CrossFit 2022 Semifinals Preview: Age Group Divisions

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There has been a lot of talk about Week 2 of the NOBULL CrossFit Games Semi-Finals as the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge and the Fittest in Cape Town take center stage. However, a huge online competition is starting, with the same thing at stake, an invitation to the 2022 Games in Madison, WI, this weekend.

Three hundred athletes spread across 10 divisions will tackle six workouts over the course of four days in the first online age group semi-finals.

Teens in the 14-15 and 16-17 age group will join their counterparts in the 35-39, 40-44 and 45-49 divisions in the newest leg of the season and the road to the Games. The top 10 finishers will receive invitations to the Games.

Age group division 35-39


We will have a new champion and contenders for this year’s podium as three-time division champion Kyle Kasperbauer “got old” then retired from competition and podium finishers Adrian Conway and James Hobart will not compete this year. Regardless, this year’s division is packed with Games veterans who will make this an exciting race.

Three-time Games veteran and fan favorite sam dancer is among the favorites to win the Semifinals after winning the Open and Quarterfinal titles for the division. Roy Gamboa he is just a year away from competing at last year’s Games and finished seventh in the quarterfinals. Other Games veterans to watch out for include Justin Ahrens Paul Tremblay Austin Malleolo Craig Kenney Y Frederik Gileswho, like Bailarín and Gamboa, are in their first year in the division.


Last year’s third place Anne Tucker she is the only one back on the podium, but she will be very busy as the women’s depth is on par with the men’s. Chyna-cho is an early favorite due to its game and championship pedigree. Emilia Leppanen he competed as an individual at the Games last year, finishing 29th in his second appearance at the Games.

Other Games veterans who will push for the vacant crown are Kelly Jackson Y carlene matthew. april payne Y colleen lehane they finished fourth and fifth respectively at last year’s Games in the division.

Age group division 40-44


Return the entire podium for this division as champion Maxime Guyon seeks to defend its Games title with the runner-up David Johnson and third place Alexander Jolivet looking to punch their tickets to Madison.

justin king “aged” in the division after two Games appearances in the 35-39 division. He won the quarterfinals thanks to three top-10 finishes. Michael Laverrie he is in a similar position to King with two Games appearances in the previous division and finishing second in the quarterfinals.


Like the men, the three finalists from last year’s Games return with Kelly Friel looking to defend his title after two consecutive second-place finishes. Rebekah Voigt Miller turned down his invitation to the Granite Games semi-final to try to win his first career title. Kelly Marshall she placed third last year at the Games but took home victory in the quarterfinals over compatriot Brit Friel.

Like Voigt Miller, jenn ryan declined his invitation to the Granite Games to compete in the division Semifinal. Last year, Ryan was the captain of the CrossFit Invictus team at the Games.

Age group division 45-49


returning champion jason grub he has two titles to his credit in the division, a division he dominated at the 2021 Games with a 90-point victory, the largest in any men’s age-group division. Fellow podium finishers mike kern Y justin lasala he finished second and third respectively in the quarterfinals.

Belarusian Vlad Liashkevich he won the quarterfinals by one point over Kern.


The top 3 women from last year’s Games will compete in this weekend’s Semifinals with last year’s champion. annie sakamoto leading the charge in what will be a tight race for the top ten spots at the Games. Ali Crawford Y jennifer dieter he finished behind Sakamoto with Crawford, however, he stood out in the quarter-finals with a win.

Division of age groups 14-15

Photo Credit: Ava Kitzi


Look no further than master rj for a teenage athlete on the rise, Mestre has already secured top spot in the first two qualifying stages by an unlikely shot, an eight- and 23-point lead over the next runner-up in the Open and Quarterfinals, respectively.

Ka’eo Subiono caused a sensation in the Open and the quarterfinals with a third-place finish, his highest finish in a CrossFit Games competition. The 15-year-old competed at Madison last year and finished in ninth place.

Australian josh strange he could be a force to be reckoned with this weekend, with a newly minted Torian Pro Boys 14-15 division second place medal under his belt, second place in the Open and fourth in the Online Qualifier. At just 15 years old, Strange lifted a 225-pound lift in the semi-final barbell singles complex.


15 years lucy mcgonigle is the heir apparent to the gold medal in Girls 14-15, after finishing second in the division last year and racking up impressive stats throughout the season. With second places across the board in 2021, and already a first-place finish in the Open and Age Group quarter-finals in 2022, the Irish teenager will be looking to continue her ultra-consistency trend this weekend.

Rylee Beebewho started CrossFit during quarantine as a supplement to gymnastics and then placed 15th at the CrossFit Games last summer, has shown big improvements over the offseason, including a bronze medal in the girls’ 13-15 stacked division at Wodapalooza in January.

Athlete: Olivia Kerstetter | Photo Credit: Ava Kitzi

Caroline Sabatin She may be a novice, but CrossFit talent is in her blood. Her older sister, Gigi Sabatini, now set to join the Yale gymnastics team in the fall, was a force to be reckoned with in the teen division, and Caroline follows her. At the young end of the age group, Sabatini placed sixth in her first elite competition: Wodapalooza.

A wild card pick, long-time CrossFit athlete brooklynn sittner he could finally work his way into a qualifying position this year. The 15-year-old Montana native has been doing CrossFit practically since her diapers, and she might finally have her name on a Games t-shirt after finishing 16th in the quarterfinals.

Division of age groups 16-17

Photo Credit: Ava Kitzi


Elijah Subiono Y Aaron Merritt they come as a pack on each leaderboard: sixth and ninth at the 2021 CrossFit Games, first and second at the 2022 Open, fifth and third at the quarterfinals, respectively. They were even placed next to each other at Wodapalooza this year.

Ty Jenkins he gave a masterclass in the 14-15 year old division last year at the Games, and now he’s moving up to the senior division, and looks set to continue that streak. Jenkins placed ninth in the quarterfinals and capitalized on his size and strength against the older guys, racking up 1057 pounds in CrossFit total.

Landen Ryan He has always been in contention for a place in the CrossFit Games, but his traveling lifestyle and Covid have taken a toll on his qualification. Until very recently, Ryan’s family traveled the country in an RV, but throughout the 2022 season, Ryan has had a home gym to support him in the standings, rocketing him as high as eighth in the standings in the quarter finals.


Obviously the names sophie shaft Y Olivia Kerstetter they are absolutely on everyone’s mind, not only to make it to the Games this year in the junior division, but to eventually follow in the footsteps of Mallory O’Brien and Emma Cary and become the next big thing in the sport. Shaft, in his final year of qualifying for the junior division, will be the biggest threat to Kerstetter’s podium hopes, with both teenagers appearing to have a substantial lead over third place.

16 years trista smith she took the Open by storm this year ranking 87th in the world, in the Women’s Singles division. After finishing fourth last year in the girls’ 14-15 division, Smith appears to have picked up a few tips and tricks from fellow CrossFit Fort Vancouver athlete Justin Medeiros in the offseason and moved up the rankings to third in the girls division 16-17. in quarterfinals.

hailey rolfe he placed 14th in the quarterfinals, but should not be counted towards a qualification spot for the Games. With an impressive emphasis on weightlifting, but also cardio, and no stranger to gymnastics, Rolfe is a strong all-around athlete and could be a force to be reckoned with in her first year in the senior division. .

Photo Credit: Ava Kitzi

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