“If I can play at my best level, we can beat Faker and T1”

The second semi-final of the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational will take place on Saturday 28 May and will see T1 (LCK) face off against G2 Esports (LEC). Riot Games organized a Media Day yesterday which included a press conference with the final two semi-finalists of the tournament.

(For Caps & Flakked) Caps is your third MSI. Is it different from your previous experiences? Flaked, tell me about how you feel coming to MSI for your first season in a major region.

Cappellini : It’s a little different every time. I am happy that I was able to return to MSI this year, as I had a rather difficult year last year. I think that every year we have had a very strong opponent, this year is no exception and I am just excited about the arrival of the game.

Exhausted : It’s just crazy to be here. Many people know that this is my first international tournament. It is different to be in a completely different country and to play against the best teams from all parts of the world. I can’t wait to see the match against T1.

(For the CAPs) The last time you played against T1 was at the 2019 World Championships. G2 beat T1 3-1 in the semi-finals of this tournament; How is the current T1 different from the team three years ago? How do you expect the rematch will go?

Postal Code : The current T1 team is completely different than they were three years ago. The era is also different and, with it, the meta has changed a lot. The match will be very different from last time, but we hope the result is the same as then. We will work hard to be able to reproduce those results.

(To Gumayusi and Flakked) In this international rivalry, both of you are the next generation of botlaners. How does it feel to play this matchup?

Gumayusi : From what I know, T1 got knocked out hard in 2019. I think we are a very different team from that era and as long as we play well we will win. This rivalry is pretty fun and I’m happy to be at the heart of it.

Exhausted : It’s really crazy to be here. It’s a little hard to believe. I feel like I’m dreaming of playing against world-class botlaners like Gumayusi and GALA. I think that in the semifinals our bottom lane will play better or at least be tied.

(For chapters) You were once called “Baby Faker”, and this rivalry between you and Faker has been going on for a long time. How do you feel about facing Faker?

Postal Code : It’s great to challenge Faker again. I still remember seeing him win the world championships in season 3, where he just dominated with his he Ahri. Just the idea of ​​facing him is a great honor. If I can beat Faker, especially with his signature picks like Leblanc and Ahri, that would be a great accomplishment for me. If I can play at my best level, we can beat Faker and T1.

(For T1) Given that T1 fought at the start of the tournament, do you feel more pressured now that you play in the semi-finals?

Gumayusi : I was under a bit of pressure at the start of the Rumble Stage, but I think I lost a lot of it. I will be able to enjoy playing in the semifinals.

Keria : I also felt under pressure because we had to beat G2 and RNG anyway. It’s all over, so I think I’ll be able to do a good performance.

(To Keria) What’s it like to face G2 for the third time? T1 have shown stability in their game throughout the tournament, but given that the G2 are still a very strong team, is there anything that worries you?

Keria : I really wanted to face G2 in bo5 in this MSI, and the fact that we could potentially face RNG if we beat them really makes me want to win. As I said before, as long as we play the way we always do, I think we won’t lose a single set.

(For chapters) What is the secret to winning the LEC Spring Split and making it this far in this tournament with a roster that is only a split old?

Postal Code : Since we didn’t perform well last year, our off-season was a long one. We talked a lot about what we wanted to do. We have spent a lot of time organizing tests and looking for quality staff, and I think our hard work has paid off. I want to thank everyone for providing such a good environment that contributed to our success, and that’s why I want to do a good performance.

(To Keria) Which lane are you most suspicious of?

Keria : After watching each team’s matches, I think the G2 bottom lane moves have not been very good. I think it must be their middle lane.

(For Keria) In the lane phase, who makes the most decisions in the game? The support or the botlaner? Which opinion matters most?

Keria : According to my criteria, I think the support should carry more weight. As for us, we share our opinions, depending on the situation, and play.

(To Gumayusi) As T1 faces G2 once again in the semifinals of an international tournament, is there anything you would like to say to G2?

Gumayusi : As I said before, the current T1 is very different from what it was at the time. I want to tell them not to expect to win this time around.

(For G2) As the team members come from all over Europe, did the team have any differences, due to the culture or even the language barrier? If so, how did the team overtake them?

Postal Code : I have traveled all over the world and interacted with all kinds of people. League of Legends is what unites us with a common goal, to become the best player. I didn’t have too many problems even before G2 when I had teammates from different backgrounds. They were all quite open and due to a common goal, we set ourselves a smaller goal and worked together to find the solution, so there was no discord along the way. Even when there is a problem, everyone has a different way of solving it. Some people like to express what they love, while others keep it to themselves. However, it wasn’t really a problem for us.

Exhausted : I agree with what Caps said. I haven’t been to many teams, as it hasn’t been long since I made my LEC debut. I think League of Legends binds every member of the team, as well as the executives, because when someone joins a team, they all have the same goal of winning and becoming the best. Every professional player has no social experience, so he has to focus all of his energy into the game.There is really no time for internal strife, as everyone is focused on improving and creating a better team environment.

(For CAPs) G2 is 1-1 against T1 Rumble Stage. What should the team focus on for the next bo5?

Postal Code : In view of the semi-finals we can certainly set goals and things like that, but I think the most important thing is to play with confidence. We were at the start of a losing streak in the second round match against T1, so we weren’t playing with confidence. Now that we are out of this losing streak and starting a new winning streak, I think we can play confidently for the match. We will use the time we have left to find strategies to beat T1.

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