Legislative: 8 constituencies. Michel Vialay, candidate for reelection: “Mr. Macron is calamitous! »

Michel Vialay (LR), the outgoing deputy, intends to continue his fight against plastic. (© Renaud Vilafranca)

Michel Vialay, 62, a former LR deputy from the 8th constituency, is running for a second term. Committed against plastics and quarries at Vexin, a critic of the president’s action, he remains evasive about the failure of his people in the Mantes mayor.

Act: Why did you choose to represent yourself?

Michel Vialay: Because the mandate I fulfilled didn’t allow me to go through everything I wanted to change. And because I think there are very particular issues that must be defended in Mantois.

What are these topics?

MV: Careers are absolutely not over. Calcia indicated in a letter to the mayor that he would not explore a quarry in Brueil-en-Vexin. However, authorization for Zone 109 concerns Brueil, Sailly, Guitrancourt, Fontenay-Saint-Père. Not a word about these three communes. Zone 109 – this operating permit which extends over more than 550 hectares – is valid until 2029. Nothing prevents Calcia from reopening the file or transmitting it to third parties. It seems important to me that the ministers revoke this authorisation.

Other themes?

MV: Magnanville Prison. The presented project is not the object of serious studies. There was no consultation. This is not acceptable as it is. Above all, it must not be built where it was planned.

Do you have any ideas for setting up this prison somewhere else?

MV: The studies must be carried out on land belonging to Calcia, along the RD113. Just behind, there are between 18 and 20 hectares. I already proposed it a few months ago to the State services. They haven’t responded yet.

“One of the main references of the LR group in ecology”

Reasons for satisfaction in the past term?

MV: Small matters of satisfaction, as a better consideration of my personal fight against plastic: the ban on the distribution of plastic bottles in schools. The walk is far from what I asked for. I campaigned and will continue for the return of the glass bottle deposit. The link between plastic food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical packaging and certain serious pathologies has been established. I was therefore disappointed by the Act “Act through the circular economy (Agec)” law, which is in favor of recycling rather than reducing plastic. This is a major mistake. I was one of the main references of the LR group in ecology. I intend to continue this fight.

Subjects that were not successful?

MV: I proposed a law to create an eco-tax on building materials, which would make landfill free for contractors, in order to curb the phenomenon of illegal dumping. The bills, either the government seizes them, or they can be presented in parliamentary niches reserved for the opposition. We were not successful. This year we had two days of parliamentary recess, between 9 am and midnight, it’s not much. The government could have taken advantage, it didn’t. When the Agec law came, I tried to integrate it in the form of an amendment. It was rejected.

Has the lobby weighed unfavorably in your fight against plastic?

MV: I can assure you! Two days after my bill for the progressive abolition of plastic bottles in favor of glass was posted on the internet, the Republican group was called to find out who this Vialay was who defended surprising positions for the party. I met lobbyists, representatives of miners, tried to convince me, in vain.

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In 2017, you were the only LR deputy to be elected in Yvelines. The local context is unfavorable for people close to Pierre Bédier like you. We saw this with the partial municipal election of Mantes-la-Jolie. Is this a fact that you take into account for the legislature?

MV: It is a national election to represent the territory. We are there to participate in the legislative work, to control government action. If I was elected it is in relation to the man I am, to what I have done.

How do you intend to convince the left electorate, who came out on top in Mantois in the presidential election?

MV: In this campaign, La France insoumise makes a series of proposals that do not seem very sensible to me.

Which are?

MV: Maintain retirement at age 60. We cannot think that all the years of life we ​​gain will be credited to our children.

What age would you argue for retirement?

MV: I don’t have a binary view of things. It’s not just stereotypical situations.

Is your position similar to that defended by Emmanuel Macron?

MV: No way ! You can’t just change the cursor. During the previous five-year tenure on pensions, the government made no provision to facilitate job mobility. There are painful jobs you don’t want to do your whole life. We’re still on the old model: we think that when you join a company, you spend your entire career there. There is no support to better value the acquired experience, establish professional bridges and changes in the sector of activity. All this must be defended in the pension reform project.

“Mr Macron spent more than Mr Hollande”

It seems critical of the action of the re-elected president…

MV: The history of Mr. Macron is calamitous in many areas. He degraded France’s finances. Excluding covid, Mr. Macron spent more than Mr. Hollande. The debt soared. These are the taxes of tomorrow that we pass on to our children. Macron made many promises, but he did not keep them. In the field of health, for example, he closed many beds. I will campaign for them to be reopened and caregivers hired. The negative assessment of Mr. Macron is broad: we can also talk about the environment, purchasing power, security.

Safety ?

MV: There is no specific mechanism regarding “S files” to prevent our country from terrorist acts. One in two people sentenced to prison is not arrested because there is no space. My political movement introduced a law, unanimously approved, which provided, among other things, for the installation of “serious danger telephones” and “anti-reconciliation bracelets”. Several months later, the credits weren’t released enough to have them for everyone. With the previous government, many things remained in the state of communication.

Given the polls and the latest election deadlines, his party, Les Républicains, would get very few seats. Once elected, with whom to ally to weigh politically?

MV: In 2017, polls gave 30 Republican congressmen. Upon arrival, there were 100 of us. There is the research and the reality of the ideas presented. I remember that Mr. Macron had a special election. There was no debate on the balance sheet. In the second round, he was elected not for joining his program, but for rejecting another.

Who did you vote for in the second round of the presidential elections?

MV: I never cast my vote. I didn’t give instructions, but I said I would block the National Front.

In the event of a defeat for the Republicans, could you join forces with the National Rally deputies?

MV: As far as I’m concerned, that would be impossible. My whole life has been a struggle against those who exclude, who fracture. Mr. Macron fractured in another way, socially.

A lesson to be learned from the partial municipal elections in Mantes-la-Jolie, at the end of which the list on which you appeared was defeated in the first round?

MV: It was a municipal election. I am a candidate for legislative elections.

We hear, we also see on social media that local people want to “free” you, because of your connection with Pierre Bédier…

MV: I do politics to promote ideas, defend projects. Don’t go and look at what the other can say. Also, I don’t know who is writing this anonymously on social media. There are those who talk about people and those who talk about ideas. I prefer those who talk about ideas and defend them.

So your main opponent in this election is the presidential majority?

MV: Mr. Macron was elected president, he is legitimate. According to polls, two-thirds of French people don’t want him to have a majority, that means something. I don’t want another five-year term with the same result. It takes the strongest possible opposition to fight Macron, the extremist positions of La France insoumise and the National Rally. These oppositions must be constructive. My political group voted in favor of a series of proposals from the presidential majority, because, although the road was far from being covered, things were moving in the right direction.

Prime Minister Melenchon? : ” A disaster ! “

So Jean-Luc Mélenchon as Prime Minister is not your thing?

MV: That would be a disaster! He is a great communicator in his style. With it, the magic money is back in Santa’s bag. It’s just not possible.

And the appointment of Elisabeth Borne?

MV: I don’t have enough hindsight to give my opinion on your work as prime minister. In her personality, Mrs. Borne is not fundamentally unpleasant. There are more contemptuous, pedantic ministers like Véran, who was absolutely unbearable.

What are the issues that the inhabitants of the constituency asked you to bring to the National Assembly?

MV: It’s quite different… There were topics about taxes at the time of the Yellow Vests. I was asked to intervene for purchasing power or health at the time of the health crisis. When I started talking about endocrine disruptors and plastic bottles, some lawmakers from all political parties considered me a Martian. In the end, I see that I raised something that concerns the population much more than some elected officials could have thought.

If you fail next June, you will no longer have a term. What would you do in this case?

MV: I show up and hope to win. Then there will be a second legislature.

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