Exclusive interview with Wyatt Cheng and Peiwen Yao before the launch of Diablo Immortal – Diablo Immortal

Today I had the opportunity to participate in a group interview with other European media. In front of us, Wyatt Cheng, Game Director of Immortal Diabloand Peiwen Yao, executive producer on the title. They answered our questions for about thirty minutes. Find the most important information below!


  • Developers are very enthusiastic closer to launch on June 2nd. Of many changes were added by the closed beta. The game is still global the samebut the Warband system has been improved, additional difficulties have been added for the Infernal reliquary, etc. The final area, the Realm of Damnation, will be also availablewhere we will evolve from level 55 to level 60.
  • The launch of Immortal Diablo it is not just the beginning. Blizzard will be adding new areas, stories, features and classes for many years. No further details, but all of this content will be free.
  • When it announces Immortal Diablomany fans were waiting for the announcement of Diablo IVand reactions reflected that point. There were gamers excited about the idea of ​​a mobile game, but overall it was more mixed. Now, a few years later, Diablo 4 has been announced, Diablo II: Risen is out and many players are waiting Immortal Diablo look forward. There will be four Diablo games available at the same time if we count Diablo 3. It’s a great time for fans of the franchise.
  • Blizzard wants iOS, Android and PC players to have access to the game almost simultaneously.
  • Immortal Diablo it will not be not available in Belgium, regardless of the platform. This is a national restriction. No additional information regarding a possible change on this side later.
  • An official article will be published before the exit with the list of controllers you can use on Immortal Diablo.


  • The best way to improve your character will be still playing. Legendary Keys modify the Ancestral fractures and give you more rewards. You don’t buy them to get them Legendary Gems directly. There is also the Paragon level and equipment to consider. During the Beta, players played a lot Immortal Diablo, which is one of the reasons the title is coming to PC, and Blizzard doesn’t sell experience upgrades or ways to get more gear, which is an important part of your character progression. If you inspect someone and see a powerful legendary item, such as rank 15, you know he did found this is a do what is necessary to upgrade it to that rank by playing.
  • No runic words in the way of Diablo 2. In Immortal Diablothe Runes are used for Creation of legendary gemswhich you then insert into your equipment.


  • Blizzard loves players from all countries. The team goal with Immortal Diablo is to reach many players Diablo as much as possible, but the game cannot be fully localized at launch. Blizzard will offer as many choices as possible and will continue to do their utmost on this side. (We remind you that only the subtitles and the interface will be available in European languages).


  • Immortal Diablo and the the biggest launch of the Diablo franchise and every element of the world of Sanctuary is studied very seriously. NetEase has experience in mobile gaming and this partnership is beneficial to the team.
  • Deposit Immortal Diabloit was also necessary to understand the habits of mobile gamers, the sessions did not not the same only on PC. You can play for 3 minutes or 30 minutes, no problem. The First and Rifts are designed to be played in under 5 minutes. If you want a longer experience, the Dungeon will meet your expectations, closer to 10 minutes, and 8-player raids take longer. There is also the PvP battlefield, etc. Blizzard Offers different activities to players, some of which can be completed in a short time, others in a longer time, and these cater to the types of sessions players expect, which is important for a mobile game.
  • Immortal Diablo is first a mobile game. Blizzard knows that gamers have always wanted a PC version of the title. There will also be mobile players who will want to stream. PC became a natural decision for the team.
  • Immortal Diablo is Cross-Play and Cross-Progression. You will play with other players of the same group and you will not even know the platform of these, because the same activities will be accessible. There is Without limits in relation to the controls used. Immortal Diablo plays almost the same way on all platforms.

Class change

  • A class change function will be available after launch. According to the team, this is the best solution for gamers. Immortal Diablo it features infinite progression, it’s not the kind of game where you have a lot of secondary characters and divide your time between them. Here you will invest in a character, you will be known as that character, you will make him very powerful. If after a while you decide that you don’t like the class you are playing, you will change it and bring all your progress, be it your legendary gems, your gear, its rank, the Paragon, to the new class you want. . For Blizzard, it’s a best experience than having five or six characters each with their own progressions.
  • Blizzard does not yet know how often the class change feature will be available. Probably something between a week and a month. This will be free. If you don’t like the class you are playing, you will have the opportunity to embody a new one. The latter however had to have a cooldown, because the team does not want to Immortal Diablo both the type of game you switch classes in depending on your activity. Choose a class, dedicate yourself to it, go as far as possible with it, take part in all the activities and, if you are not satisfied, you can change it for free with a cooldown.


  • Blizzard waiting for player feedback regarding possible additions to the store. Immortal Diablo offers for example the Gift of Plenty, which in addition to offering daily rewards, offers an additional slot on the chest, more slots available in the Market and other similar benefits.

New players

  • Immortal Diablo provide a tutorial very detailed for new players, which explores the different features. Everything you can expect from a Diablo game is there, and even more than what you have seen previously. Westmarch allows many players to be present at the same time, the title offers new intuitive controls, etc.
  • For melee players, there are Monk, Crusader, and Barbarian. For ranged players, there is the Demon Hunter, the Witch and the Necromancer. The Witch is more focused on combos, the Demon Hunter is more focused on physics, and the Necromancer if you like the company of skeletons. On the Melee side, the Crusader is arguably the toughest, the Barbarian is the most beastly, and the Monk has some skills to manipulate the battlefield. Each class can be played both simply and in a sense more advanced. These have 14 skills and you only have 5 available at any one time. If you want an easy-to-use build, pick a class with those skills, along with some legendaries along the same line. Same answer for more advanced builds.
  • Wyatt will play a Monk, having played a Witch, a Barbarian and a Crusader during the Beta, and a Demon Slayer and a Witch internally. Peiwen will also play Monk.
  • Immortal Diablo offers a lot of skills and equipment that players can put to the test. The team will take care of the game for many yearsyou will have plenty of time to try everything.


  • Datamning often gets results inaccurate. These are elements developingwhich may not be never deployed. Blizzard wants to publicly show new things when it is released. ready be, offering details clear and precise at the right time.

level limit

  • Blizzard ajustera more likely the level limit when adding new areas. The team is discussing internally whether to increase this limit when needed. No details yet, several things have yet to be determined by the developers. This last I do not want to clear player progress and see how to add new areas, increase level cap and keep players feeling like they are advancing their character.

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