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BUT opening the borders of Portugal for tourist flights from Brazil is already leading a new wave of immigration. Thousands of Brazilians have arrived in the country and hope to stay. Others buy tickets to enter the country as tourists. And there are those who are looking for work before traveling on a regular basis.

More than lack of public safety, political discontent, loss of purchasing power and a shortage of job vacancies in their areas are driving Brazilians to Portugal in this new phase of immigration.

renewal: Over 100,000 Brazilians have arrived in Portugal since the opening to tourism.

As in 2017, when the growth of the Brazilian population in Portugal resumed after six years of stagnation, the profile of new immigrants is diverse. The immigration consulting companies heard by the blog confirmed the rise in Brazilians’ demand for information.

But those interviewed by Portugal Giro have something in common: they have saved up money and planned to change their lives to try to minimize the unexpected, a lesson learned from the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the same time, they acknowledge that getting a job in Portugal can take some time, even with a labor shortage. And they don’t mind working in other areas.

With a ticket purchased in April of this year, biomedical doctor Poliane Pereira claims to have scheduled a flight for next Thursday. Last Friday, the government kept the resumption of tourism in Brazil until the end of October.

This discovery was the light at the end of the tunnel. It really pushed me to go in search of my dreams,” said Pereira.

Biomedical Poliana Pereira

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She says that although her father was a doctor, he could not find a permanent job in the area and ended up working in a shop in a shopping center in Belen.

– Brazil is so complicated, everything is very expensive and the lack of recognition does not help. The pay is bad. Life is not easy, several people graduate and do not get jobs in their area. So, I thought, why not do something else other than in my area, outside of Brazil? he thought.

Pereira claims that he has a child and is ready to work in other areas. He tries to get a job from a distance, but shows that it is difficult. Until stability comes, she says she has plans to keep herself going.

– Without it (planning), it becomes more difficult to leave, because you need to bring a good amount of money, and also be ready to look for work in different areas. I think, first of all, you must have the courage to take this risk. Planning makes us feel more secure,” Pereira said.

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Inflation, political crisis and lack of career opportunities in their field are among the reasons for leaving Brazil mentioned by pharmacist Rafaela Pereira from Maringa (PR). She says she graduated from the State University of Maringa (UEM-PR) and received her PhD in Pharmacy from the State University of São Paulo (UNESP), but regrets that she could not find a job financially compatible with her education.

– I think this is largely due to the current president, who spoke out and expressed part of the retrograde population against change. Brazil has never invested much in education, research and development, but things have gotten a lot worse since this government came into power. And even if he is not re-elected, the damage done will last for many, many years,” Rafaela said.

She explained that she was part of her doctoral dissertation in Ferrara, Italy, which opened up new possibilities for life. And he explained the difference in relation to Brazil:

— I came back thinking that I would get a suitable job, but I was wrong, I usually get a job where I get a pharmacist’s salary, and this is not much. State universities almost never open vacancies, only temporary ones, which I worked at UEM-PR for the last two years, the contract ended just before the start of the pandemic, and I had to work in pharmacies, which I don’t do. how. Private individuals pay poorly and employ a minimal number of teachers, and those with a lower degree are generally favored. During my master’s and doctoral studies, I developed and characterized new pharmaceutical formulations. I’m passionate about it, but it’s not possible in Brazil because the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t do R&D. We are a country that is increasingly becoming a hostage to the technologies of other countries.

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Rafaela said that she is the granddaughter of a Portuguese and will soon apply for citizenship. She claims to have returned to learning French and English, and also speaks Italian. She wants to open doors not only in Portugal, but also in Europe. I am looking for a job in the area as well as an opportunity to get a PhD. It is planned to start work in early 2022.

– Having Portuguese citizenship is a facilitator, but I am not going to wait to leave, to leave, I intend to leave as soon as possible. Since I am single and have no children, the path is a little easier, I depend only on being able to work in order to get a visa. The discovery very much lifted the mood, brought hope, color to life. I haven’t bought a ticket yet because I want to travel with a work visa, not a tourist one. I want to leave immediately and come back here as a tourist,” Rafaela said.

The lack of perspective should also touch the carioca of Yuri Motta, of Portuguese descent, and his wife, educator Dzhanaina Nava. They are in the planning stage.

– Reasons: political uncertainty, uncontrolled rise in fuel prices and lack of prospects for improvement. In anticipation of smaller demands, ticket prices will come down, and if we really go as tourists or with jobs already guaranteed, Motta said.

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Ceará beautician Monica Cristina says she is now raising money for immigration.

“I would like to immigrate in order to have quality of life, security, health and purchasing power,” she says.

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