Do you dare to DIY this ball season? Here’s what you need to know

Even if your college days are truly over, this year’s ball beauty trends come as a timely reminder to have some fun the next time you open your makeup bag.

Go all out with glitter, grab a red wine lipstick or announce a hairstyle from your favorite icon of the year 2000.

Below, we share the trends, tips, and tricks for you to try if you’re picking up your balls trick.


It’s a good idea to start practicing your ball makeup at least a month in advance to avoid stressful things throughout the day. The best time of the day to exercise? Just before removing your makeup in the evening, as this relieves the pressure of trying to look perfect.

“Once you’ve sorted out your outfit, it’s a good idea to start planning your hair and makeup. Put together a mood board of ideas and start planning what you might need,” says freelance makeup artist Sophy Phillips.

If you are planning to buy a new palette or try a new foundation, visit your favorite makeup store or beauty department store where in-store experts can help you match products to your skin tone, or recommend the best products for adapt to your skin type or the look you want to achieve.


To highlight the makeup Gen Z is embracing in 2022, Pinterest recently unveiled its Prom 2022 Trend Hub, a collection of the best makeup, hair, and nail searches along with tips on how to get these noteworthy styles. Featured creators including Peyton List, Natalie Minerva, Melissa Hernandez took turns to create each trend as their own, trying everything from punk-inspired hairstyles to glossy lids or inverted winged eyeliner.

While few beauty trends for balls borrow from times gone by, evoking the bright glamor of the 1920s or the youthful abandon of the Y2K era, others draw influence from pop culture, with the likes of Euphoria continuing to reign supreme in 2022.

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If you are tempted to get close Great Gatsby– themed makeup, consider pairing a dark wine red lip with flushed cheeks and ultra-defined brows – all beauty traits of the era.

For hair, finger waves are an excellent option for those with shorter hair, or consider Hollywood full glam curls for thicker, longer tresses. Even a fake bob or intricate up-do were styles indicative of the Roaring Twenties.

It’s been three years since then Euphoria made its debut, but face jewelry, elaborate manicures, glitter eyeshadows, and colored eyeliners aren’t going anywhere. Pinterest searches for blue, green, or glitter euphoria-inspired makeup increased by 46% in total, so expect to see a lot of sparkle at this year’s holidays.

Sophy agrees, saying the iconic makeup looks designed by makeup artist Donni Davy for Euphoria ushered in a renaissance of 1990s makeup trends.

“The deep lip liner, the neon colors, the overdone liquid liner, the oversized lips are happening right now,” says Sophy.

As for the beauty of the year 2000, bubble braids and half up and half down styles remain the look du jour, while millennium looks highlight the playfulness of the decade, with pastel eyeshadows and holographic lip glosses remaining popular choices.


Tight on time? These affordable (and often colorful) beauty products add a touch of instant glamor

Ardell Nail Addict in Blue Lagoon, $ 22offers drama, but won’t damage your underlying natural nails.

Glam By Manicare Glam Ready Lashes pre-glued in Elsa, $ 8they are simple fakes that come pre-pasted for instant application.

Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadow 5pk in the shadow Tutti Fruitti, $ 37. This is a product you’ll definitely want to practice with before B-Day, but these press-and-go disposable eyeshadow pads use heat transfer technology to apply pigmented shadow to your eyelids.

Left to Right: Ardell Nail Addict in Blue Lagoon, $ 22; Glam By Manicare Glam Ready Pre-Glued Lashes in Elsa, $ 8; Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadow 5pk in the shadow Tutti Fruitti, $ 37. Photo / Provided


Ahead of the big night, Sophy recommends using skin treatments or masks to help cleanse and moisturize the skin in the weeks leading up. “But keep skincare very simple three or more days in advance so as not to aggravate anything,” she adds.

For a flawless finish, opt for a foundation that suits your skin type and promises greater longevity. But Sophie warns to pay close attention to the hue you select.

“Make sure the shade you choose matches your body if you’re getting a spray tan. You can bronzer the hue across the contours of the face and make sure it’s blended along the neck,” she says.


It can be hard to get off the dance floor to touch up your concealer / eyeshadow / lipstick / all of the above in the bathroom, but there are a few things you can do to make sure your makeup lasts well into the night.

Despite its nickname, a fixing spray can be used multiple times while applying makeup for as long as possible.

Spray on the skin before and after the foundation (Viva loves Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Fixing Spray, $ 57which moisturizes the skin with aloe vera and Japanese green tea and helps to set the makeup in the same step) and then again before and after the powder to block the makeup.

Considering Aotearoa’s bale season is during the coldest months of the year, a moisturizing fix spray will prevent the skin from “drinking” the foundation, leaving it looking chalky or patchy.

Sophie says powder is another must-have to ensure your makeup lasts long. “Invisible face powder is the key to blocking makeup, particularly in the center of the face and under the eyes,” she says.

The best solution to avoid a makeup meltdown is to pack a mini beauty kit to take with you at night, says Sophie. “Something for the lips, a couple of blending brushes, face powder, cotton tips, eyelash glue and hair clips. Be prepared!”

Should your makeup migrate, consider bringing a long-lasting creamy concealer like the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, $ 49, which will not bend or transfer for up to 16 hours of wear. It uses light diffusion technology to brighten the eyes, address discoloration and mask blemishes. Depending on the size of your clutch, store a Beauty Blender, $ 32in a Blender Defender silicone case, $ 21and use it moistened with “bounce” movements (press and bounce) to help blend any accidents with your makeup.

Left to Right: Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray, $ 57; Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, $ 49; Beauty Blender, $ 32. Photos / Provided


You wake up with orange palms from applying fake tan.. A telltale sign of tanning without wearing a tanning glove, the best way to deal with dreaded orange palms is with a product designed to remove self-tanning without depriving the skin of its moisture. Consider Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Gel, $ 25which works its magic in just five minutes.

A dot appears on the morning of the prom … Whatever you do, resist the temptation to pick it up or pop it. A dry spot is much easier to cover than a wet one, but if you can’t stand the idea of ​​leaving a white spot alone, consider popping up a spot of pimples to help drain its grime. . Also, many can be worn under makeup – just remember not to apply too much foundation or concealer as this can draw attention to it. Attempt CosRx Clear Fit Master Patch, $ 9a clear hydrocolloid pimple patch that helps reduce the appearance and redness of pimples.

Your false eyelashes come off … Despite your best efforts to protect them, fakes can sometimes break off at both ends. If this happens, apply a dot of eyelash glue to the tip of a wooden cuticle stick and place it on the part of the lash strip that has detached from the lashline. Gently push it down so it adheres firmly to the skin and use a swipe of black liquid eyeliner to hide the glue marks you created. Viva loves MAC Cosmetics Brushstroke 24 Hour Liner, $ 45that doesn’t drool or wiggle (trust us, we’ve tried it).

Left to Right: Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Gel, $ 25; CosRx Clear Fit Master Patch, $ 9; MAC Cosmetics Brushstroke 24 Hour Liner, $ 45. Photo / Provided

SHAREHOLDERS: Ardell from select pharmacies; Beauty Blender by Sephora or online at; Bondi Sands from select department stores and pharmacies, including Life Pharmacy or online at; Charlotte Tilbury and Nars from Mecca or online at; CosRx from; Eye Majic from; Glam of Manicare from select department stores and pharmacies, including Chemist Warehouse or online at; MAC Cosmetics from select department stores or online at

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