Giroud absent “to give the others more time”, justifies Deschamps

The coach spoke to the media ahead of the last rally of the year for the Blues.

The lack of real preparation for the 2022 World Cup:We have two dates. We have these four games in June. And then we have two games at the end of September. The World Cup is only in November but it will come soon. Since we don’t have any friendly preparation before the competition, these matches must serve us for what lies ahead. We are far without being far. These six matches should serve as a test and preparation for the World Cup.

The difficulty of playing June games:It’s a time when the seasons are over. Those who are not international are already on vacation. It is therefore already a special period. We haven’t always had official matches. We played friendly matches and tours. We are also faced with an athletic disparity with players who have not played for three weeks, another fortnight … Not ideal. We have four games there. We will not work miracles regarding each other’s physical condition. We will try to cancel the physical differences to have the whole group in the best conditions for the first game. [face au Danemark le 3 juin prochain à 20h45, ndlr]. “

“We will try to distribute the playing time.

Didier Deschamps

The distribution of playing time:We will think about the first game. But we will make sure that the players do not chain the first three games. We will try to distribute the playing time.

The League of Nations: I do not regret the establishment of the League of Nations instead of friendlies. Over the years it is increasingly difficult to find opponents available to play friendly games. Nothing replaces the competition. We were lucky enough to win the League of Nations last fall. For you [les journalistes, ndlr], for the public, there is always more interest when there is a competition with a goal. It is better to play a competition than to go on tour.

The Champions League final:We have not organized anything special. We will obviously watch it together. After if the players want to watch it in their room or in a group. Everyone has their own choice and affinities. It’s the last big game of every season with a European title up for grabs, some of them are here. So we’ll be watching what’s going on. It is difficult to choose one favorite over another.

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If Olivier Giroud is not with us, it is to give more time to the three players regularly called up, namely Christopher Nkunku, Moussa Diaby and Wissam Ben Yedder. “

Didier Deschamps

The complicated seasons of Antoine Griezmann and Raphaël Varane : «All the players that are there may have had a less good time with their club for several reasons. In all the matches in France there is this situation: players in excellent shape, others a little less well. But they find another environment different from their daily life. I didn’t see any players coming to the pitch and not being happy. The most important thing for us is to have a unit taking into account the differences that may exist between players.

On the playing time of offensive players: If Olivier Giroud is not with us, it is to give more time to the three players regularly called up, namely Christopher Nkunku, Moussa Diaby and Wissam Ben Yedder. I’ll make sure I worry everyone. They will be able to harden, gain additional experience. He will give me further information on the final list that I will have to make for the World Cup.. “

“Obviously, that Kylian Mbappé stays in Ligue 1 is a very good thing for French football. “

Didier Deschamps

Karim Benzema and the race for the Golden Ball:For Karim Benzema who will join us, better if he can arrive with a European champion title. And obviously in the running for an individual award like the Ballon d’Or, already with everything he has done this season, if he has this title in addition, it can only go in the right direction for him.

The future of Aurélien Tchouaméni:Many players are coveted, many will have to change teams this summer. Aurélien Tchouaméni is one of the players requested by the big clubs. In discussions I may have with them, I am not there to give them advice. I can give my opinion but taking into account that it is their decision, their professional choice. In absolute terms, there is no wrong choice. It is up to them to make it happen in the best possible way.

Kylian Mbappé’s extension to Paris SG:It is his choice. I’m not going to go into details. She had time to think. Obviously, staying in Ligue 1 is a great thing for French football and for the influence Ligue 1 can have abroad. It’s his club. He said what she had to say.

“He will discover another league. Aston Villa is not part of the Premier League, it is a stage for him. “

Didier Deschamps

The maturity of young players: It’s the new generation. This is not just true in football. A 19 year old wants everything right away and can seem presumptuous. They go to big clubs and give themselves the means to be successful. There is on the field but also off, which is an important part.

The choice of Boubacar Kamara:Going to Aston Villa is his choice. He had the freedom to choose because he was out of contract. He is having a great season. He too, being young, has a lot of maturity and a certain versatility in his game, he was very regular, very used, in a role not always highlighted but important for the stability of a team. He will discover another league. Aston Villa is not part of the Premier League, it is a stage for him. It is something different. I don’t have all the elements that led him to make this decision.

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