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Museums and galleries that open up to the city, also with unsurpassed synergies like the one with the world of sports. The goal is to bring art everywhere and prove that it is for everyone. This is the purpose of the first edition of the festival “Pisa Art Week”, promoted and organized by the Athena Association, a new reality in the area. The initiative was presented this morning, May 27, with a press conference at Palazzo Gambacorti: the Cultural Council and Chairman of the Cultural Commission of Pisa Municipality, Pierpaolo Magnani and Maria Punzo, Chairman of the Association Athena were present. , Annalisa Sofia Pezzulo, and the head of Confcommercio Pisa, Federico Pieragnoli.

A three-day event (dates 3, 4 and 5 June) at a high pace and completely free of charge made possible by synergy effects by a team of organizations and institutions. “Pisa Art week” was born with grants and sponsorship from the municipality of Pisa, grants and cooperation from the Confcommercio Pisa, Pisa-Terre di Pisa Chamber of Commerce, Tuscany Regional Council. Partners also include Pisa Calcio and Assicurazioni Generali.

Exhibitions, openings, workshops, aperitifs, screenings. The “walk” to discover art will be a journey in stages: Museum of Ancient Ships, Cineclub Arsenale, Domus Mazziniana, Antonella Scarfone Gallery, Gli Anni in Tasca Bookshop, Ars Cafè & Bistrot, Studio Gennai. Guided tours are also planned: throughout the event, the Royal Palace and Museum of San Matteo will organize free guided tours (by reservation).

“This is a beautiful initiative – explains Councilor for Culture Pierpaolo Magnani – which aims to take art out of museums to bring it closer to the citizens, and which I hope will be a permanent appointment in the coming years. Decided to place it temporarily in in connection with the publication of over a hundred posters in the city with the new logo for ‘Pisa Percorsi Museali’ because we believe that the two initiatives can strengthen each other.The aim is to further implement the municipality’s synergy with the other institutions and associations dealing with culture in our territory , to make our vast territory known and valued artistic heritage. I thank the chair of the Committee on Culture, Maria Punzo, for proposing the project to me. “

“Pisa is a city rich in art and beauty – these are the words of Annalisa Sofia Pezzulo, President of the Athena Association – the challenge is to make this heritage within everyone’s reach, to make it a part of everyday life for each of us. The pregnancy of this festival began many months ago, Covid has extended the times and made the organization more difficult.Until, at some point, the “planets adapted” and, thanks to the cooperation and contribution of all units, the institutions and associations that have decided to “be part of this path, we have reached the first edition. We hope for a broad participation of the Pisans. Thank you to everyone who participated and offered their availability for Pisa Art Week 2022”.

“As an association, we made ourselves immediately available to the organizers – explains the director of Confcommercio Pisa, Federico Pieragnoli – so that this event, from a brilliant idea, could be transformed into a concrete reality and finally saw the light. We are on the starting line it is a great satisfaction for us to be part of this fantastic initiative, dedicated to art, creativity and culture, which lifts Pisa from a new perspective and together with top-level partners “.

“Places itself the first weekend of the month – explains the extraordinary commissioner of the Chamber of Commerce Valter Tamburini – the three days of Pisa Art Week open ideally for June Pisano with a series of events aimed at opening up the city to art, strengthening its museums and galleries, promoting film screenings, cultural meetings but also building a bridge with sports and good food. As the Pisa Chamber of Commerce, we strongly support this initiative, which is entirely part of the broader “Terre di Pisa” project: a common thread that unites companies, economic categories and public administrations in improving our territory “.

The program

Friday 18.00

Inauguration of a contemporary art exhibition in the environment of the Museum of Ancient Ships (Arsenali Medicei, Lungarno Ranieri Simonelli 16, Pisa)

Friday at 20.30

Screening of the feature film “The Universe of Keith Haring” at Arsenale Cinema (Vicolo Scaramucci 2, Pisa)

Saturday at 10

Inauguration of the exhibition of a group of young artists in Domus Mazziniana (Via Giuseppe Mazzini 71, Pisa)

Saturday at 17.00

Opening of the pop art collective at Antonella Scarfone Gallery (Lungarno Gambacorti, 29/30, Pisa)

Saturday 19.00

Aperitif with press and partner at Ars Cafè & Bistrot (Corso Italia 122, Pisa)

Sunday at 10

Kamishibai activities for children ** by the ArteBambini Association, a stop at Gli Anni in the Tasca bookstore (Lungarno Pacinotti 11, Pisa) where children can buy a book with a special discount at the moment

Sunday 17.00

Guided tour of the Gennai Contemporary Art Studio (Via San Bernardo 6, Pisa)

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