Installations, music and extraordinary openings: The Davines event open to the city

Davines, a B Corp company dedicated to the creation of hair care products, presents Wwht Off, an event organized with the support of Parma Municipality on Saturday 4 June.

There will be a series of activities that start in the afternoon until late in the evening, a real white night.

After two years of pandemic, Davines wants to give its city an opportunity for celebration and coziness, with this purpose, the historic city center will come to life with free cultural activities open to the public where music performances, churches and historic and private buildings will usually be closed to the public. again at the moment and will host artistic installations and musical performances.

Among the many activities, the extraordinary opening of Davines Temporary Store in Borgo Giacomo Tommasini for Saturday and Sunday. Inside the store, it will be possible to get in touch with the brand’s sustainability projects and initiatives. For this exclusive opening, a limited edition product will be given to everyone who enters.

Not to be missed, the exhibition The House of The Farmer by artist Mike Nelson housed in the Palazzo dell’Agricoltore, an exhibition that precedes the renovation of the building and its transformation into a B Corp hotel thanks to the intervention of the Davines Group and the Chiesi Group.

In the evening starting at 9.30 pm, the historic city center will come to life thanks to the concert with Symphoniacs, a group of young talents from different parts of the world will entertain those present with a mix of classical and electronic music. In conclusion, a video art performance by the Spanish artist Javier Riera will put geometry and nature in dialogue to fascinate those present who will admire the trees with their noses turned up.
of the historic city center comes to life.

The Wwht Off event will mark the opening night of the most important international event for Davines dedicated to its customers: the World Wide Hair Tour 2022 where more than three thousand hairdressers will gather at the Parma fairs – near Davines Village – for a three-day hair show, from 5 to June 7.

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Davines Temporary Store cultural activities and opening hours

Borgo Giacomo Tommasini 9C
Opening hours Saturday 4 June 10 – 13 and 15: – 00:00
Opening hours Sunday 5 June 10 – 13 and 15 – 19
A temporary store, with an extraordinary opening on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 June, contains full in-depth study
in the Davines brand. Its products, its vision of durability and beauty come to life when you enter the room
at the full disposal of the city.

Show of art Bondens hus

Peasant’s Palace, Piazzale Barezzi 3
The exhibition by artist Mike Nelson curated by Didi Bozzini occupies the five floors of the building at the beginning of a trial
of restyling that will lead to the transformation of the structure into a “Regenerative Hotel”, a real flywheel
for the city and the territory. The building was the seat of the company that formed the management body for the business
agriculture under the rule of the fascist regime finds dialogue again today, thanks to the artist’s monumental work
with natural elements: trees, branches, agricultural implements.

Pharmacopoeia – The places

Project developed by Davines Group with Chiesi Group for Parma’s Capital of Culture, for rediscovery of
places that have the history of the pharmacy and cosmetics in Parma.

• Botanical Garden at the University of Parma – Artètipi installation
Via Farini, 90
15 – 19

• San Filippo Neri pharmacy
Vicolo S. Tiburzio, 5 – Timetable 15 – 21
A little known but fascinating place, Antica Farmacia San Filippo Neri, is a laboratory
galenic which, perhaps precisely because it has been so far on the outskirts of the visitors’ circles, has remained intact
in the original structure 1789. A symbol of a story as significant as it is still too small
known for the city where you can trace the development of medicines from the 17th to the 20th century.

• Florilegium – Art installation
Oratory in San Tiburzio – Borgo Palmia, 6 A – hours 15 – 21
An immersive cascade of flowers by English artist Rebecca Louise Law.

Special openings

• Oratory Church of Sant’Alessandro – Artetipi installation
Piazzale Antonio Barezzi, 1 – Hours 15.00 – 20.30.

• Palazzo Ferrari Pelati – Artètipi installation
Via Conservatorio, 2 – Hours 15 – 20:30

• Convent of Sant’Uldarico
Borgo Felino 6 – Hours 15:00 – 21:00

• Palazzo Boselli – musical accompaniment
Strada XXII Luglio 31A – hours 15 – 21

• Church of San Marcellino – Shipwreck installation with spectators
Str. Collegio dei Nobili – hours 15 – 20

• Piazzale Francesco Borri – Parma Lindy Hoppers Dance
Hours 18 – 19:30

• Quadrilegio spaces
Hours 15 – 21
Contemporary art review born by: Simona Manfredi, Giulio Belletti, Maura Ferrari and Marina Burani.
Exhibitions, events, presentations, performances with the aim of discovering unknown corners of the city in
palaces and private gardens.

• Giovanna Scapinelli Studio, Borgo Felino 31

• Galleria Alphacentauri at Marina Burani, Borgo Felino, 46

• Spazio Manfredi by Simona Manfredi, Borgo Riccio da Parma, 19

• Maura Ferrari Interior Design, Borgo Giacomo Tommasini, 37

Bll by Giulio Belletti, Borgo Claudio Merulo, 1

Symphoniacs concert
In the heart of the city – Opening hours 21.30 – 22.30
The artists:
• Johannes Fleischmann (violin), Vienna
• Konstantin Manaev (cello), Moscow
• Colin Stokes (cello), New York
• Oscar Micaelsson (piano), Copenhagen
• Christian Kim (violin), Seoul
• Tom Suha (violin), Budapest
• Andy Leomar (synth and live electronics), Berlin
The international electro-classical group SYMPHONIACS refuses to be classified. With its futuristic mix
brings together two genres that may seem like an unlikely pair at first glance, but with the help of sound
visionary for the project, a centuries-old tradition awakens and harmonizes hot dance melodies.

Video art a geometric glow by Javier Riera
In the heart of the city – Opening hours 22.30 – 23.30
Born in Avilés, Spain, he studied art in Salamanca. His work has been exhibited in many of the most important contemporary museums in Spain: the Reina Sofia National Art Center Museum, the Niemeyer Center, the Musac of León and the Galego Art Center in Santiago de Compostela. Javier Riera’s work is based on geometric light projections that are projected directly on the vegetation and landscape. The relationship between geometry and nature in this work acquires a meditative character, which invokes a coexistence between the public and the suggestive power in the modification of the landscape it witnesses. Riera understands geometry as a natural language that precedes matter, which can establish a kind of subtle and revealing resonance with it.

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