8 unique DIY speaker projects

A quality speaker can work wonders for your home entertainment system. Capture the true scale of sound, meaningfully transforming standard audio experiences like listening to music, watching movies, and gaming into immersive and unbeatable experiences you’ll love. The problem is that the best speakers are often expensive.

However, although audio technology has come a long way, the basic principle behind the production of sound in all speakers is still the same today. So, you can always make your own to save money and get really creative with the design. Here are eight unique speaker designs to use as inspiration.

3D printing technology, also known as additive manufacturing, has come a long way. Once reserved for rapid prototyping, it is now one of the most versatile technologies in circulation; it can be used to make almost anything, including these incredibly unusual 3D printed speakers with lights, as illustrated in the Instructables guide.

Built to demonstrate the immense potential of modern 3D printers, these drool-worthy speakers were printed on a high-end Objet Connex 500 for superfine detail, but the design could be adapted for a regular 3D printer. The speakers also boast an audio-responsive LED system which adds to their aesthetics and enhances audio listening experiences by spreading light through transparent columns on the speaker in real time.


2. Construction of the dodecahedron loudspeaker

Shapes of the dodecahedron are rare in real life, let alone speakers, so this unique design will surprise and delight. It’s not only a pleasant sight for sore eyes, but ears too thanks to the 12 speakers it boasts. They ensure quality sound transmission from all sides, making this spatial speaker a perfect addition to any entertainment setup.

It features a 3D printed frame, making it a project worth exploring if you have access to a 3D printer. The non-printable parts include a fantastic geometric copper tube backing, along with metal wool, adhesive pads, cable, washers and screws. Check out this Instructables guide for more build details.

3. Solar power bank mini speaker

Imagine a solar powered speaker that doubles as a power bank for your smartphone whenever the need arises! Before you scream impossible, it really exists, and as highlighted in Instructables’ step-by-step guide, you don’t need to be an electronics guru to create one. Once you’ve gathered all the relevant supplies, you’ll only need a drill, jigsaw, and soldering iron to make it. The best part? It is incredibly portable.

4. Firefly Jar Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Do you want to see what happens when you combine light and sound? Grab a couple of glass jars, frosted glass paint, the best portable Bluetooth speaker kit you can find, a lithium-ion battery, a string of LEDs, soldering iron, glue gun, drill, hole saw, and a multimeter , then follow Instructables’ Guide to Making a Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

The results? A cool firefly-shaped speaker that you can take wherever you go and easily connect to your smartphone to listen to your favorite tunes. It also makes a great gift, especially during the holiday season, when your favorite people are in the mood to hang fairy lights to welcome the holiday cheer.

5. Multi-glow concrete speakers

If you prefer to beautify your home with one-of-a-kind pieces, or just love electronic items with great aesthetics, you will love these multi-luminous concrete speakers. Unlike commercial concrete speakers which only feature the patinated finish but use other materials for their construction, these contain real concrete, making it incredibly unique, durable and a perfect addition to any living space regardless of the interior theme.

Even better, they feature RGB LED lighting and are audio-responsive, so you get a fun live show with every song. And while the project is a little technical, the resulting unit is worth the footwork, plus the Instructables guide meticulously breaks down each step so it’s easy to follow. To further customize this project, you can create DIY colors with RGB LED displays.

6. Steampunk speakers

Developed in the 1980s as a subculture of history and a subgenre of science fiction, steampunk is fast becoming the next big thing in the world of interior design. While it may not tickle everyone’s fancy, it’s impossible to deny its unique aesthetic.

Are you looking to join the steampunking trend in a room in your home but don’t know where to start? This steampunk pair of speakers is definitely a good starting point for incorporating design into your home, as shown in the Instructables guide. This speaker could be a great addition to a DIY computer desk project.

7. PCB motherboard speaker

If you’ve recently damaged your sound system, but parts, including the speakers, are still functional, don’t throw it away yet. Follow this Instructables guide to reuse your speakers and motherboard PCB to create this incredibly great, yet high performance, PCB speaker.

8. Concrete passive loudspeaker cube

If you liked the multi-bright concrete speakers above, but find them too strenuous to build, this concrete speaker cube is an interesting alternative. It has no wiring, no electronics, no charge, and is made up of concrete and wood only, meaning anyone, including first-time DIYers, can do it.

Note that it is designed to amplify the sound of your smartphone. So it’s perfect if you love listening to your favorite tunes while washing the dishes, cooking dinner, or working in your home office, but aren’t willing to splurge on a phone speaker amplifier. It will make your phone sound a lot better than trying to amp it up by putting it in a cup. Simply combine concrete and wood as described in the Instructables building guide to make yours today.

Create your unique DIY speaker today

A good pair of speakers takes gaming, listening to music, streaming movies, and all audio-related activities to a whole new level. And with the eight designs above, you get not only superlative audio quality, but also a speaker design that you won’t find anywhere on the market unless you try to make it happen. Feel free to duplicate the ideas or use them as inspiration to create an even better pair of speakers.

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