from 3 to 5 June, the Mediterranean Culture Festival returns to the historic center of Porto Maurizio. “Complete program of cultural initiatives” / Photos and videos

The conference of presentation of 21st edition of the festival for Mediterranean culture (Book Fair), planned from Friday 3 to Sunday 5 June 2022 in the historic center Porto Maurizio. The important manifestation is organized valley San Maurizio Committee in collaboration with Paola Savella’s Expansion Events.

Luciangela Aimo presents the 2022 edition of the Book Fair

“And program dense dcultural initiatives e du big names in Italian journalism. And Tony Capuozzo beginning Friday, June 3, a Paolo Del Debbio, Tommaso Labatesinger Nina Zilli and Sunday the 5th we close director Vanzina e Oscar Farinetti.

There will be many other initiatives something to consider about the recent past and the future that awaits us.

The theme of the fair ‘without words, the other communication‘. Space will be given to all the activities that will not have the only way to convey in the word. the art in all its expressions, the music e photography.

There will be spaces also dedicated to young people, in via Cascione there will be two artists, Andrea and Enzo Ioriowhich will guide the audience of both adults and children draw on the ground a beautiful one art opera, dedicated to a better world.

The association with National Council of Notarieswho offered one extraordinary exhibition, which we managed to get here in Imperia thanks to the collaboration with notary Amedeo and will be presented at the fair on Friday 3 June.

The exhibition of wills from famous Italians, will be kept insideoratorio of Santa Caterina, it is already open these days and will end a few days after the end of the event “.

Guests 2022: Lorenzo Beccati, Sandra Bonzi-Bisio, Nicola Calathopoulos, Paolo Del Debbio, Oscar Farinetti, Tommaso Labate, Candida Livatino, Renato Marengo, Enrico Vanzina, Andrea Vitali, Nina Zilli.

Search Motives for the fair 2022: “Without words – the other communication”

The theme for the 21st edition of the festival wants to draw attention to them all forms of communication which we meet in live daily is it they do not make the word the ordinary vehicle and main communication. In the digital age, we can only start from the emotions, give them emoijdai I iwith which we often exhaust our conversation by passing through musical communicationof business languageor, of imagerymust not underestimate olfactory language and sound.

With the aim of retaining the offer of attention and debate on major themesI, on the Mediterranean island (draw construction on Piazza Serra), will be planned meetings with big names in Italian journalism, literature, science and film.

They will take turns philosophy, sociology, psychologists, journalists on rule content that refers to large areas such as school, business, Power supply, sports the side effects of habits recently evoked with reflections around new forms of communication.

Another place on Via Cascione in front of the covered market the “white island” in a sequence of literary presentations proposed by the publishers from all over the national territory. Also planned for Silent book “Vivi!” The migrant’s way with the support of SOS Mediterranee and Comicout project with series for children inManaged in a new and interdisciplinary way curated by Laura Scarpa.

He is coming inaugurated a new area called “Space without words“In via Cascione in front of the former Bank of Italy where you can admire all these artistic activities who uses body language (Flamenco performance by New Movanimart, the show from the Pànta Musicà Association or Corpi in Movimento), the award ceremony for the second competition “Budding narrator“Writing and illustration competition for children open to all schools in the province, in workshops for children such as Saturday 4 June at 3.45 pm with the illustrator Elisabetta Civardi inspired by the book “Piccolo Cavallo” by Nicola Cinquetti.

Saturday at 18.30 special appointment of Mangamania Reading Club edited by Mondadori-Imperia bookstore.

DSunday from 15.00 to 18.00: “Arte per Te (rra)” fool artists Andrea and Enzo Iorio to create one all together great work of art for the love of our Terrto. Everyone (adults and children) will be able to help design a better planet!

Marcella Roggero, municipal councilor in Imperia municipality

“We have reached a new edition of the Book Fair. It gives life to one very important cultural weekend, events, but also of community. It is a way to meet, share opinions and try rediscover that sociability we have lost in recent years.

It is a very important opportunity for children, adults, but it is also a source of pride for the city of Imperia. Every year they come orimportant guests.

This year there is room in all sectors, we will have it singer Nina Zilli e Stefano Senardi who will present his work on Battiato.

The fair is part of one very important weekend with events, the opening of the summer season, there there will be Frecce and Amerigo Vespucci. Culture goes well with external events ”.

Rotary and notaries at the Mediterranean Culture Festival

“During the Book Fair, there will be conference by notary Giulio Bino, who should talk about this traveling exhibition, dedicated to these great Frscharacters that have made Italy. Men Women, cultural personalities, of sciencecharacters in policy e religious.

An interesting exhibition, where you see through Testament that a person does, when she experiences the moment of reflection on death, on her own life and on the future.

An interesting exhibition, which has already been visited by many people and that during the Book Fair I hope that it is part of this disposition of this important cultural moment. The exhibition is available in the Santa Caterina Oratorio, via San Maurizio ”.

Book Fair: Paola Savella’s intervention from Expansion Events

“We have reached the 21st edition, which will take place as always in the historic center of Porto Maurizio. The historic headquarters of via XX Settembre e via Cascione, with this year’s addition of via San Maurizio.

My job is to contact the medium / small publishers who come from all over the country. This year, many publishers have joined.

Let’s go from Sicily and we reach the Valle d’Aosta. You can go among the publishers’ stands.

It will be ‘Mediterranean island“on Piazza Serra and we”the white island‘located in via Cascione.

We have one space we devote to non-wordsa space without words, dedicated musicai body movements and there children. Three days of culture on the road ”.

Exhibitions at the fair

Via San Maurizio (Oratory of Santa Caterina)

  • “I, signed here – wishes from great Italians”
    The exhibition is promoted by the National Council of Notaries (Rome) and the Rotary Club and is presented at the fair in Imperia by notary public Giulio Biino, councilor and chairman of the Turin International Book Fair.
    The exhibition aims to share the latest memories, the most intimate and intense, of characters who have promoted Italian values ​​and talent. The will of:
    Gabriele d’Annunzio | Alessandro Manzoni | Enrico Caruso | Enzo Ferrari | Pope Paul VI | Alcide De Gasperi | Pope John XXIII | Giuseppe Garibaldi | Camillo Benso Count of Cavour | Gioachino Belli | Guglielmo Marconi | Giuseppe Verdi | Luigi Pirandello | Giovanni Agnelli Senior | Giovanni Pascoli | Grazia Deledda | Giovanni Verga | and other.

Via Cascione

  • Without words …. “our” communication
    Photo exhibition by Agenda Fotografica
  • “Aurelio Rezoagli – portrait of a sculptor”
    “Between sea and sky: the daily life of the poor Clares of Porto Maurizio”
    Photo exhibition curated by Marco Donatiello

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