Mother’s Day 2022 gift ideas: finding the pearl becomes child’s play

Wanting to please your mom for Mother’s Day is very commendable and it can get tricky over the years to find an interesting gift. This is what Amazon has to offer you to please it.

Mother’s Day 2022 on Amazon

First, when is Mother’s Day? Every year we hear this question many times because the day changes every time. In reality it is because it falls on the last Sunday of May, except when that day coincides with Pentecost. Mother’s Day will therefore be postponed to the first Sunday in June.

Take advantage of Amazon offers for Mother’s Day 2022

For 2022, Mother’s Day will be May 29. So you still have some time to find the perfect gift. On the other hand, you may have skimmed all your ideas and have a bit of a hard time finding the pearl.

Don’t worry, as you can imagine, Amazon has quite a few products in stock that may suit your needs. But it is true that the site of the American giant tends not to be very clear, and we are a bit bombarded with offers, which slows down the decision.

That’s why we at JVTech have been puzzling a bit and putting together some suitable Mother’s Day gifts that you may not have thought of. We hope this meets your expectations.

The best gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2022 on Amazon

So here’s a little collection of clever gift ideas to please your mom on this special day. Of course, we encourage you to check out these offers and see if you find other products that are right for you.

lego flower bouquet

Giving your mom flowers for Mother’s Day is a bit of a classic. She always likes her and brings color into the house. But the problem with this type of gift is that it doesn’t last very long and should be taken care of regularly.

You may not be aware of it, but LEGO offers a nice slew of DIY flower bouquets. The best known is this collection of various flowers to assemble. There are 15 stems with roses, snapdragons, poppies, asters, daisies and some greenery. The LEGO format gives an original look to the decoration and is sure to surprise.

For € 45 instead of € 49 on Amazon, you’ll get 756 pieces to assemble with your mom over a long afternoon.

Buy Lego Creator Flower Bouquet for 45 € instead of 50 € on Amazon

Lego Bonsai

Mother's Day 2022 gift ideas: finding the pearl becomes child's play

Let’s continue the vegetation theme with this LEGO bonsai. This type of set is ideal for bringing some relaxation to your environment while offering a timeless LEGO assembly activity. You can choose between forming a tree with classic green leaves or displaying beautiful pink flowers.

You do not notice it like that, but the set consists of 878 pieces, the bonsai is in a pot, in turn raised from a platform. This model is a bestseller on Amazon and should delight anyone who receives this beautiful gift. They are 42 € instead of 49 €.

Buy Lego Creator Bonsai for 42 € instead of 50 € on Amazon

Lego Phalaenopsis

Mother's Day 2022 gift ideas: finding the pearl becomes child's play

This LEGO plant looks a lot like the type of ornament you give for an occasion like Mother’s Day. This is a reproduction of a beautiful phalaenopsis that will pleasantly decorate a house or a beautiful apartment.

Made up of 588 parts, this plant is truly classy, ​​and even the pot is to build yourself. The flowers are very detailed and the top of the set reaches up to 40cm. For just $ 37 on Amazon, you can have fun building it with your mom.

Buy YBLOC Phalaenopsis Flower Bouquet for 37 € on Amazon

It takes two on PS4

Mother's Day 2022 gift ideas: finding the pearl becomes child's play

Let’s move on to the game now, with the fantastic It Takes Two. It is a platform and action game that is played in collaboration. Precisely in a family story, the two players embody the parents of a little girl, who is about to divorce.

Being both parents, their daughter asks for a magical book to reconcile them. They transform into dolls and immerse themselves in their daughter’s imagination, where they will have to pass tests. We play split screen and we have to help each other to pass each level. It is original, creative, playful but also fun. You will have a lot of fun enjoying this game for two.

It Takes Two is critically acclaimed with 18/20 on JV and numerous awards at The Game Awards, including the 2021 Game of the Year trophy. It is available for € 29 on Amazon in its PS4 version. It is not necessary to purchase the game twice to play it with someone remotely with the Friend Pass.

Buy It Takes Two for PS4 / 5 for € 29 instead of € 40 on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Mother's Day 2022 gift ideas: finding the pearl becomes child's play

For Mother’s Day, a small, connected gift with a bit of style can hit the mark. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 has a very similar design to a classic watch and therefore remains quite versatile. As you might expect, it incorporates some health and activity and sleep tracking functions.

The rose gold color is absolutely beautiful, and we find the Galaxy Watch 4 reduced on Amazon to € 248 instead of € 269, in its 40 mm version.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 40mm Rose Gold for € 248 instead of € 269 on Amazon

Yoda baby t-shirt

Mother's Day 2022 gift ideas: finding the pearl becomes child's play

If your mom has a bit of a geek soul or is simply nostalgic for the days of the first Star Wars, why not give her a t-shirt featuring the legendary sci-fi saga.

This t-shirt proudly features our friend Baby Yoda, for an all black design and character on the front, with the Star Wars logo just above. For less than € 15, it’s a simple but effective gift.

Buy Baby Yoda printed T-shirt for 14 € at Undiz

Love Box in color and photos

Mother's Day 2022 gift ideas: finding the pearl becomes child's play

If you are looking for a slightly original way to express your love for your family or simply to communicate in a slightly different way than usual, here is the Love Box. It allows you to send text messages, but also drawings, gifs, stickers and photos with annotations.

When the box receives a message, the little heart starts spinning frantically. Just open the wooden lid to see the contents. The box uses an application to manage everything. It is 119 € instead of 129 € on Amazon.

Buy Connected Color & Photo Lovebox for € 119 on Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite 8 Go

Mother's Day 2022 gift ideas: finding the pearl becomes child's play

The Kindle series is a must for Amazon made e-readers. The Paperwhite version beats the other cheaper options with a much higher resolution so you don’t see pixels when reading, dust and water resistance, and a sleek design.

This version is ad-free and costs $ 149 for 8GB of storage.

Buy Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB) 6.8 inches for 149 € on Amazon

Choice of 4K Blu-ray

Mother's Day 2022 gift ideas: finding the pearl becomes child's play

we do a little less originality for this idea, but it is the more practical option to be sure to please. If you know your mom’s tastes well, the right Blu-ray and it’s a successful gift.

Many recently released movies are already available such as Spider Man: No Way Home, Dune, The Batman or the latest Matrix.

Purchase 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray from a selection on Amazon

MSI MPG B550 motherboard

Mother's Day 2022 gift ideas: finding the pearl becomes child's play

You didn’t see it coming. And yes, we handle the humor brilliantly at JVTech. I’m not sure a motherboard will make your mother that happy, but you never know. And if you are looking for one for yourself, this model could be an interesting option.

Buy the MSI PG B550 Gaming Plus motherboard for 128 € on Amazon

Take advantage of Amazon offers for Mother’s Day 2022

When is Mother’s Day in 2022?

Like every year, Mother’s Day is celebrated in France on the last Sunday of May. And this year is no exception to the rule! Mother’s Day will take place this time on Sunday 29 May 2022, so get ready to celebrate the day dedicated to her with her.

What gift for a gamer mom for Mother’s Day?

To make sure you hit the mark, try to find the gift that best fits your mother’s interests. It can be a connected item, a fun accessory, or even a Pokémon t-shirt … But honestly, we’re convinced that what can make your mom happier would be spending a little more time with you. That’s why at JVtech our choice fell on the cooperative game It Takes Two, which will allow your mother to play a video game with you.

What’s the best Mother’s Day gift?

If flowers are always a pleasure for Mother’s Day, why not risk a little this year and dare to be original with a bouquet of flowers … made of bricks! Of course, we want to talk about the LEGO Flower Bouquet which should definitely have an effect on your mom.

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