Dislyte: Why is this AFK Arena successor mobile game a hit?

Game news Dislyte: Why is this AFK Arena successor mobile game a hit?

Dislyte … Maybe you’ve heard this name these days without understanding what it is. In these times of scarce major releases, this mobile game is on everyone’s lips. After RAID: Shadow Legends or AFK Arena, Dislyte is about to become the new mobile phenomenon. How could that happen?


  • Dislyte, what is it?
  • Lilith Games, a giant of mobile games
  • The new RAID: Shadow Legends?
  • All the tips for getting started Dislyte

Dislyte, what is it?

If there is an adequate adjective to qualify Dislyte, it is hybrid. Because if this mobile game has been able to seduce so many people, it is thanks to this mixture of genres that it offers us, both in content and in form. But let’s start from the basics. Dislyte is an RPG that mixes, mobile game forces, gacha mechanics. The principle itself is quite basic: recruit fighters (here Esper) and build the best team to win turn-based fights and get new ones Esper, get stronger, face bigger enemies, and so on. This formula, we know, is the one that has made games like Summoners War or AFK Arena successful. So how does Dislyte stand out?

What is obvious is obviously its art direction which totally denotes compared to other games in the genre. With its colors, its neon lights and its style that is close to that of games like Hades mixed with the manga / webtoon universe, the game has a small effect at first sight. Looking at the trailers, we might also expect a completely different kind of game. Some even compare the title to Genshin Impact, who also knew how to impose a particular graphic style in a genre with deeply rooted visual standards. No wonder many of them have fallen in love with Dislyte, which is also a free-to-play mobile game.

Dislyte: Why is this AFK Arena successor mobile game a hit?

For others, it is the fund that made them die. Why these famous Esper they are not unknown creatures created from scratch. Inspired by myths and legends from around the world, these heroes are something of a reinterpretation. Drew is Anubis, Hyde is Ade, Eira is Freya, Donar is Thor, Melanie is Medusa, Tang Xuan is Sun Wukong and the list goes on and on. Norse, Greek, Chinese, Egyptian mythology … There is a lot to do for fans or those curious about myths of all kinds. And given the resurgence of successful titles focused on mythology (God of War, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Dawn of Ragnarök, Hades …), there are many. In the world of mobile games, Dislyte presents itself as the most attractive title for them.

Dislyte: Why is this AFK Arena successor mobile game a hit?

Add to that a well-crafted soundtrack and you’ll understand why so many people jumped on the game when it was released on May 10th. If the game had been available in beta for a while, that’s when the general public discovered it. Word of mouth went into effect very quickly and in just one week the title reached one million downloads on the Google Play Store (App Store data has not yet been revealed). This launch is nothing short of impressive and even surprising given that many were unaware of the existence of the title a few weeks ago. Sure, Dislyte itself has a lot to do with this, but other elements explain this sudden phenomenon.

Dislyte: Why is this AFK Arena successor mobile game a hit?

Lilith Games, a giant of mobile games

Dislyte doesn’t come out of nowhere. This is the new title from a well-known player in the mobile games market: Lilith Games. It was in 2016 that the studio established itself in the sector with Heroes Tactics, one of the first turn-based strategy games developed for mobile. Building on this first great success, the studio then continued to play on the phone. Abi, Warpath, Soul Hunters, Rise of Kingdoms … Lilith Games has come a long way and managed to build a good nest egg and a solid reputation. But it was in April 2019 that the studio exploded thanks to one game in particular: AFK Arena.

Dislyte: Why is this AFK Arena successor mobile game a hit?

Gacha with his particular art direction, quickly became a hit and the goose that lays the golden eggs of Lilith Games. If we look at the figures, the results are impressive. We are talking about over 25 million downloads, 706 million revenue generated and nearly a million regular players. With AFK Arena, the company even manages to establish itself on the American market, which is quite rare for a Chinese studio. The game was even downloaded more in the US than in China. Building on this success, Lilith Games becomes the third largest Chinese studio in terms of international revenue, just that.

Suffice it to say that Lilith Games not only has experience in mobile gaming (which she has been able to develop in recent years) but also has the means to realize her ambitions. Because having the right idea is good, but if you can’t shape it properly, you lose interest. Lilith Games can and knows how to make mobile games that work and proves it once again. His knowledge of the market has allowed him to opt for strategies that appear to be paying off. Indeed, Dislyte is a particularly generous game. It allows players to get many free gifts or connection bonuses, both through events and through codes. Lilith Games therefore knows how to attract players and make them want to replay and recommend their game, but the studio also knows how communication works that is so special in mobile games.

Dislyte: Why is this AFK Arena successor mobile game a hit?

The new RAID: Shadow Legends?

Do you remember RAID: Shadow Legends, this game that we have seen absolutely everywhere? Whether it’s at the start of our favorite videos, between tweets or through advertisements, RAID: Shadow Legends has been circulating the Internet for months and months. Well, that’s absolutely what Dislyte is doing. Chances are you’ve already come across an ad for the game. Many of them are running on the Internet and various mobile applications. So much so that these pubs are already starting to hit some people’s systems, even though the title was released recently. But isn’t this proof of the success of communication in the mobile gaming sector?

Dislyte: Why is this AFK Arena successor mobile game a hit?

Communication on mobile games revolves a lot around omnipresence, even through totally misleading advertisements. Note that if the topic interests you, Tiraxa delivered an interesting article about this deceptive advertising phenomenon last month. To get back to our sheep, know that Lilith Games is no exception to this rule. AFK Arena has also used this type of advertising to attract players and Dislyte does the same. And to inflate communication a little more, the Chinese studio also offers us advertisements set up or in partnership with content creators.

And since it is the latter, they are also an important point of the phenomenon. The fact that youtubers or streamers are interested in the game affects its success. This variable has become particularly important in the video game market and is all the more true for mobile games. On Youtube there are many content creators who specialize in this or that mobile game. This is especially true of Summoners War, which is at the heart of many videos intended to support and guide players. Within days, Dislyte has already found its creators with people like Loweak or Mr Wendy. The latter accumulate hundreds of thousands of views on their Dislyte-related videos. We certainly don’t calculate a game based on the number of videos about it, but seeing a community built around Dyslite just bodes well for the future.

Dislyte: Why is this AFK Arena successor mobile game a hit?

Dislyte has some great tricks up its sleeve. Its creator, the studio Lilith Games, knows the codes of mobile games and has skillfully reproduced them offering a fairly original game. It is therefore not surprising to see him talking so much right now. But nothing is won yet. If gaming is currently a phenomenon, it will have to maintain this enthusiasm to establish itself as Lilith Games’ new nugget, after AFK Arena. It is in fact on the length that the previous title of the Chinese studio had revealed its full potential in broad daylight.

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