Crazy about the trip! The new communication campaign of Clube Smiles shows the advantages for those who love to travel

THE smiles a new communication campaign for the Smile clubwhich consists of a language that is closer and aimed at the public than, like us of the First class passenger, loves to travel. Bringing a more attractive, modern look and new approaches to communication, the campaign highlights all the benefits offered to subscribers, which go far beyond earning miles.

Smiles Club communication campaign

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The Circle of Smiles

For those who are just starting out in this world of loyalty programs and, like us at PP, are “crazy about travel”, Clube Smiles is a great ally for planning a trip full of benefits! Through this subscription service, you will accelerate the accumulation of miles every month and you will also receive many other benefits!

Through a subscription, which can be monthly or yearly, you have an alternative to increase your mileage balance to be able to make several redemptions in the program, be it a plane ticket, Uber credits, car rental, hotel booking, tours, refueling or even exchange your miles for products on Shopping Smiles.

You can choose from six different plans based on the one that best suits your travel plans and the amount you are willing to pay.

Main advantages of the Smiles Club

Do you also feel butterflies in your stomach before your trip, when you pack your bags or head to the home airport of your next flight? Thanks to the benefits of Clube Smiles, this feeling that we are passionate about can become more and more present in our lives.

Below is a summary of the various benefits you will have by joining the Club:

Those who join the Smiles Club have miles credited to their account every month and can receive up to 20,000 miles per month depending on the plan chosen!

Those who are part of the Smiles Club always have exclusive offers in the program! To find them is simple, just look for the icons in the color viola and enjoy it!

Those who are part of the Smiles Club always have access to the best conditions during the promotions carried out by the programs. In the card point transfer offers, for example, the club member gets a bigger bonus, which is great!

  • Miles valid for 10 years

One of the great advantages for Clube Smiles members is the validity of the miles, as those accumulated in the plan are valid for 10 years! That’s more than enough to find your perfect trip.

By rewarding those who are loyal to the program, Smiles also offers Meu Bônus VIP. For every 6 club payments, up to 50% bonus on card point transfers is offered to use whenever you want.

A page with airline tickets at outlet prices exclusively for Club members.

  • Become a Diamond customer

Can you imagine becoming a Diamond customer, the highest category of Smiles, simply by joining the Club? This is possible for those who opt for the 20,000 Plan, receiving, in addition to the Smiles Club benefits, all the other benefits offered to Diamond customers.

Smiles offers program members a solution to plan their next trip even with the uncertainties of the moment we are experiencing. With Easy Travel You can issue a ticket without mileage balance up to 330 days in advance. You must decide whether or not to travel within 60 days of departure.

Viaje Fácil also eliminates the risk of running out of the availability of a ticket you found between transferring points and receiving the bonus on your account.

Your daily expenses can earn you up to 4 miles for every dollar spent directly on Smiles! This differentiated rate is reserved for Clube Smiles subscribers in possession of the GOL Smiles Card. 4 options are available (Infinite, Platinum, Gold and International), which offer a series of benefits to the holders.

Clube Smiles subscribers also have the great advantage of being able to lock the price of up to 5 GOL tickets for 72 hours a year.

Have you ever thought about combining the miles of several people in one account? With the Family Account this is possible! We explain in detail how it works in this matter.

  • Various payment options

Smiles makes the way you want to pay for the Smiles Club more flexible by offering options for monthly, yearly up to 12 installments or even yearly cash payments, the latter with an additional discount.

In addition to the Redeemable Miles, which you will receive each month for use in the program, subscribers also receive Qualifying Miles, which are what help you move up the program level. The path to becoming a Silver, Gold or Diamond customer is faster for those who join the Smiles Club.

If you are a travel freak, you need to know many other people who are too! Club Smiles subscribers have an exclusive code to share with their friends. When they become a subscriber too, you earn bonus miles on your account.

How the Smiles Club can bring you closer to your journey

Below are some examples of how Club Smiles plans can help you secure your next trip! It is worth mentioning that Smiles is constantly running several Club membership campaigns, allowing you to collect even more miles than those offered by default in the plans!

  • Floor 1.000: 1,000 miles per month / 12,000 miles per year

With this amount of miles, you will be able to redeem a domestic ticket, for example between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in the high season. See the example below:

  • 2000 Plan: 2,000 miles per month / 24,000 miles per year

With this amount of miles, you will be able to redeem a domestic ticket for a more distant destination, for example between the Southeast and the Northeast. See the example below:

  • Plan 5,000: 5,000 miles per month / 60,000 miles per year

With this amount of miles, you will be able to redeem an international return ticket to a destination in South America, for example between Brazil and Chile. See the example below:

  • 7,000 floor: 7,000 miles per month / 84,000 miles per year

With this amount of miles, you will be able to redeem a one-way international ticket to Europe. See the example below:

  • 10,000 plan: 10,000 miles per month / 120,000 miles per year

With this amount of miles, you will be able to redeem a one-way international ticket to North America in Business Class. See the example below:

  • Plan 20,000: 20,000 miles per month / 240,000 miles per year

With this amount of miles, you can redeem dozens of domestic tickets. Additionally, you can issue a one-way ticket to fly in American Airlines Business Class. Look at the following example of a broadcast in Cancun via Miami:


As we have already stated throughout the article and on multiple occasions here in PP, the Smiles Club can bring you a lot closer to your next trip. There are several benefits involved and membership opportunities that offer bonus miles on site, as well as many options to use your accumulated balance, such as tickets, fuel, Uber, and many more!

With this new approach to Clube Smiles’ communication, the program has already informed us that other news is coming, which should concern exclusive campaigns for members! Let’s keep an eye! 👀

Are you already a member of the Smiles Club? Share with us in the comments how Clube Smiles helped you reach your travel goals!

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