Getting ready for the holidays? 8 hotels to take the kids (and 8 more to get away from them)

If you’re traveling with your kids, you know you need to find good reasons to entertain them on a great vacation, with hotels where this concern is well defined. But, if that’s not your reality, there are hotels in Portugal that are exclusively for adults. The hardest part will be choosing where this year’s big vacation will be.

Hotel for the whole family

Martinhal Sagres Beach Resort for families. The difficult thing will be for the little ones to get bored around these parts during the summer holidays. In the Martinhal group, designed for families, “children are particularly welcome”. In this unit, in the heart of the Costa Vicentina, there is no shortage of spaces and activities for the little ones. Parents have two options: join in the fun or leave their children with a team ready to entertain them with sports activities, console games or bike rides.

Vila Gale Clube de Campo. Although the Vila Galé group is working on a hotel aimed at children, this unit in Beja is still more than available to accommodate the whole family. For those who live in the city, the countryside can be a reason for continuous discovery for children. Hence, contact with animals (including a donkey which is the farm’s mascot) is a strong argument. But there is another: children up to 12 years old, staying in their parents’ room, do not pay for room and board.

Pedrolva village. Playing on the street seems like a picture of the past. But it is possible in Vila do Bispo, in this traditional Portuguese village recovered from the ruins. This unit has a special package for families. The “villas” are equipped with small kitchens, so you can prepare meals if your children are younger. The surroundings, which can be discovered with a rental bike, hide many reasons for family outings.

Ohai Nazaré outdoor resort. If your kids are always asking to go camping, but their backs don’t like the tent floor very much, maybe here’s the compromise solution. This resort in Nazaré features family-ready bungalow tents of all shapes and sizes. There is no shortage of entertainment, with a program of activities on weekends for the little ones – but parents are also invited to participate. But what really promises to leave them speechless is the water park, with its slides.

Cristal Praia Resort & Spa. The scratched houses, reminiscent of the Costa Nova, could even mislead guests. But this hotel is located right in Vieira de Leiria. If the colorful architecture manages to surprise even the little ones, the most certain thing is that the water park, with tracks of different sizes and speeds, immediately catches their attention. For parents’ relaxation there is also a space where children can carry out the most diverse activities, always accompanied by an animator.

Monte da Galrixa. Country life overlooking the sea. This is how this unit of São Teotónio presents itself to guests. And don’t forget the little ones: for them there is a vegetable garden to discover and farm animals to look after. But the proposals don’t stop there. There is a side where it is possible to ride the seagulls, at a time that can be shared by the whole family.

Chocolate Factory. If your little one has a sweet tooth, this could be the perfect combination for a Willy Wonka-style vacation. In Viana do Castelo, where a chocolate factory once operated, there is now a hotel entirely dedicated to this ingredient. In addition to discovering the rooms and corridors, children can have fun in the interactive museum, which tells the story of chocolate and its manufacturing process.

Aquashow Park Hotel. If the name of the hotel doesn’t speak for itself, maybe it’s time to pick up your children and take them to Quarteira. In this hotel, what matters most are the height and the curves and curves of the water park’s slides. There is also a children’s pool, so that the little ones can bathe in complete safety, without giving up the challenge with the water cannons. But if you need to have fun in a drier state, the family can watch animal shows, including raptors and sea lions.

Hotel to get away from children

Bela Vista Hotel & Spa. At the top of Praia da Rocha, in Portimão, the sea enters this hotel in various ways, starting with the nautical inspiration in the decoration. But in this palace, built as a private residence, you can also get to know the restaurant of chef João Oliveira, considered one of the most promising in Portugal. Moments to share between adults, relax. Because, on the hotel’s website, the warning is clear: “Not recommended for children”.

Sobreiras Alentejo Country Hotel. While this hotel doesn’t have an adult-only policy, it’s certain that the project’s calm and serene vibe is enough to make it on this list. In Grândola, surrounded by nature, silence is a regular guest by the pool. And if you don’t have children, but can’t get rid of your four-legged companion, know that your dog is welcome.

Vila Gale Praia collection. “It is aimed at people over the age of 16 and is prepared for couples looking for comfort, privacy and absolute tranquility.” This is how this unit of the second Portuguese hotel group presents itself, located near the beach of Galé, in the Algarve. For a romantic getaway, here you can rest assured that going out into the fresh air or going to the pool won’t lead to the usual noise of children.

Porto Santa Maria hotels. When you search for this hotel on the different booking platforms, there is an expression that repeats itself: “adults only”. That is, only people over the age of 16 can enter. So, one of the guarantees you have is that your afternoon with your eyes closed by the pool will not be interrupted, for example, by a crying baby. The unit is part of the PortoBay group and is located in the historic center of Funchal, which invites you to take a stroll through the main city of Madeira.

Companhia das Culturas – Ecodesign & Spa Hotel. Preliminary Note: You may run into children at this facility in Castro Marim. However, the atmosphere of this former farmhouse invites guests to a state of calm and concentration, without confusion. The style is minimalist, there is no television or background music. It is an opportunity to (re) connect with the territory, where some of the organic products that are served for breakfast come from.

Palmares Beach House. When making a reservation on the page of this hotel, you can only indicate the number of adults. Children do not enter the unit in Lagos, with privileged views of the sea and a few meters from the beach. To promote a sense of calm, the rooms have been exclusively decorated in soft colors.

Falesia Hotel. You can also bring your children, but they must be very close to the age of majority. Because the description, on the official page, leaves no doubt: “Hotel exclusively for guests aged 16 and over”. It’s a sure tip for anyone looking for gardens to walk (and sunbathe) in silence. It is located near Praia da Falésia in Albufeira and has an indoor swimming pool, ideal for other escapes beyond the summer.

Middle House. Here you will only find children if you bring your own. This is not a hotel in the traditional sense of the word, but it is a good example of the many holiday homes in Portugal that can be rented on an exclusive basis, without sharing spaces with unknown guests. In Porto Covo, 100 meters from Praia Grande, this project excels in minimalism and good taste in decoration. It was supposed to be the home of the owners, but at some point in life it is now available to anyone who wants to make it their retreat on the Alentejo coast.

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