Higher ticket prices and higher travel demand: what are the best destinations for tourists?

Experts warn that planning well in advance and opting for more accessible locations is the best way to save money when traveling abroad.

Pixabay / Jan Vasek Planning your trip in advance and opting for countries whose currency is cheaper than the real one is a way to get the most out of your destination without spending that much

At the same time that the improvement of the epidemiological situation and the flexibility of health protocols have facilitated travel abroad, various factors have made travel more difficult and expensive. Among them are the increase in the price of tickets due to the increase in the prices of kerosene in the plane – due to the conflict between Russia And Ukrainein progress since February 24 -, the rise of the dollar and the rescheduling of packages purchased before the pandemic COVID-19, they are making things difficult and making the schedules of tourists looking to national and international destinations more difficult. In view of this scenario, experts I warn that the best thing to do right now is to plan well in advance, as well as to choose more accessible destinations.

A survey conducted by Rico Investimentos points to five economic countries, where the cost of living is lower and money is more profitable, due to the advantageous exchange rate compared to the Brazilian real. Are they: South Africa, Argentina, Cambodia, Egypt And Colombia. According to Leonardo Bastos, CEO of Kennedy Viagens Corporativas, consumers have changed their consumption habits, reduced their stay periods from 20 to 10 days and are looking for destinations closer to South America. Bastos points out, however, that farther journeys are still on the radar. Siderley Santos, vice president of Maringá Turismo and Grupo Arbaitmam, approves the evaluation. According to the director, there was a huge demand for hotels and airline tickets to New York in May. “All flights [para lá] They were full, “he says.” Passengers have a hard time finding flights to popular places, such as United StatesEuropean countries and cities like Dubai “, adds the entrepreneur, who also informs the most popular destinations for tourists:” In addition to the United States, the Middle East and Europe keep going up “.

temple lake - indonesia

Indonesia was the most visited country virtually on Street View in 2021, according to Google. The United States ranked second Pixabay / MadebyNastia

What drives prices up?

“The main factor that caused ticket prices to rise was kerosene. This impact stems from the war between Ukraine and Russia, ”explains Bastos, who sees two possibilities on the horizon. If the conflict in Eastern Europe lasts between three and 12 months, prices should stabilize. If, on the other hand, the clash were to escalate, the scenario will be unpredictable. According to the CEO of Kennedy Viagens, it is not yet possible to predict the impact of free baggage on prices. “Since the plane ticket is neither physical nor static, it is difficult to make this predictability,” he sums up. However, he recalls that at the time of the baggage claim announcement there was an expectation that the fares would be reduced, which was not the case.

“If the tourist travels within a maximum period of 60 days, the price will not change much. There is also the risk that they will increase. “In this case, says Bastos, the customer is advised to make the purchase when he finds a ticket at the price he considers satisfactory.” Now, if the trip is in December, I recommend that you buy the ticket three months in advance, because the airlines charge a value that they believe will prevail until the day of travel. The more seats they sell, the more the price increases “, he concludes.

Siderley Santos points out another reason for current prices: airlines would have no reason to reduce values ​​because they are “delaying” the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, he stresses the importance of making a reservation in advance. “The first step in planning a trip is in advance, because that way you get a good deal and can still keep up with the changes,” he says.

travel planning

Travel, accommodation and tours. When thinking about travel, it is essential to analyze every detail, even more so when everything has a high price. Despite the difficulty, it is possible to find good values, which, of course, will depend on good programming. Rejane Tamoto, financial planner at the Brazilian Association of Financial Planning (Planejar) explains that “the first step is to determine the time of the trip, when it will be made and which destination, [porque isso] it gives you the opportunity to follow the promotions and collect the necessary money “. As a priority he recommends: “Select airfare and accommodation, which are the two main costs, analyze the country’s currency and change it little by little and, finally, look for travel insurance”.

Buying foreign currency is one of the key elements when it comes to international travel. Experts recognize that it is common for people to wait for the best prices before making a decision. However, due to the uncertain and volatile scenario, the more accurate option is to “take advantage of the best trading moments,” says Tamoto. When out of the country, the planner recommends paying for expenses in cash and with an international debit card. “How much the IOF [Imposto sobre Operações Financeiras, que incide sobre compras feitas no exterior] it is 6.38%, when we put it all together the price increases and many times the total value is equivalent to everything that is spent on a tour ”.

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The Burj Khalifa was the most visited place virtually on Street View in 2021, according to Google. │Pixabay / Jan Vasek

When it comes to finding cheaper tickets, Leonardo Bastos is committed to explaining a myth that circulates about having days and times to find the best prices. He points out that finding a cheaper flight is linked to supply and demand: the airlines have goals per flight. “If you spend the set amount, it will keep the price or increase, now if the sales are lower they start to discount and be more competitive”, since there is an operating cost. “CBuying in advance is a myth. What happens is that some people manage to buy because of promotions, but it has nothing to do with time, ”she says.

best destination for students


English-speaking countries are the most popular destinations for students │Pixabay / Scott Webb

Student exchanges have also become easier following the easing of pandemic measures. Christina Bicalho, vice president of the Student Travel Bureau (STB), says the most popular destinations continue to be English-speaking destinations, including the United States, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. The most accessible, currently, is Canada, because the Canadian dollar is valued below the US dollar and the pound sterling. Furthermore, explains Bicalho, “the cost of living is affordable”, which makes the country one of the cheapest for students. The vice president of the STB, however, recommends setting the timetable eight months in advance. Moreover, according to the expert, it is I have to be open to some options, such as connections, unconventional schedules, airports further away from the final destination, among others.

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