Capri, between worldliness and authenticity

A guide to discover the gems of the Island of Capri, a hillside bathed by the sea and loved by nobles and style icons, where luxury and modern style coexist with historic trails and wild nature.

{ Here, Ginta Kubiliute, who has been visiting the Mediterranean island for years, provides a veritable guide to the best places to see, eat and play this summer. }

The island of Capri, one of the most glamorous travel destinations in the world, is a myth that endures over time. The merit goes to the aura of “pleasure for the five senses” : magnificent landscapes, traditional cuisine, citrus scents shimmering in the streets, authentic design and materials, heartfelt serenades just around the corner.

It has been a popular destination since the times of the Sweet life, in the late 1950s, when celebrities put the island on the jet set map. It became a pole of attraction for artists, intellectuals, aesthetes and especially writers, attracted by an inspiring environment, a mild climate and a liberal and dreamy lifestyle.

Charles Dickens praised his ” delicious calm “, of life in society and distinguished guests who took the aperitif in the piazzetta or who were looking for a noble-style intimacy.

For thousands of years, Capri has captivated everyone with its authenticity – from Emperor Tiberius to Brigitte Bardotfrom Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis to international pop stars like Mariah Carey.

Luxurious yet authentic, the island lives with grace, an effortlessly luxurious lifestyle and encapsulates the best of italy on a contained surface–a small piece of land rising majestically from the Tyrrhenian Sea.

This refined elegance is noticeable in the details and really felt as soon as you land on the iconic Piazzetta, the heart of capri. Capri’s entire social life revolves around this iconic open-air lounge, perched on the hill overlooking the sea. the place to be, the place to see and the place to be seen. A true mundane mecca for the islanders, which comes to life when the last ferry leaves, the crowd thins and the stars come out to play.

There is the capri city with its luxury boutiques, which span the entire golden triangle that goes from there piazzetta to the via Camerelle and continues on via le Botteghe – where is the most beautiful linen shop in the world 100% Capri. The brand’s essence of simplicity, quality and Italian craftsmanship will win you over at first sight.

The walk continues through via Tragara which offers iconic views of the faraglionito be admired from the terrace, at its end.

Most of Capri town can only be reached on foot, it’s no wonder that replacements for high heels for women here are flat sandals with jewelry, much appreciated by Jackie Kennedy. You can get a custom pair at Emanuela Carusothat adapts a unique retro style to modern technologies.

The island has a distinct dress code; to live up to it on your first trip, take all shades of white and blue.

Then there’s the wild side of the island, Anacapri, where many majestic scenarios follow one another. It is characterized by the route of the forts built during the battles between Napoleon and England for the domination of Europe in the early 19th century. Here, the atmosphere is totally different and much more relaxed. the iconic restaurant the hedgehogthat wears the Dior brand this summer is the place to go, followed by the wildest The headlight for memorable sunsets.

But to get an idea of ​​the place, go down to the viewpoint of the sea, where the natural heritage of Capri is located. A good way to learn about the history of the island and visit some of its best spots, accessible only by boat, is to rent a goiter typical. With all the comforts and shaded cushions, this is a truly unique option for a boat trip.

You will discover secret coves and sea caves, some of the most breathtaking caves on the island – the splendid Blue Grotto among others – villages hidden in the folds of the cliffs, small stretches of beach that can only be reached by the sea and rock formations jagged against the depths of an emerald blue.

For a different experience, Capri Hydro, in Marina Piccola, offers guided tours of the island by sea in kayaks and pedal boats, with zero emissions. A must-see at dawn, to admire the sunrise over the bay of Positano, which can be seen just behind the Faraglioni.

The best way to visit the island, without a doubt, is to plan an overnight stay. The longer the better, to get a taste of someone’s lifestyle, on and off Earth experiences that can easily fill a week’s schedule. Enjoy summer in country villas or luxurious JK Place mansionin a more private setting overlooking the Marina Grande.

And after discovering the scenic wonders of the island, the next step is to taste the local specialties. Culinary traditions, based on simple, fresh ingredients from the land and sea, are dominated by the sunny and bold flavors of southern Italy.

The ideal stops to refresh yourself are the Le Grottelle restauranthoused in rocky caves and with a beautiful terrace in Punta Campanella, and Aurora to feel like a local with a touch of modern Italian cuisine. To enjoy a breathtaking view, there is the restaurant in the historic bathhouse. Fontelina at the Faraglionifor devotion of fish. For an aperitif, the must-see is the open-air Piazzetta lounge, and then continue dancing the night away at theAnema and Nucleus with traditional Italian music.

It is forbidden to go home without emblematic souvenirs, such as a pair of personalized sandals, a linen set or a bottle of limoncello, a handcrafted perfume by the monks of Certosa di San Giacomo and, of course, a caprese cake.

“Capri makes you forget everything,” Lenin said when visiting Maxim Gorky in 1910. In fact, the islanders call it ” capri time “because here time seems to stretch out, to settle at its own pace. Maybe it’s the absence of cars, the warmth of people, or maybe both, but rest assured you’ll silently notice it and probably never forget it.

Emerald water, exquisite cuisine, world-class shopping and the lesson that luxury can also be local and conscious, we left the island with a “ heart sank – a mixed feeling of amazement and longing for our next visit here.

Written by Ginta Kubiliute


Discover the best classic addresses and the most unusual finds in the gallery.


100% Capri

Comfortable. Pure. Handmade. Biological.

These are the keywords of the most exclusive linen brand in the world. Essence of simplicity, purity of beauty, mixed with traditional Italian tailoring and innovative technology.

That’s 100% Capri.

Eco Capri

Eco Capri is an insular brand that connects with “Capri Lovers” around the world using innovation, quality and design.

Its contemporary resort, accessory and home collections are inspired by the life and work of the Cerio de Capri family, protagonists of the island for six generations.

Caruso sandals

The highlight of the island is, without a doubt, the world-famous Capri sandals.

Handcrafted and personalized by skilled artisans, with the style of the past adapted to modern times. Caruso sandals have a unique retro luxury soul, much appreciated by the international jet-set.

Carthusian Perfumes

Carthusia has put its centuries-old knowledge into practice to develop a unique perfume culture in the world.

Local ingredients, natural methods and traditional craftsmanship come together in Carthusia’s laboratories, producing unique fragrance harmonies. A unique bond with Capri.

Having dinner

Le Grottelle restaurant

Away from tourists, Le Grottelle restaurant, run by a local family, is an ideal stop after a leisurely stroll in Pizzolungo, which stretches for miles along the coast.

Aurora Restaurant

Capresi ravioli, made with just three main ingredients – locally grown tomatoes, cheese and aromatic basil leaves – are a must and Aurora offers them the best.

La Fontelina Restaurant

A breathtaking view with exquisite and fresh regional cuisine based on seafood.


ecological visit

Capri Hydro. The best way to get to know a little about the island’s history and visit some of its best spots, accessible only by boat, is to rent a typical old-time fishing boat called a gozzo.

Visit some of the island’s most stunning caves, jump into the emerald water and relax on shaded cushions. Taking time to breathe is a real luxury.

Anema and Nucleus

Live music orchestra for an unforgettable night experience.

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