he is a famous photographer and he has an important job

Figure as to which Letizia Battagliawho did the visual art of the essence of his work Whitecan not inspire the world of cinema, or better, that of documentary.

Fedelmente allo style of reportage that has contradicted the great career of this woman given, Rai 1 ha dedicate to dedicate an omaggio in prime serata, alle 21:20, domenica 22 e lunedì 23 maggio. Andrà infatti in onda la miniseries by Roberto Andò with protagonist with Isabella Ragonese «Solo per passione – Letizia Battaglia fotografa». This opera, tracing the offices of a free existence of schemes and conventions, is the perfect opportunity to capture lucidity and the shadow of an intense life that, in particular the mafia, stories of premiums and international expositions.

To enjoy this vision, you can start by writing about our Letizia Battaglia, since he has his own photography and, more generally, his art of living always in a car. Dando quindi uno sguardo alla sua biographical story e ai tanti successi che hanno caratterizzato la sua professional activitywe were the figure who revolutionized the panorama of Italian photojournalism.

Private life of Letizia Battaglia

Letizia Battaglia has spent 87 years in Cefalu on April 13, 2022. Malata of tumors of the time, the Italian photojournalist posted the sign with his photo of Palermo and dei delitti di mafia degli anni Settanta e Ottanta. Quegli scatti hanno fatto il giro del mondo ma la donna dietro l’obietivo ha una biografia altrettanto spessore.

His story, colored and punctuated by events that followed, took place on March 5, 1935 in Palermo, a city in particular particularly bigotry and retrograde that has seen so much of his production and segregation.

The first event that will feature his private life for the matrimony in Giovanissima and, si sposò infatti a soli 16 anni ed ebbe tre figlie: Cinzia, Shobha e Patrizia Stagnitta. The conjugal slate was in fact a matter of autonomy and emancipation of the family if dissolving and nefarious in a rigidly disciplined report of the patriarchal rule, an unsupported contest in the mother rule unit without the consent of the students to study.

These dissatisfactions are found in many cases and the Battaglia’s intellectual curiosity is certain as a result of a maritime crime. Adultery accused of having a nervous breakdown and having been admitted to a Swiss clinic had to undergo psychiatric treatment. Tornata poi a Palermo dove decided to confront him malessere with the psicanalisi retrovando però a equilibrio ancora precario.

The matrimonial insufficiency of the union in the true extracurricular relations and intent to flee from the love of the maritime that the state has defined as possessive and soothing divorcein a period in which this practice was still slightly accredited.

The encounter with the young photographer Santi gives the new hope and the applied story of our hunger towards independence. Insieme alle tre figlie si sposta dal tetto palermitano e cerca la propria strada.

Aveva 38 anni e appena quattro anni prima (1969) aveva iiniatiat a fotografare per il quotidiano L’Ora of Vittorio Nisticò; is theunique woman in a world editorial made of only uomini.

Mafia, lottery and celebrity photo reporter

La sua career the death of about fourteen years in Milan in 1974 in his country, founded entirely on Franco Zecchin an important agency dal nome Photographic information.

Who initiated his most prolific documentary activity: the scatty of mafia crimes. Document the mats during the torment Cosa Nostra killed police, magistrates and citizens. What photo in white and black will follow even the star.

This was the door in the ’80s to found the ‘If’ laboratory for photography and photo reporter palermitani ea vincere nel 1985 l ‘Eugene Smithun premium of the settler who may first be in the state of mania of a European woman. The first Mother Johnson Achievement for Life poi le è stato tributato nel 1999.

I so many celebrities are those who press the Hotel Zagarella in which Andreotti retreats while dealing with clans of the clan or the assassination of the Terranova goddess who come to the funerals of General Dalla Chiesa.

The murder of Giovanni Falcone però segna una svolta; the collision is such that no one wants to take more pictures as they dedicate themselves to cooperative activity of sensitization and divulgation.

This event is in fact a connexion with the miniseries in its title page the second part of the second in its own right to celebrate the Giornata della Legalità in which it was celebrated 30 years ago capacity of Capaci.

Letizia Battaglia: symbol of feminist courage

Battaglia fu una donna dalla doppia anima: attivista antimafia da un lato, incompetent feminist dall’altro. These two lots are parallel to the moment in which Letizia encourages young aspiring photographers to date, as has been the case with Maria Pia Ammirati, director of Rai Fiction, who has come to terms with them and shows them with a difficult Paese reticente al cambiamento.

The battles of Battaglia finally emerge increasingly decisive, stating that the moss in its intimacy, from giving space to self-determination and the centrality of the female figure. The photographer included scattò tanti volti di bambine, mamme e nonne sign of territorial ideological concessions in which the woman has historically had a marginal turn.

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