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Presented in Competition at the 75th Cannes Film Festival and in theaters on May 25, “Les Crimes du futur” marks the return of David Cronenberg. The film’s trio, Viggo Mortensen, Léa Seydoux and Kristen Stewart, tell us about this unique filmmaker. Meet.

David Cronenberg loves actors passionately, especially those who are fearless. It takes that to meet the expectations of a filmmaker capable of anything. In Crimes of the Future, his twenty-second feature film, he surrounds himself with a golden trio: Viggo Mortensen, Léa Seydoux and Kristen Stewart. Three different career sensibilities, but always ready to push their limits on screen.

Present at the 75th Cannes Film Festival, where the film is shown in Official Competition, the three headliners trusted AlloCiné. They talk about their trusting relationship with the director, their particular style and the power of a cinema that takes the viewer out of their comfort zone. Meeting on the roof of a hotel in Cannes.


When Léa Seydoux receive a call to participate The crimes of the future, she is in line to see Crash, another film by the director, at a cinema in Paris. Destiny sign. Initially, she was supposed to play Timlin, a role now held by Kristen Stewart. “But I could have played any role for him“, she says.

The two actresses sign their first collaboration with David Cronenberg. His immense career necessarily imposes some apprehensions, very quickly dissipated on set. “I was so nervousto remember Kristen Stewart. But he knows how to make fears disappear because he is a man of great sweetness and tenderness. Which is surprising when you know his movies.

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Kristen Stewart and Léa Seydoux in David Cronenberg’s Future Crimes.

Léa Seydoux confirms: “It’s funny because when people think of him as a very mysterious man, but when you get to know him, he’s a very human person. We didn’t talk about the project because, in my opinion, when you make a movie, you have to keep your secrets to yourself. We talked about life, love, and those conversations helped me nurture the character..”

Pour Viggo Mortensen, this film marks his reunion with a longtime friend. He toured four times with him and even offered him a small role in his feature film Falling. David Cronenberg plays… a proctologist, of course. “I have a special relationship with himhe says. We share a certain sense of humor about life. There is trust between us. Thanks to that, I’m ready to do anything. I can do things for him that I would hesitate to do with other directors..”


When playing for David Cronenberg, Léa Seydoux managed to overcome fear. “I need the cinema and this form of expression that is the game to transcend itshe reveals. It’s like a roller coaster before, you know you’re going to get this adrenaline rush and that’s always the case with the movies I make. Finally, we almost got addicted to this feeling.”

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Viggo Mortensen and Léa Seydoux in “The Crimes of the Future”.

Kristen Stewart was surprised by the filmmaker’s instinct during the takes: “He let me give it a try or two, I was going to start over, but he came towards me smiling to say, ‘No, it’s perfect!’ I was so surprised why his films are so accurate, but on set, it’s improvised cinema. When the filming ended, I didn’t even want to leave..”


the works of David Cronenberg have the particularity of evolving over time. A film misunderstood at its release can be rediscovered or rehabilitated decades later. Whether it’s a hallucinatory thriller, satire or dystopia, his stories are always one step ahead of the world.

He carefully chooses what his characters say and where he places the camera.insisted Viggo Mortensen. More so than for other directors, their films gain depth through viewings. He’s ahead of society in so many ways.”

For example, the actor cites collide, a film released in 1996 and awarded the Jury Prize in Cannes. “This project caused a lot of controversy, but I don’t think people were prepared for that. When I see him again today, I see new things. It wasn’t just a superficial desire to shock.”

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David Cronenberg alongside Viggo Mortensen on the set of “Crimes of the Future”.

the scenario of future crimes it was written more than twenty years ago and seems more relevant than ever. “I couldn’t believeis surprised Kristen Stewart. Looks like he wrote this story in response to the last three years.”

On his side, Léa Seydoux was seduced by the wealth of subjects covered on screen: “The issue of the environment, art, the plastics we eat and what we leave for future generations. Also, the movie starts with a child. He represents the future, but that future is already dead. Fortunately, there is a certain hope, a tenderness that springs up in the film that was not visible on the set..”


Shaking up the spectators to better interrogate them has always been one of the goals of David Cronenberg. Kristen Stewart is happy to present this film at the biggest film festival in the world. “Especially since I come from a country where we talk about “industry“, she adds. It is “the film industry”. This single word evokes money. Movies must be worth it at all costs. This one isn’t just meant to entertain, it’s made to ask the right questions and ask us who we really are..”

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Each director has their own language and David’s is so personal, specialconcludes Léa Seydoux. I think he invented a genre. When we go to see one of his films, it’s a sensory experience, we’re crossed in his body. He’s still one of the few to cause this.”

Interview by Thomas Desroches, Cannes, 23 May 2022.

The crimes of the futurein theaters on May 25, 2022.

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