Parties, concerts, air shows, competitions … the Montreuillois do everything for the Ascension weekend

In addition to the places and sites usually open or to visit in Montreuillois, a myriad of activities are offered during this long Ascension weekend. There is something for all tastes and budgets. We must not be bored …

A show

Thursday 26, in Berck, the driving marathon will start at 15:30 from the beach. It is an endurance race on the sand along a course littered with mounds and puddles. A real show to which access is free. Before the start, the teams will parade at 2.30pm on rue de l’Impératrice and esplanade Parmentier.

Driving marathon, car rally, farm visit, Color Run, concerts, Bike Festival … There will be something for everyone. -VDN

Saturday 28, in Le Touquet, get ready to look up. From 13:30 to 16:30, from the waterfront, you can admire the air shows of the Red Arrows, the aerobatic team of the Royal Air Force, the Rafale Tactical Display of the French Navy and the Solo Display of the Army of Air and Space. There will also be an aerobatic demonstration by the Belgian Pitts team, a sea rescue exercise with the Belgian Air Force’s Caïman NH 90 SAR helicopter, a T-28 Trojan Navy (a training aircraft used by the United States Navy in the 1950s), a presentation of the Écureuil AS 350 helicopter of the National Gendarmerie and a demonstration of the French Navy’s Dauphin.

Driving marathon, car rally, farm visit, Color Run, concerts, Bike Festival ... There will be something for everyone.
Driving marathon, car rally, farm visit, Color Run, concerts, Bike Festival … There will be something for everyone. -VDN


Thursday 26, at Steps, the Passe-Pierre path is back with its three appointments: a 9 km walk in the Baie de Canche nature reserve (departure 15:00, 5 €), a 10 km path (departure 17:00, from 16 years, 10 € ) and another of 20 km (departure 4.45pm, reserved for the more experienced, € 15). Both of these races take the runners across the bay, crossing the Canche at low tide. Departures from Sainte-Cécile according to the tide, compulsory registration on the city website and information from Jean-Michel Gosselin on 06 70 65 74 27.

wedding favor

You sports cars

To extinguish in the Somme, appointment on Saturday and Sunday at the Marquenterre rally, a 115 km race. They will transport competitors from Quend to Saint-Quentin-en-Tourmont during the timed races. The grouping park will be in Rue while the podium and the closed park will be in Berck, place du 18-Juin.

RALLY Marquenterre


color stroke

Sunday 29, in Maresquel-Ecquemicourt there is a rush of colors. It is a competition during which participants are sprayed with colored powder. Without a time trial, this 5 km walking route between roads and marshes is open to everyone for the simple pleasure of running or walking to become a real rainbow at the end of the route! It is also an opportunity to celebrate and discover the associations of the country. From 10:00 such. : 07 88 69 27 71. Catering on site.

A little nostalgia

Friday 27, in Berck, 80s stars give a concert at Kursaal, avenue du Général-de-Gaulle at 8.30pm Richard Sanderson, Sloane and Phil Barney will perform their greatest hits. Prices: 25/20 €. Casino reservations at 03 21 84 87 58.


A little bit of the countryside

goat farm the planquette

Friday 27, at Fressino, a farmer’s market is offered at the Chèvrerie de la Planquette from 5.30 pm with local farmers, 43 rue de la Lombardie in Fressin. You will also be able to watch the goats being milked and there will be a country meal (€ 15 / adult, € 8 / 6-12 years, € 5 / -6 years). Please note that it is best to book on 03 21 81 98 14.

It’s new !

In Stella-Plage we celebrate the first family celebration from Thursday to Sunday. During these four days various free activities are organized, such as pedal karting on the seafront Place Jean-Sapin, there will be a craft market from 10:00 to 18:30 from Thursday to Sunday inclusive. For children, inflatable structure Thursday and Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00. The Cucq Billiards Club will give demonstrations on Friday from 2pm to 6.30pm On Saturday, from 2pm to 6pm, a fire eater will wander around. The day will end with a concert at 6:30 pm.

Hesdin bike

Sunday 29, at Hesdin, this is the first edition of the bike festival. From 8:00 am activities are organized with a flea market for bicycles, the presentation of the repair workshop of the Lien Plus association and an initiation workshop for children of 3-7 years. You can also come with your bike to take part in one of the 25 to 60km rides, the 32km mountain bike course or the family mountain bike course under the supervision of an educator (departure at 10am). Departure from the MJC, boulevard Militaire, behind the Salle du Manège. Admission offered. Organize your supplies. Snack upon arrival. Reservations on or on site on the day of the event.

VELO illustration

Nice sound

Saturday 28, at Berk, Place de l’Entonnoir will host a stop on the Big Tour and its innovation and employment village from 5pm (provide CV), followed at 8pm by a big free concert featuring LEJ, Skip the Use and singers from The Voice.

skip use

Finally, the Musica Nigella festival continues throughout the weekend. Several concerts are scheduled between Thursday and Sunday, in Hesdin, Étaples, Montreuil or Condette. On the program, baroque, lyrical … there is something for all tastes. High quality appointments. Information on 06 03 74 36 70 and reservations on the Internet at

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