Deported immigrants from the US: scenes of chaos and rebellion as Haitians arrive at the airport

Credit, Reuters

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Some of the people deported to Haiti tried to get back on a plane used by the US government.

Haiti’s main airport was engulfed in riots and chaos when migrants deported from the United States arrived in the country.

Several people ran back to the plane they had taken to the capital, Port-au-Prince this week, while others threw boots at the plane.

Over the weekend, the US began deporting immigrants from the Texas border region, which has seen a huge influx in recent weeks. About 13,000 people gathered under the bridge connecting Del Rio, Texas, with the city of Ciudad Acuña, Mexico, to try to cross the bridge.

In addition, there are thousands of reports of arrests of people, most of them Haitians, near the Colombian-Panamanian border. Some of them will go to the USA.

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