Deschamps downplays the Mbappé-Benzema case

On the number of OM players: “What each of these players are doing through the system shows that they are getting results”

“I will not allow myself to judge the Sampaoli system and game. What each of these players is doing through the system shows that they are playing. They played a lot of games, maybe too much because they ended up with the kneecaps. It helps that they have some benchmarks compared to what I am asking for here, but it is more related to their individual performances.

On a three-man defense: “He wants to better occupy the width”

“There are mid laners who could play as full backs, that’s not a bad thing. It is also the opposite, even if the side defenders today think more about attacking. Has an interest in occupying the width better. to always have reach and be outnumbered, you need to be effective. “

“Lucas knows how to play all positions, middle two, three, he was playing with us on the left. He had a few minor injuries that prevented him from continuing, but he mastered that left pivot position and has already shown it as a defender. He has the tactical intelligence to know when to get stronger and when to stay in the middle.

On the choice of Kamara: “I don’t have all the elements that prompted him to make this decision.”

“It’s his choice, he has had freedom since the end of the contract. There is no wrong choice for me. He has a very good season, was used often, very regularly, not always easy in the role. He has made his choice for the Premier League, Aston Villa is certainly not one of the best, but this is the stage for him! I don’t have all the elements that prompted him to make this decision.

Maturity of young footballers: “This generation not only has good sides, but also has them”

This is a new generation. Not only does it have good sides, it also has its own. Today the 19-year-old may seem a little cocky, they go to big clubs without fear. But they do everything they can to be successful. There are things on and off the pitch, they know how to communicate very well … They prepare better or are better supported.

About the Mbappé expansion: “We can grow by staying”

– We can grow by staying. Today, PSG’s goal is the same as in all the big clubs and it is to win the Champions League. You may have to go abroad someday, but that’s not an obligation. We are not going to speak at other times when there was a delay compared to France. But today the choice of players is not the same. Perhaps going abroad to achieve beautiful things is probably no less of a chore.

About possible tensions between Mbappé and Benzema

“From my position as a coach, where the players live, where I know from A to Z what is going on, the group is the most important. This can lead to confusion. From a situation where we can all draw negative conclusions when they are not necessarily negative … It can turn into a misunderstanding that does not reflect reality. “

“Today, in a connected world, it can go very, very quickly, the smallest photo passes quickly. Even if I’m not there (laughs). “

Tchouaméni, who takes his place in XI: “The young who are there grow, and those who are not there grow!”

“He has no experience of Pogba and Kanté, but potentially… I took him early and he has the necessary maturity in his head. It’s good to have those young people who oblige the eldest not to let the elders rest on their laurels! The young people who are there grow, and those who are not there grow too! “

“He’s going to have to change the tune too this summer …” confesses Deschamps to Pogba

Pogba has had many injuries and his club’s results have not been the same. He too will have to change the tune this summer… It is thanks to what they managed to do for the French team ”.

On Mbappé’s decision: “It’s a very good thing for French football”

It’s his choice. It’s obvious he stays in Ligue 1, that’s a very good thing for French football. He is attached to the club, he said what he had to say, but being French it could only be a good thing. “

In The Blues transfer window: “If they want to talk about it, I can give my opinion.”

“He’s one of the players that is in high demand, but I’m not here to give them advice. If they want to talk about it, I can give my opinion. But that is their career choice, in absolute terms. There are only good choices. You can always say after the fact that … But it’s up to them to see if everything goes well. “

“Two very good bands”

There are two very good teams, any final with teams at a very, very high level is hard to predict. Of course, if Real can win the LDC, it will only work in Benzema’s favor in terms of individual award, even if it is already in a good position.

“Olivier Giroud is not with us to give Moussie, Christopher and Wissam time to play”

On the players he wants to see: “I said referring to the attacking players who will have a little more time to play. But this applies to everyone, having these four games close together, we won’t play them all in the matches, there are only three days of rest. But by doing things that are also consistent, some people will have game time for 1st, 2nd, 3rd. I will think first and then analyze and result in different choices.

“Olivier Giroud is not with us, the point is to give Moussie, Christopher and Wissam time to play. Who are with us on a regular basis, who have had time to play and will have the opportunity to have a little more. And if possible, we will make sure that everyone will play more than others. For four meetings, we will make sure that they are actors, that they are stronger, that they have more experience. This will give additional information on the final list for Worlds. “

“Today there are no particular concerns about the 23 people who are there”

“At every game for France, there are differences between players who are doing well at the club and others who are not as well, who also suffer from the collective environment.

Sometimes it happens that some players who do not play well for a club do it in France and others the other way around. The most important thing is to have this oneness. Today there are no particular concerns for the 23 people who are there.

“Karim is playing tonight and will join us on Monday evening”

About the group: “Karim is playing tonight and will be joining us on Monday night. Everyone else has arrived today.”

“I didn’t ask the final question, of course we will watch it together. Everyone will do what they want. Everyone will have their likes or not. This is the last big game of the season, some have already played this type of game. This is the last big meeting, so we’ll be careful.

“League of Nations? It is also easier in terms of movement and easier to connect with players. “

– We will not regret it, because it has been difficult to find opponents over the years and it is always better to be in competition. The friendlies were interesting, but there is no substitute for competition, even for an audience that is interested in winning the trophy. had a chance to win the Nations League last season.

It’s also easier to travel and easier to relate with players. “

“We’ll make sure we remove them so that the whole group is in the best possible conditions.”

“I didn’t find the right formula every time. It’s a complicated period, international players should be on vacation… We always have players who will have to play against Denmark and about three weeks without matches, another two weeks. Since the end of the season, there has been a disproportion in the physical and mental aspects. It is not perfect. We are concerned about a lot more players as there are four matches and little recovery time between each one. We are not going to work miracles in terms of physical condition, and there will be different athletic conditions. We will try to erase them so that the whole group is in the best conditions.

“These six matches should serve as a rehearsal and preparation for the World Cup”

– We have two games: these 4 matches and the end of September with two matches. It’s only late November and will be coming soon. Since there are no friendlies before, these six games should be used as a trial and preparation for the World Cup. “

Press conference at 14:30

Didier Deschamps will answer journalists’ questions about the start of the rally. A press conference is scheduled for 2:30 pm in Clairefontaine.

Le Graët contacts Mbappé regarding the rights to the photos

In L’Equipe, Noël Le Graët reacted to the extension of Kylian Mbappé’s contract with PSG. The head of the FFF, pleased with the prodigy’s stay in Ligue 1, also downplayed the situation in the case of image rights in the French team.

– There have never been any problems with him. Neither with the France team. Lack. I have human and sporting respect for him, confessed the head of the FFF. I love it and I think it makes me feel good. There is no conflict. The federal respect is unique. I had a staff meeting on Friday. Everyone talked to me about Kylian.

Mbappé intends to ‘explain’ his decision to Benzema

In an interview with Marc, Kylian Mbappé returned to his relationship with Karim Benzema, whom he will not join at Real Madrid. The PSG forward ensures that he will have a discussion with the merengue player during the France team match to explain his choice.

Blues list with a surprise Kamara and no Giroud

France coach Didier Deschamps revealed on May 19 the list of players selected to play the first four games of the League of Nations in June. For the first time in his career, Boubacar Kamar was called up, unlike Olivier Giroud.

Hi !

The Blues will meet in Clairefontaine this Saturday to prepare for the next four games of the League of Nations, against Denmark (June 3), Croatia (June 6), Austria (June 10) and Croatia (June 13). Didier Deschamps will be at the press conference from 2.30pm. All information live.

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