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Our 400 sailors were on deck from 10am this morning to compete in the final races of the weekend.

It must be said that the day is crucial and will crown the winners of this beautiful second edition of the Porquerolle Race. Of the four categories represented, three leaders (in IRC 0 and 1, IRC2 and Class 40) seem unstoppable, the result of the encounter is on the other hand more uncertain in IRC 3 and 4, three boats with three points. The west wind is also in the game and strong enough to set up two successive runs in every round.

Class40 – 4 races (3 holds)

The Sunday coast allowed the 5 Class40s to sail from the port of Hyères towards Le Lavandou. The latest test allows Centrakor to confirm its undeniable superiority. Mikael Mergui and his team do the all-fours pass! We know elevator 40, Lombard plane, fast; the onboard sailors who have been shining for a long time on the TP5 circuit, experienced in close contact racing, will not have opened any gaps for their weekend opponents, showing perfect mastery of the subject! Kito de Pavant HBFReforestaction’s Plan Verdier is second on the 20-mile course ahead of FullSave.

Round Alpha – 7 innings run (6 held)

The two courses built this Sunday made it possible to decide between the competitors for the podium. In these groups, the respective leaders, Arobas² and Magic Express, have gained enough lead not to worry. On the other hand, it dried to the dolphins’ places.

Group 1 – IRC 0 and IRC 1

Behind Arobas², Captain Harlock, the Nivelt prototype led by Benoît Briand, took the podium in the first round and pocketed the second place: an “intrusion” in the trio formed by Chenapan IV, Imagine and Tonnerre de Glen. The second course allows the three friends to re-establish the hierarchy. Imagine failing at the foot of the podium behind Tonnerre de Glen and Chenapan IV.

Group 2 – CRI 2

Jivaro, surely galvanized by a first victory yesterday, repeats in the two courses built of the day. A remarkable performance, but unfortunately insufficient: the victory did not escape Laurent Lavaysse’s Farr40, Magic Express, after 7 rounds played. Yves Grosjean’s J133, just two points away, took second in the very consistent Groupe Lambot Sailing Team.

Round Bravo – IRC 3 and 4 – 9 runs (8 holds)

The crew of Jean-Yves Le Gal – Checkmate threw their last strength into the Bravo circle. With two wins today, the Mat 1070 propels itself to the top step of the podium.

The Minots de la Nautique stumble and see all hope of victory disappear. The promising crew will certainly be comforted by their very good second place after a hard fight, ahead of the very combative crew of Sagola T.

special partnersThey are dear to us, those who accompany us, share our adventures and also allow us to pursue them. Yesterday, Porquerolles Yacht Club received the managers of CIS, the main partner of the race, for a half-day of discussions about water.

The group specializes in providing logistical and housing solutions in specific environments. And it fully manages the live bases of offshore companies, extraction mines, defense or international organizations. The company, which has around 15,000 employees and works in more than 20 countries, is very interested in our discipline: » More than a sport, sailing combines high technology and the environment, carrying values ​​common to CIS such as passion, audacity and excellence” explains Régis Arnoux, CEO and founder of the CIS group.

The Yacht Club de Porquerolles is surrounded by a dozen loyal partners*, institutional or private, who each contribute to the success of the event.

– City of Hyères – Toulon Provence Méditerranée metropolis – CIS – Portland – Généris – Favier Casanova guarantees – TLV – Société Marseillaise de Crédit


Sébastien Le Ber – President of Porquerolles Yacht Club

I am delighted with this new edition of the Race of Porquerolle, organized under the sponsorship of the Yacht Club de France; The race committee managed to send almost 7 races to most participants, despite the sometimes erratic wind conditions, especially at the beginning of the week. There were certainly fewer boats than in the previous edition, but the line-up is once again extremely tough with talented sailors!

Mikael Mergui – Centrakor – Class40

This victory makes me feel very good after all these months of construction. It’s good to get into boat mode, especially here, in Hyères, in this great body of water. I was well surrounded, with three companions from hell! We learned a little about how to use the boat, I was also able to share these first crossings with my partners, it’s a pleasure, it’s a great time to share!

Christophe Bouvet skipper- Arobas² – TP52 – IRC 0 and 1

The conditions suited us perfectly and the result is more than positive, even if we have to put things in perspective because there was no other boat corresponding to our category. Instead of racing against a boat, we race against time. This is another very interesting style of exercise. Winning remains a great satisfaction, but in addition, the positive side is the quality of the maneuvers carried out by the crew: there was no failure, there was no breakdown! It’s a great workout for our next race, the Giraglia Rolex Cup.

Laurent Lavaysse – Magic Express – Farr40 – IRC2

And here we will be forced to sing, as promised, during the awards ceremony! Of course we had a bit of an advantage, but Jivaro had a great race this morning; we weren’t far behind, it’s happening on the wire. In the second race we had real slack in the line and saw the gaps disappear. Today was very good with slightly windier conditions, there was more competition, more fighting! We had a blast, we’ll be back next year!

Jean-Yves Le Gal – Checkmate – IRC 3 and 4

It was cool because there was a challenge, there were musical chairs and we had to fight hard to get that first place and the team fought hard until the end. It’s great for the crew and boat to win in Porquerolles, which is truly a magical place.

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