Nutrition: a reliable ally for life

What is your history with Herbalife Nutrition?

I discovered the brand thanks to an acquaintance who told me about its very good results and its renewed energy. Your experience made me want reorganize my eating habits, and especially my Breakfast. At the time, I had just welcomed my third child and quickly resumed my position as a senior-year math teacher. I wanted to get in shape and get a good night’s sleep, so this discovery came at just the right time!

How did the brand’s products gradually integrate into your daily life?

Previously, my breakfast wasn’t bad, but it had some imbalances, it was purely carb, low in vitamins and fiber, and gave me very little protein.

Herbalife Nutrition’s is simple, quick to make and more balanced. I definitely adopted it when I noticed that my fitness level was improving day by day! The advantage is that this breakfast is greedy and can be refused in many ways. He also encouraged me to improve my hydration and to be more attentive to my diet for the rest of the day.

Next, Herbalife Nutrition expanded its products into the sports arena. The H24 nutritional range is designed to accompany athletes throughout the day. This news made me want challenge me by returning to sport. I even challenged myself to run a triathlon on my 60th birthday, and it was so much fun! I hadn’t trained much, but these nutritional products gave me the support I needed to push through. I also plan to do a new triathlon on my 65th birthday!

Why did you go from consumer to independent distributor?

As a consumer, I was very interested in the products and was already talking about them with great enthusiasm. However, I would never imagine changing my profession, not even my life! My role as a teacher took up a lot of my time. At the same time, my entourage asked me about my good results with Herbalife Nutrition. Providing support and advice sparked my curiosity about the independent distributor profession.

So I went to an event to get to know the company, and I was seduced by its values ​​and the energy of the teams. The development opportunities and the commission’s plan convinced me to leave National Education. My job no longer offered me challenges or opportunities for advancement, unlike the perspectives I found in this job as an independent distributor. I know I made the right choice: I am fulfilled in my activity, in my life and in my sport.

In your opinion, what are the essential qualities of independent distributors?

We must always be in good shape and therefore reflect the image of the products. Good customer support starts with sharing our own experience. Our results are concrete and inspire confidence in those who want to start. Finally, our programs adapt to everyone and everyone so that they are as effective as possible!

How do you find a balance between your private and professional life?

I was able to work from home for over 20 years before opening my structure. At first, the oldest of my children was 12 years old and the youngest was 3 years old. I have never had difficulty in reconciling this activity with my family life, as working from home has given me great flexibility.. I woke up early and went to train at night: I was able to make myself available during the day for my children.

The first three years of my activity required a lot of investment in my time, as I had to quickly generate an income equivalent to my teacher’s salary. However, my children understood this and became partners in this professional change. They knew that a lifestyle change and a great vacation awaited them. We were also able to treat ourselves to a very pleasant trip to the United States as a family.

For years, I have reconciled my activity, my personal life and a lifestyle that allows me to travel regularly. I even feel that growing up in this environment had a good impact on my children’s adult lives. They are now proactive, enterprising and naturally positive. Qualities that are also found in the Herbalife Nutrition ecosystem.

What are the criteria for becoming an independent distributor?

There is no specific profile, except the desire to advance in a new activity! Our foundation in Herbalife Nutrition products, balanced nutrition and an active lifestyle is essential. Today, I feel great satisfaction in seeing teams grow and other people evolve. Young and old can become independent distributors, full-time, or to obtain additional income or even a pension supplement.

François, a young man who had done STAPS and was endowed with a thirst for independence, realized that when he understood that nutrition helped him to achieve it. Today, he feels much better and, therefore, can convey this well-being. For Jeanine, who is retired, it’s weight loss, a good level of fitness and the rediscovery of social bonds that help her to flourish on a daily basis.

Are meetings between distributors organized?

Yes ! All teams at Herbalife Nutrition have also developed a strong spirit of resilience over the past two years, adapting in-person events (sports meetings or tastings) into Zoom meetings. They were able to resume face-to-face meetings at the end of last year, and that bubble of energy and enthusiasm was beneficial. Finally, today we can better combine regularity of contacts and the transmission of information online, with real meetings and real face-to-face moments.

Seeing us at conventions organized by Herbalife Nutrition or the teams, taking an interest in each other and (re)discovering what is possible with our nutrition takes our motivation to the max!

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