Kim Kardashian: Did Kanye West Really Teach Her Everything About Fashion?

It all started during the interview given by Julia Fox – integrate her name now because we will still hear about him for a long time – to the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. The American actress and new companion to the elusive Kanye West spoke about a Jean Paul Gaultier dress she wore. For context, this same dress had already been worn by Kim Kardashian, Kanye West’s ex-wife, for another previous event. Which sets the fire to dust and starts the useless comparisons between the two women. Asked about it, the brunette replies: “We wear similar looks. I knew Kim had used it before. I think the conversation should be more like, “Wow, it’s amazing how much Kim has been influenced by Kanye.” I also had my history in fashion, I didn’t come out of nowhere. “If we absolutely have no doubts about the fashion past, everything very anonymous, by Julia Fox, is the affirmation of the rapper’s influence on the reality TV star’s wardrobe that challenges us. Because it’s not the first time we’ve heard this. Is it true that Kim Kardashian’s status as a fashion icon is only due to her marriage to Kanye West? Should we read an ounce of sexism? Fashion Columbus is on the move.

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Was Kim Kardashian Tacky Before Kanye West?

To find an answer, we have to go back several years, to the mid-2000s. Kim Kardashian was then Paris Hilton’s assistant and dreamed of fame and glory like her idols. A few years later, she will begin her historical rise thanks to the reality show “The Incredible Kardashian Family”, but mainly thanks to her sextape. At the time, Kim’s style of dress was the opposite of what we know of her today. Kris Jenner’s daughter seems to be closer to shopping mall clothing departments than Parisian haute couture workshops. Unflattering lamé dress, white shorts with thick pockets more or less 2000s combo jacket + black pearl necklace… we’re far from the Mugler dress pulled from the archives just for the it-girl’s pretty eyes. In short, Kim Kardashian around 2008 is not known for her good fashion taste, but rather for her escapades and her various appearances on entertainment shows (see the American version of “Dancing with the Stars”). But the fame starts to grow. The family show starts to run more and more and Kim Kardashian’s name is exported internationally, mainly because of her 72-day express marriage to Kris Humphries. The style is refined. The youngest of the clan is glamorized and starts showing off her famous curves. Kim Kardashian acts like a diamond in the rough in the making.

Kanye West’s impact is undeniable

The end of 2012 appears, in fact, as a turning point in Kim Kardashian’s career. The young woman meets Kanye West and they quickly formalize their relationship. Red alert in all popular media on the planet: The most famous rapper is in a relationship with the reality TV star who is buzzing. Together they have what it takes to dominate the world. “From the beginning of the relationship, he starts to influence her. But I would even say that they influence each other, it’s not just in one direction. She quickly becomes his muse. », explains Pauline Delassus, author of the book «La nuit de Kim Kardashian» (Ed. Grasset). Your first field of conquest? The fashion. Overnight, Kim Kardashian will experience a very visible makeover. Much sharper pieces, structural silhouettes, designer bags… Kim Kardashian even experienced her style peak during her first pregnancy. The world is surprised to see such modern and feminine maternity looks. Robert Kardashian’s daughter is reinventing something and it shows. Her breakthrough in fashion came when she -finally- managed to sneak into the MET Gala in 2013 (at +1) in a Givenchy gown by Riccardo Tisci. A terrible memory, according to him, which, however, gives him the status of a fashion icon. Less than a year later, it is on the cover of the American edition of Vogue that we find Kim Kardashian (on her husband’s arm), much to the displeasure of her detractors who see in her only the personification of trash culture. Kanye West, he rubs his hands in this consecration. In fact, behind the scenes, this fashion enthusiast and trendsetter orchestrates his wife’s fashion redemption by opening the doors of every fashion house to her. He introduces her to the greatest artistic directors and reshapes her image to make her hype and even avant-garde. He keeps an eye on the grain and doesn’t hesitate to take an emergency plane to Paris Fashion Week to find his sweetheart, when he sees her disastrous. “Kim’s makeover was proposed by the Kardashians themselves, recalls Pauline Delassus. During one episode (of the reality show “The Incredible Kardashian Family”, editor’s note) she brings Kanye to her house. He separates her clothes and brings out new ones. »

A guest on the talk show “Live with Kelly and Michael” a few years ago, the influencer confided, without secret, that the rapper made her looks: “He creates my looks”, she explained. “I wore a Balmain suit [le matin de l’interview, ndlr] and he said to me, “No, no, no, I think you can simplify a little today” and completely changed my outfit before I left. And he was right, I didn’t think he would be sitting and it was a little too low-cut. I really trust him. But don’t think that Kim Kardashian is Kanye West’s puppet. Pauline Delassus refutes the idea that the rapper would be the only thinking head of this association: “We often present Kanye West as the one who taught him everything. It’s more complicated than that. It’s even a little sexist. She’s not stupid at all. She also teaches him many things, especially about business and media. “The writer points out the couple’s common desire to become a reference: “They know that it is necessary to evolve fast because fashion changes. »

An enduring fashion empire

The one who so hoped to be famous is now a trendsetter, making and breaking trends. There’s no longer any doubt for her to be ten feet behind and model her style on someone else (besides Naomi Campbell, but that’s another heated debate). As of 2014, she is a part of every social event that matters. Fashion houses are scrambling to wear it. Her preference goes to her faithful friend Olivier Rousteing for Balmain, but also for Balenciaga, a real obsession for Kanye West. She even becomes his muse. A meteoric rise that runs until her coronation in December 2021, where she receives the People’s Choice Award for Fashion Icon of the Year. While she and Kanye West are newly split, she doesn’t forget to thank him for the incredible impact he’s had on her career: “To Kanye for introducing me to the fashion world. I’ve fallen in love with fashion and I’m inspired by so many people, but again it’s like a dream to be able to wake up and wear these amazing clothes, try new things and take risks. I am so humble”. Kim, she says herself. Her evolution in fashion, she owes a great deal to Kanye West. Put on the rails of success by her ex-husband, Kim Kardashian can then establish her power. Forget the little DASH clothing store she ran with her sisters. Today, she heads a $1.6 billion underwear and ready-to-wear brand called Skims. But will she still be courted by post-Kanye fashion? Without a doubt, according to the writer of “Kim Kardashian’s Night”: “Today, she doesn’t need him to be in the front row of the shows anymore. Seamstresses may not find it much fancier than before. But she’s gained so much money and power… It’s a world of money after all. “A beautiful revenge for a simple assistant.

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