A hand of white erases the painting on the wall

What has happened in Procchio in recent days is creating discussion on social media. The Bolano Foundation also intervenes in defense of the canceled work

MARCIANA – “Once upon a time there was a square in a small village, in fact not even a village, a crossroads that became a meeting place for tourists and residents. – writes Alessandra Ribaldone, Italo Bolano Foundation – It was once a painter, a” foreign “, but now Elba through adoption, with the desire to” make “typical of an artist in love with this magical land and its traditions”.

Instead of the painting

The report is about a painting on a building that has been covered with a layer of white paint, a story that arouses great indignation even in social media.

“There was once a wall with a half-bleached design that screamed all the abandonment and grief from a long-forgotten place, even though it was visited by many. – continues Ribaldone- I’m talking about Procchio, some houses grouped around an intersection of roads that have has become a center for shops, bars, charming small shops since many years ago it was brilliantly closed to vehicular traffic that was diverted somewhat but in such a way that this place became a meeting and relaxation place for tourists and residents “.

“Off the busy road there is access to one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the island, a destination for thousands of holidaymakers. – adds Ribaldone- And the small square, without a real name, without a real connotation, even if it is private, with the adjacent the walls faded and abandoned shouted all the loneliness and sorrow of no one’s lack of interest.Just a few meters away the last remnants of the meeting place of the “Painters of the Dunes”, a historic site created by a group of artists from different places that in the summer of 1950 gave life to a little “bohemian” cultural cenacle that had its headquarters in the then “Ristorante da Renzo” Each artist left a drawing and his signature on the wall, there is also a small drawing by Italo Bolano … Today, only the narrow walls of the place are covered by improvised works by the many passing artists and the manager of the ice cream kiosk based there are obliged to keep them because they have been declared worthy of protection by Mini’s property f for cultural activities and tourism “.

The wall with the old painting

“But let’s go back to the square across the street. – explains Ribaldone-Our artist, who comes from Turin, over 10 years ago, opened her” studio “on this sad and nameless square and she was asked to” revive “it where the wall And so it was that Barbara Blin, the artist in love with Elba, almost a novel “painter of dunes”, with a lot of work, a lot of enthusiasm and entirely at her expense, turned the faded wall into a small “glimpse” respects the tradition of ” trompe-l’oeil “and memories of Elba views, from the door rendered by a real, present in Marciana, to the” refraction “of the wall that creates the view of the sea and the image of Guardiola, a beloved symbol of Procchio. Barbara thus gave openness and air to the square and called it the “wind velvet square”, a tribute to the wind roses in which she is a true teacher. For ten long years she devoted herself to it with a love that perhaps not even a true Elban would have dedicated to this admired corner and photos go known by all, it has become a place of excellence in Procchio.
But fairy tales do not always have a happy ending. No prince fell in love and got married in this square … One day an “evil ogre” arrived, who, without even knowing why, gave a nice white layer on this wall, and erased with ignorance and talk so much work and self-denial “.

“We do not even want to claim many other, perhaps much more famous, examples of ‘Street Art’ here,” concludes Ribaldone – a new artistic culture that is emerging around the world with the aim of turning abandoned places into works of art, sometimes even One of the most famous representatives of this artistic movement are the mysterious Bansky who, among other things, has achieved high economic prices.
Now it is far from me to compare Blin with a “street artist”, but the fact remains that a work, created out of true love for the beauty of this country, was destroyed by a little ignorance bordering on vandalism. And it remains incomprehensible how no public body has complained about this real outrage and put its own voice to the chorus of many people who have complained about this “company”, which unfortunately will not be able to take back the badly removed “.

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