Portugal sees new wave of immigration from Brazil after border reopening

  • Juliana Vallone
  • From Lisbon to BBC News Brazil

Credit, Peter Nunez/Reuters

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Organizations helping immigrants in the country report an intensification of the arrival of Brazilians.

The reopening of the borders between Portugal and Brazil in September, after a year and a half of restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, stimulated a new wave of immigration to the European country.

Organizations that help immigrants in Portuguese territory are reporting more arrivals of Brazilians and are looking for information about the migration process. They also say the number of Brazilians seeking help to return to their homeland has declined.

The reasons given by Brazilian newcomers to Portugal in an interview with BBC News Brasil include the escalation of the crisis in Brazil, the desire to improve the quality of life and familiarity with the language.

In addition, the country has national legislation that is favorable for immigration. Unlike most other European countries, Portugal makes it relatively easy to legalize those who arrive as tourists (i.e. without a visa) but decide to live and work on its territory.

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