized by Republicans and even part of the Democratic Party, is also unlikely to have an easy life in 2022 when it comes to immigration. On the other hand, the scenario is very optimistic for foreign professionals who can take advantage of the green card opportunities that the US labor market offers.”explains Mark Morais, who also owns Law Firm of Mark MoraisThe office is in Miami.

Check out 5 U.S. Immigration and Temporary Employment Lawyers Predictions for 2022:

1- Legalization of undocumented immigrants

Flagship of the then-candidate’s campaign Joe Biden, a project that aims to legalize up to 8 million foreigners, has suffered a major setback after it was seen as well above the government spending ceiling. In total, the package, which includes immigration reform, will cost the US treasury $3.5 billion. In November 2021, the House of Representatives partially passed a more modest version Bidensomething around US$1.75 billion, which is currently being debated in the Senate.

The current proposal is called Plan C because Plans A and B have not been approved and are no longer intended to be provided immediately. green map, but rather “parole”, a kind of permission for legal work and the suspension of some deportations from the country. If the proposal is not changed further, the legalization of foreigners who entered the United States illegally should begin to occur in the second half of 2022 – 8 million immigrants can take advantage of this project.

2- Zoom green cards for brazilians

Never in history have so many Brazilians green cards approved over the past ten years. Between 2011 and 2020, more than 132,000 Brazilians received a document granting permanent residence in America, according to the US Department of Security. 2019 was the year of the highest number of requests for green cards for people born in Brazil, with 19,825 queries.

The main reason behind this growth is the qualifications of Brazilian professionals who work in professions that lack a specialized workforce in the US, such as doctors, engineers, scientists, architects and information technology professionals, among others. There are plenty of job opportunities for both those thinking of temporary work and those looking to move to America permanently, and with the growing economic disparity between Brazil and the United States, even more Brazilians should apply for the program. green map uh 2022.

3- Continuation of the crisis on the border with Mexico

With the election Bidenmany are betting on a policy of soft borders than in TrumpHowever, this did not happen in 2021. The current US president began the year by issuing an executive order banning the deportation of foreigners for 100 days and reinstating frozen immigration programs, but at the same time tightening the rules for the removal … and detention of people trying to cross the border into Mexico, which caused a sharp criticism from human rights activists and several American social movements. The Department of Border Protection (CBP) estimates that around 2 million foreigners were intercepted under such circumstances in 2021.

For 2022 Biden can reduce these numbers, but not solve the problem of the border with Mexico. The President should try to convince the US Congress to invest more in underdeveloped countries in Central America with high levels of illegal immigration, such as Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. The Democrat also needs the approval of congressmen and senators to implement the much-desired immigration reform that would change the law on American borders, but the budget for the approval of the project is sharply cut, which promises.

4- Job Opportunities in big technologies e startups

Major US tech companies are hiring IT professionals, engineers, and project managers from overseas. The US is no longer able to train enough professionals to meet the demand in the US labor market. big technologies and to do so, they are counting on foreign talent to remain the greatest technological power on the planet. Particularly in California and Texas (the latter touted as the country’s new high-tech reference center), 2022 will be a year full of career opportunities and job opportunities for temporary workers and immigrants.

5- Full resumption of US visas and tourism

The Covid-19 pandemic temporarily closed American embassies and consulates around the world – in Brazil there was a 20-month wait before the full opening of vacancies for the passage of a tourist visa in consular offices, which took place only in November 2021, when restrictive measures were introduced. between the US and Brazil, valid from March 2020, has officially ended. As expected, the interview queue is still long, but from next January it will decrease and more vacancies will be available through the scheduling system. The same is true in other countries.

And it’s not just foreign visitors who are excited about the return of foreign tourists to the US. The travel industry and hotel chain in the United States, which accounts for about 3% of US GDP, is making ambitious plans for 2022 and expects to reach about 77 million people in the wide variety of tourist attractions the country has to offer. .

“The second half of 2021 proved to be a period of significant recovery for the US economy after the worst phase of the pandemic in 2020. I believe that 2022 will be a year of even greater growth in the US industry and consumer market, and for this growth to be real and sustainable, the figure of an immigrant and a worker hired to fulfill their duties in America will be essential.concludes Mark Morais

About Mark Morais

Mark Morais – immigration lawyer and owner Law Firm of Mark MoraisAmerican office responsible for the legal processes of visas and green mapwith for USA.

Mark is the only Brazilian-American American lawyer who has worked for 3 major US federal immigration agencies (USCIS, CBP, and ICE) as Immigration Attorney, Asylum Officer, and Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Marc Morais holds a degree in Law and Business Administration from Brazil and a Juris Doctor from the United States. He is licensed to practice law in the state of Florida as well as in the federal capital (Columbia area).

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