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live outside the country it is the dream of many Brazilians, whether it is to experience other cultures, study or get better job opportunities. who wants to get one residence visa you need to go through a bureaucratic process that differs depending on the legislation of each country.

In addition to collecting documentation, it is also necessary to lay out an amount, which can be quite significant. Prices start at around R$930 and can go up to R$154,000 depending on the country.

The process to obtain a final visa can also take up to 3 years. The ease of obtaining a residence permit in the country may depend on factors such as professional qualifications, declared income and language proficiency.

In this matter northeast diary provides detailed information on immigration to Canada, USA and Portugal, some of the most popular destinations for Brazilians and Ceará.


Compared to other countries, Portugal has relatively easy access for Brazilians, both in terms of required documentation and travel costs.

According to the CEO of Ei! Migration consultant, Gilda Pereira, the bureaucratic costs for obtaining a visa at the consulate are 100 euros. And once in the country, you need to apply for a residence permit, which costs about 60 euros.

Pereira lists that there are different types of visas that an immigrant can obtain, such as working, highly skilled professional, immigrant entrepreneur or self-employed. The period for issuing a visa by consulates is 60 days – except for a highly qualified visa, which is 30 days.

The visa is only valid for 4 months and must be replaced with a residence permit upon arrival in Portugal. You must prove that you can meet all the conditions of the requested visa. If you have studied, you must demonstrate that you are enrolled. If it was for work, you need to show an employment contract. this is how it works

Hilda Pereira

CEO Hey! Migration Considerations

It usually takes more than 4 months to obtain a residence permit, but during this additional period the immigrant does not become an illegal immigrant.

Proof of income is not required to stay in the country, with the exception of a self-employed visa. In this case, you must prove a monthly income equal to or greater than the national minimum wage and savings equivalent to 1 year of the national minimum wage.

For those coming to Portugal with family, only one of the participants needs to obtain an approved visa before leaving Brazil. Children and spouse can travel with proof of ties to the immigrant.

Entry with a tourist visa

The option commonly used by Brazilians is to enter the country only on a tourist visa and only then obtain a residence permit. That is exactly what 25-year-old maid Taina Vasconcelos did.

Legend: Brazilian man got a job in Portugal and is waiting for a residence permit

A photo: Personal archive

The Brazilian went to Portugal at the beginning of 2020 with the intention of getting a job and trying to get a residence permit in the country. She didn’t expect a pandemic.

I only had 700 euros and was out of work for 3 months due to quarantine because everything was closed. Before things returned to normal, I had only 60 euros, I was going to return to Brazil with nothing when I found a job

Mystery Vasconcelos

escort and immigrant

Today she works as a duty officer at a gas station and has been waiting for her residence permit for 7 months. Meanwhile, she’s not exactly outlawed, but she does have some limitations.

“I didn’t have any problems because I already applied, I work, I have a bank account. There are places that ask for documents to work [número de inscrição, semelhante ao CPF]since I don’t have a job, I can’t,” he says.

According to Gilda Pereira, this immigration option is possible, but not the most recommended.

“If a person enters, and then gets a job, it is possible to carry out a procedure for legalizing a person. Now this procedure takes up to two years and causes certain difficulties in a person’s ordinary life, he cannot exchange a status card, he cannot receive a health number. They lose their mobility, they cannot leave Portugal, because otherwise the process will return to normal,” he says.


Unlike Portugal, immigrating to Canada usually comes with higher costs and requires several prerequisites to be met. According to Renata Oliveira, an immigration consultant at the Canadian agency GoNorth, immigration costs start at 13,000 Canadian dollars (about 52,400 reais).

The value can be even higher for those who travel to the country on a student visa, as in this case, you also need to pay the university. Renata calculated that graduation expenses are at least 15,000 Canadian dollars (or 60,400 reais).

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“If you want to immigrate, you have to organize yourself financially, save up as much money as possible, even if you don’t spend all the money. You need to prove this in order to get a visa and safely arrive in the country, ”he draws attention.

The country has a kind of “competition” in which those interested in immigration earn points that increase the likelihood of approval depending on language proficiency, experience or professional qualifications.

In this regard, Renata Oliveira recommends starting planning as early as possible.

Canada is looking for qualified people, but they must be people with knowledge of English or French, professional experience. And, even with all this, for those who are not in Canada, there are no state invitations.

Renata Oliveira

GoNorth Immigration Consultant

She clarifies that the country offers several immigration programs, the most popular of which is Express Entry, which allows you to immigrate within 6 months. In it, an immigrant does not need to have links with Canada, but needs to score points in order to get ahead in the competition.

“Since this is a competition, you have to focus on English and French, the second language gives you more points. You must have at least one year of professional experience, educational level, to earn more points. If a person has professional experience in Canada, they will receive more points. Bonds with Canada, such as a job offer, also give you more points. Having a brother or son-in-law in Canada earns you points. It’s the sum of the factors,” he lists.


29-year-old software development intern and architect Caroline Nogueira has been planning a move to another country since 2018. She and her husband are scheduled to travel to Canada in January 2024.

The couple intends to travel to the country on a study visa. In order to get a better chance of working in Canada, Caroline has changed careers and intends to work in the technology industry, which is in high demand.

The process is a little tedious. We start with the idea of ​​a place, but sometimes that doesn’t work, we have to have a Plan B, a Plan C, and even a Plan D. We’ve already imagined living in several cities in Canada, changing our mind in planning. This is a very slow process, there is also a financial issue, that it is not cheap to go to study, you need to save a certain amount of money. There is a language problem, we have to go there with as much English as possible.

Caroline Nogueira

Software development intern and architect

In Canada, immigration planning has been part of the life of 26-year-old graduate student Ingrid Oliveira since August 2021. The immigration process required resource savings as she was an undergraduate trainee.

Legend: Ingrid came to Canada last August.

A photo: Personal archive

Despite all the plans, the pandemic put aside the dream of moving to another country for a while.

“I was supposed to come in April 2021 and I had to reschedule the course, I was only able to come in August due to the pandemic. My visa was very late, I spent about 8 months waiting for a visa with no date forecast. It was very frustrating, we never know when visas will be denied or approved,” he recalls.

The choice of a student visa was made because of the possibility of staying in the country after having a Canadian diploma. Today, the girl studies and earns money to provide for herself.

“Adaptation is going very smoothly because I always wanted to come here. My whole journey so far has been very natural for me, I feel at home. It’s like I’ve been walking all my life to come here,” he says.


The United States offers one of the widest visa options, making immigration far from a simple recipe. There are over 180 visa options and consultation can be important to determine the best option for an immigrant according to each prerequisite.

Morar-USA immigration agency consultant Roberto Spiegel explains that immigration costs can start at $5,000 (R$ 25,600 at the current exchange rate) and can go up to $30,000 (R$ 30,000. 154.7 thousand) depending on type. visas and the number of people in the family.

According to him, the ideal visa should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. There are options that take 2 to 3 months to issue, and others that can take up to 3 years to be released into the country.

For Leonardo Leão, international law specialist and CEO of international consulting firm Leão Group, there is no such thing as an easy visa.

There is no easy visa, there is a suitable visa. People tend to rely on the case of a neighbor, a friend, and this is the biggest mistake. A nuance in a professional profile can change what is required by immigration law.

Leonardo Leao

International Law Specialist and CEO of Leão Group

The first step to immigration, according to the specialist, is to seek advice to determine which visa is best suited for the application. Once the required documents are collected, all you have to do is pay the consular fees and wait for approval.

Roberto Spiegel believes that the American labor market is one of the biggest opportunities for those who want to immigrate. According to him, those who meet the requirements can get good job offers.


US immigration law requires those who wish to immigrate to pay close attention to ensure that the details do not imply visa denial.

The barriers are very thin, but very dangerous. First, you have to work with professionals who know what they are doing, because American laws are very clear and they are very pragmatic. You must be serious professionals and never lie. In the case of immigration, when fraud or lies are discovered, this is a big problem.

Roberto Spiegel

specialist consultant Morar-USA

Leonardo Leao adds that the immigrant’s intentions must be clear when applying for a visa. It is also necessary to pay attention to the permissions and prohibitions of each type of visa.

“Student visa has a great availability. But it’s not easier, you need to prove that the period of study in the USA will add to your career in Brazil, a student visa is not for the person who intends to study and stay there. If you demonstrate this at an interview at the American consulate, you will be denied a visa and may even cancel a tourist visa if you have one, ”he gives an example.

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