Bring stadium cheers right into your home with the Samsung La Première Lifestyle Projector

Home entertainment has taken on a whole new meaning in recent years. Sports broadcast networks, streaming services and social media have helped transform the way people produce and consume all types of sports news and content. This shift has spurred demand for the big-screen entertainment experiences found on premium televisions and projectors as users seek high-quality home viewing experiences capable of reproducing the live power events or movie screenings.

As sports leagues and experiences begin to resume pre-pandemic operations, consumers now have the option to watch their favorite team at home, without missing the beat of the action.

One of the keys to bringing this home stadium experience to life is the ultra-large, high-quality display capable of complementing the viewing experience. The La Premiere projector[1] from Samsung is a lifestyle projector that delivers spectacular picture quality and immersive surround sound, helping to create the feeling of being in the stands.

An extra-large 130-inch screen is your gateway to the stadium

Premiere can create a larger-than-average TV screen, whether projecting the image onto a plain white wall or adding a projector screen, in just minutes. Unlike conventional projectors that require a distance of three to four meters from a wall to provide optimal image quality, the La Première projector can be installed very close to the wall and offers a screen size of up to 130 inches.[2]even when placed just 23.8 cm from the wall.

The projector also doesn’t require a complicated setup process, as users simply plug in the La Première’s power cord and connect to a wireless network – without having to worry about calculating the distance from the wall or hanging the projector from the ceiling. It also has a compact design so users can easily move and rearrange the projector.

Dynamic 4K resolution offers full immersion during the big game

To create an enhanced projector experience, Samsung has integrated its premium TV technologies into the La Première projector, so users can enjoy vibrant 4K resolution on a super large screen.

Using exclusive, state-of-the-art triple laser technology, the La Première projector delivers rich, vibrant image quality. This laser integrated model offers users a premium product that offers great viewing experiences. Whether you’re streaming the latest 4K sports documentary or your favorite live sporting event, the La Première projector delivers immersive, ultra-widescreen, high-resolution entertainment experiences with crystal clarity.

Exceptional image quality, no matter the time of day

A projector’s media quality can be affected by ambient lighting more than typical TV screens, which means it’s important for a projector to be able to produce brilliant images so you don’t just miss out on critical gaming moments.

As the first HDR10+ projector[3] in the world, La Première offers a maximum brightness of 2,800 ANSI lumens[4]. Users can enjoy cinema-like picture quality even in the middle of the day, even when the room you are watching a movie in is bathed in strong light, allowing you to watch your favorite matches regardless of ambient lighting conditions. The La Première projector also offers a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, which means the projector is capable of expressing contrast and subtle details in dark images. [5] .

An immersive all-in-one speaker that delivers the personal stadium experience

Powerful sound is essential to get the true stadium experience at home. Hearing the fans and commentators roar along with the action is part of the fun of any game.

Premiere produces captivating three-dimensional sound without the need for additional speakers, thanks to the robust sound system built into its compact design. The projector has powerful built-in 4.2-channel 40W speakers that project sound with ample height and width to deliver every bit of that action-packed sound. The projector also features Samsung’s exclusive Acoustic Beam technology, capable of maximizing sound from all angles, outputting sound from 44 holes placed on either side of the projector so that everyone, no matter where they are sitting in the room, can engage and have fun.

Stay entertained and connected with smart TV features

Just like Samsung’s leading smart TVs with Tizen technology, the La Première projector gives users the same smart features and access to major sports streaming platforms,[6] including Amazon Prime and Samsung TV Plus, as well as music streaming services that host popular sports podcasts, including Apple Music and Spotify.

La Première projector also supports the “Tap View” function[7] to mirror the content streamed on your Galaxy smartphone to your projector; By simply gently tapping the side of the La Première projector with your device, you can easily stream photos or videos from your Galaxy smartphone directly to the larger screen.

[1] The model presented in this article is The First LSTP9.
[2] The laser projector can be projected onto a matte white wall or a monotone glossy wall without the need to install an additional screen. For the most optimal experience, it is recommended to use a dedicated screen for the ultra-short throw projector.
[3] HDR10+ certified as per HDR10+ display device requirements. Certified by HDR10+ Technologies, LLC., June 2020.
[4] ANSI Lumens: The brightness level based on the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard for expressing the brightness of a projector. 1 ANSI lumen is equivalent to the brightness of a candle.
[5] The data is based on internal research conducted by Samsung.
[6] Service availability may vary by region and each OTT service or platform is available upon subscription. The La Première projector must be connected to the Internet to access these services.
[7] The Tap View service only works with Samsung Galaxy smartphones running Android 8.1 and above, when the mobile device’s screen and La Première projector are turned on.

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