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We are in that limbo where it is not yet summer (it does not arrive until June 21st), sometimes it rains, but at the same time you want to dive into fresh water on the hottest days. If you’re like most Portuguese and have a habit of escaping to the Algarve in early summer, take advantage of the rest of spring to stop in Grândola.

It is located in the Alentejo region, less than a two-hour drive from the Algarve, and within walking distance of a well-deserved vacation whose duration shouldn’t be measured. It’s just that to enjoy all that the municipality has to offer, it would take at least a week.

Starting from A Serenada Enoturismo, after a few hours of good sleep, you can take a dip in the pool and wet your lips with the wines produced in this property in the Grândola mountains. The wine boutique hotel is close to the Aberta Nova beach, another of the places to explore, especially this year which was awarded the Blue Flag.

And since we are in the Alentejo and it is not yet summer to just want a salad, treat yourself to a portulaca açorda in A Venda, in Silha do Pascoal, on 9 June, in connection with the Rota das Tabernas – which runs from 4 to 25 of June.

Book a holiday, or days off the beaten path, and enjoy it before we flood you with Algarve tips.

Sleeping at A Serenada Enotourism

We just don’t know what attracts us most in A Serenada Enoturismo: the rural tourism itself, with the balconies that invite to a reading in the silence of the Alentejo, if the wines that come out of the vineyards make the complete wine cellar of this accommodation. Serenada Enoturismo is a wine boutique hotel, located in the Serra de Grândola, and you immediately notice it from the shares on social networks, dominated by photographs of vineyards, bottles and full glasses. Not to mention the always watered invitations.

“Very ready to receive you! And from there even having a foot in the pool and a glass of wine in your hand is an instant”, can be read in one of the publications. Another foot is reserved for the entrance to one of the four double rooms and four suites, named after the vines found in the vineyards of A Serenada and decorated with typical Alentejo elements, such as marble tables and cork lamps.

Serenada also includes common areas, such as the indoor room with board games and, outdoors, outdoor terraces and a panoramic outdoor swimming pool available to guests. In the hottest hours you can devote yourself to wine tourism activities, which include routes from the cellar to the vineyards, tastings and winemaking workshops.

One night for two people starting from 90 € in June, with breakfast included.

The Serenade of Enotourism

Position: RIC 1265, Outeiro André, 7570-345 Grândola
Reservations: 269498 014

Explore the sea in waves or at a trot

Those who go to Grândola have suffered the best of Alentejo: the calm that gives its name to the accommodation we mentioned earlier and the proximity to the beaches. This year, 12 municipalities have been awarded the Blue Flag, which in itself allows you to visit the best quality beaches in the surroundings. This is the case of the beach of Aberta Nova (just 15 minutes by car from A Serenada), of the beaches of Carvalhal, Melides and Pego.

Each of them is valid for family bathing, but only one for surfing or stand up paddle, Carvalhal beach, with the help of Carvalhal Surf School. Each lesson lasts about 1h30 and you don’t have to worry about the material, because from the board to the wetsuit, leash, wax and insurance, everything is guaranteed (price on request). You can book an individual or group lesson via the school contacts (961 112 940 /

Another way to explore the sea is to exchange the table with the horses of Passeios in Cavalo Melides, partner of A Serenada Enoturismo. A walk along Melides beach costs € 55 until June 30 and if you want to add a wine tasting the price goes up to € 70. You can make an appointment by phone (+351 910477358) or e-mail (

Even outdoors, because that’s what you want now, with your skin still salty, go straight to where the sunset is even more magnificent: on the rocker of Cabeça do Cardo, in Grândola.

Spread yourself with the snacks of the Rota das Tabernas

The pandemic has been able to experiment with new recipes at home, but has nevertheless left a little hungry for specific dishes, especially those of the usual Rota das Tabernas, which takes place annually in the municipality of Grândola. This year it is back at full capacity, accompanied by Alentejo cante, to finally celebrate the 26th edition.

The first day, June 4th, is enough to whet your appetite, even more so since there isn’t much to do. The Casa Mostra de Produtos Endogenous will inaugurate the itinerary, with rabbit à São Silvestre, mushrooms in Porto, octopus salad, brains with vine meat and garlic and an açorda surprise.

It is the first of the six days of the event, with many other Alentejo flavors to be enjoyed while visiting Grândola. Now pay close attention to this: lamb cachola at Café da Mina, in the village of Mineira do Lousal, on June 9, purslane açorda in A Venda, Silha do Pascoal, on June 10, and greaves at Taberna dos Mosqueirões on 11.

On June 18, at Café Ruas, in Azinheira dos Barros, pork with fake brains is served, and on 25, the last day of the event, there is dogfish soup at A Taberna.

Road of the Taverns

Road of the Taverns

credits: cm-muesli

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Road of the Taverns credits: cm-muesli

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