Creative crochet, Samantha’s story: “I would make dolls for the job!”

Samantha Luciani it was Samantha until she picked up some crochet hooks. Then, just in the year of the pandamian, it became Weather in Uncinucci in every respect: an artist’s name reminiscent of him, Tom Thumb’s ogre (“Ucci ucci I smell cristianucci!”). Thirty-nine, from Bologna, currently employed in a store and obviously projected onto other horizons, decidedly more creative: “From comics to knitting, my skill and my imagination have always grown with great energy. And here in my house, mom dives up an encyclopedia on crochet “. And the omelette is ready. We are in 2019, a year that we will all remember well and which for many has turned into a crossroads. Thus, Samatha / Uncinucci meets the Japanese technique of amigurumi, which can give three-dimensionality to the execution from the point of view of the “cute” object.

How did you start crocheting?

“I start from the beginning. My parents have always arranged creatively to take home the loaf, I guess this practical spirit has influenced me in always wanting to transform my artistic ambitions into something that is not very abstract and useful on a professional level. .. And then I get lost in the abstract! I participated in drawing and various craft exercises until I found the one that makes me feel better in crochet. I learned through old encyclopedias dedicated to crochet and watching online tutorials. The beauty of the web is that for every technical question, there is an exact answer online! “.

A passion that has become a profession?

“Not yet, but I’m working on it. Until 2020 I ran a b & b that I had to close due to a pandemic, then I immediately found a job as a salesman and since then I have done this to support myself as well. if my nature certainly leads me more in the direction of an independent, creative and manual work.I think that is why crochet has come into my life in this semi-professional form from a simple passion.It must also be said that I like to navigate through vision and decision making step by step, I do not have clear design visions, but if I ever have to make a qualitative step I will be guided and advised by those who can be clearer than me in these things; I just want to make many dolls for the opportunity! “.

Why do you like crochet so much?

“The process of crocheting attracts me for several reasons, one of the most important is that very few and cheap tools are needed, which also attracted me to draw. The fact that anyone, anywhere and even with small means can apply in a certain discipline fascinates me, it probably has to do with allergies to certain snobbish circles and the class aspect of many artistic disciplines where, said out of the way, almost only those who have the money show up. like to take myself too seriously, so it ironic vein is always included in the things I do, why drawings used to lead me to comics, which have a great ironic potential, and now crochet to make severed horse heads and pop characters When I learned to crochet, I was often bothered by the pictures exclusively kaiwaii of this practice, it did not belong to me at all, it seemed very natural to desecrate it with substances which contrast the softness and tenderness of the finished object “.

How long does it take to make one of your characters?

“It takes a long time to make a puppet, from 5 to even 20 hours depending on the subject and size. When I say that people are surprised, it is not cheap in terms of time and instead of moving away, this is what attracts me : the fact that I spend so much time with the things I create allows me to establish a relationship, ask many questions to myself, find new solutions to problems … basically to think! Above all, to think about technical problems that take me away a good chunk of time from a natural tendency to get lost in dark mental abstractions “.

Yours are real portraits of more or less famous people: do you make them on request?

“Yes, I call them my dolls and so far I have reproduced with cotton Karl Marx, Alessandro Barbero, Ornella Vanoni, Maradona. Just to name a few well-known names. There are no limits to the imagination!”.

What will your future beings be? Any expectations?

“I have many dolls in the pipeline, the one I can not wait to devote to is Michael Pollan, an American investigative writer and journalist whose books have been so many little Bibles to me. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Time and finally I may have found someone who commissioned me! Then Marina Abramovich was also immortalized in the show The artist is presentor a series of ugly animals to make puccioso, then Antonio Gramsci, Amanda Lear, Marie Curie … in short, I just have to find more time, I already know how to fill it! “.

Your favorite character ever among those you’ve already done?

“Sure Karl Marx! As I did in black and white, which is a bit funny if you have to tell the truth …”.

How big are they?

“The average size is more or less 25 centimeters, but I do even smaller things, like my keychains”

Let’s face it, crochet is considered a grandmother’s thing! What do you answer to this prejudice?

“Yes, very true. But only until a few years ago! Thanks to the amigurumi technology, which can be applied to many things, this preconception about crochet has been cleared up. Evidence of my doilies that have become deconstructed messages!” .

How do you find yourself?

“They are available on social media, in the markets around Bologna and on some sales platforms.”

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