Immigrants donated over a billion euros to social security in 2020

Immigrants in Portugal contributed more than 1 billion euros in social security contributions in 2020 but received only 273 million euros in social benefits, according to a statistical report from the Migration Observatory.

One of this report’s 2019 and 2020 metrics shows that “like other social phenomena, there are some errors in the perception of the relationship between immigration and social inclusion or social protection”, given that social security benefits from a positive balance that these people represent.

According to the report, this positive balance was 884 million euros in 2019 – “the highest value ever achieved” – and 802.3 million euros in 2020.

This is because, in the ratio between the contributions of foreigners and what they receive from the social security system, immigrants contribute a significantly larger amount than what they have, “a very positive and favorable relationship in Portugal”.

In 2019, for example, this contribution amounted to 995.5 million euros, but they received only 111.1 million euros from social benefits, which results in a positive balance of 884 million euros.

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