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This Saturday morning (5) in Natal, representatives of social movements and the black movement held an action demanding justice for those responsible for the murder of a Congolese. Moise Cabagambe24, beaten to death at the Tropicália kiosk on Barra da Tijuca beach in Rio de Janeiro.

  • A memorial to Moses will be erected in the stalls at RJ and management offered to his family.
  • See who is arrested for Moise’s death and what each of them was involved in.

The protesters gathered at the corner of Avenida Rio Branco and Avenida João Pessoa, one of the busiest sections in the commercial center of Natal, around 9 am.

The demonstration took place this Saturday morning (5) in the center of Natal – Photo: reproduction / Inter TV Cabugi

The protesters wore masks and spoke out against racism and xenophobia. Many wore anti-racist shirts.

Similar demonstrations are taking place this Saturday in other Brazilian cities such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, El Salvador, Sao Luis and Brasilia.

Protesters protest in Natal over death of Congolese – Photo: Disclosure

Killed by over 30 clubs

Moise Cabagambe — Photo: Facebook/Reproduction

According to his family, the Congolese was the victim of a series of attacks after a kiosk was required to pay two days in arrears. His body was found tied to a ladder.

However, for the police, the embarrassment, and then the beating, did not happen because of an alleged debt. Motives for the crime are still being investigated by the Metropolitan Police Homicide Department.

Currently, the three attackers, caught on the footage of the CCTV camera of the kiosk, have been detained on suspicion of a crime. First, the police charged them with double murder.

A witness who saw Moiza being beaten said the assailants told her not to watch because the man who was beaten with a wooden baton was a robber.

She also stated that the perpetrators lied to the rescuers, claiming that the body was already at the crime scene.

Video shows the moment men gather to attack a Congolese man in Barra

Here’s what we know about the case:

  1. What was Moise doing in Rio?
  2. What could be the motive for the crime?
  3. Any CCTV footage? What do they show?
  4. What happened next?
  5. What did the mother of the Congolese say?
  6. What are the witnesses saying?
  7. What caused the death of Moses?
  8. Did the owner of the stall hear where Moses worked and where he was killed?
  9. What have the police done so far?
  10. Who are the prisoners?

1. What was Moise doing in Rio?

Moise came to Brazil in 2014 with his mother and brothers as a political refugee, fleeing war and famine. He worked daily at a kiosk near Posto 8 in Barra da Tijuca.

2. What would be the motive for the crime?

The family says the man from the kiosk owed Moise two days’ wages, and that when the Congolese went to pick it up, he was beaten to death. CCTV footage shows a fight broke out between the Congolese and other men at the kiosk.

In the video, one of the participants, Aleson de Oliveira, says that Moise and a man he said must have been from a nearby stall got into a fight when he and his friends went to defend him.

“He had problems with a man from a nearby kiosk, we went to protect him, and, unfortunately, he died,” he said.

3. Are there any surveillance footage? What do they show?

Yes, there are images of the Tropicália kiosk where Moses worked and the condominium on Avenida Lúcio Costa where the two aggressors would hide. Both are analyzed.

Pictures from the kiosk show that the attacks began after an altercation between a man holding a stick and a Congolese who was carrying items such as a chair, a refrigerator and a broom handle from the kiosk.

After Moise releases the items, two more men approach. Then the session of aggression begins. After a few moments, you can see that the Congolese offered no resistance, getting hit with a piece of wood.

4. What happened next?

According to the victim’s cousin, the attackers left, and the manager continued to work as usual.

5. What did the mother of the Congolese say?

Ivana Lay is unhappy with the crime and stated that the violence was motivated by racism. She said she hoped for justice.

6. What do the witnesses say?

Witnesses stated that Moise was beaten by five men and confirmed that the attackers used wooden boards and a baseball bat.

7. What caused the death of Moses?

A report from the Legal Institute of Medicine (IML) indicated that the cause of death was chest trauma with contusion of the lung caused by a blunt object.

The document also states that there were bleeding areas of contusion in Moise’s lungs, as well as traces of broncho aspiration of blood.

8. Did the owner of the stall hear where Moses worked and where he was killed?

Yes, he was heard on Tuesday afternoon (1st) at the Homicide Squad in Rio. The stall owner’s defense says he does not know the man who claimed to have attacked the Congolese or others who appear in the security video of the establishment attacking Moise.

The stall owner also denied that the stall was indebted to Moses. According to his defense, at the time of the beating of the Congolese, he was at home, and at the time of the attack there was only one employee of the establishment.

9. What have the police done so far?

The Metropolitan Police Homicide Department, which is investigating the case, analyzed CCTV footage to try to clear up the crime. At least 12 people have already been heard and three have been arrested for the attacks and death of Moise. (see below for who they are).

The police also seized the weapon used in the crime: wooden blockwhich, according to police, was thrown into the bushes near the crime scene.

Three men were arrested for Moise’s death on Tuesday (1st). They will have to answer for murder with a double qualification – the impossibility of protection and the use of cruel means. The process is kept secret.

This Wednesday (2) Judge Isabel Teresa Pinto Coelho Diniz ruled trio temporary arrestat the request of the public prosecutor.

“Temporary detention is a kind of preventive measure, which is aimed at ensuring the effectiveness of investigative actions in order to subsequently provide an opportunity to provide a good reason for initiating a criminal case. Even more limited pre-trial detention, ”says an excerpt from the ruling of the justice of the peace.

  • Fabio Pirineus da Silva, Beautiful, who, according to police, confessed to hitting the Congolese with a stick. He hid in a relative’s house in Patience, in the Western Zone;
  • Aleson Cristiano de Oliveira Fonseca, nineteen, who admitted to taking part in the attacks but said “no one wanted to take his life”. He reported to the police at the 34th DP and was later taken to the DH;
  • Brandon Alexander Luz da Silva aka Tota who, according to the police, appears in the records of the attacks, which resulted in Moise being immobilized on the ground.

Moise Cabagambe is killed after collecting a late ticket at a kiosk in Barra da Tijuca. Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

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