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After remaining remarkably quiet for virtually all of 2021, it took only four days of the New Year for The 1975 to announce their return. As always with Healy and co, there are endless cryptic messages, leaked information and lofty ambitions being thrown as we try to figure out what to expect from the four wonderfully imaginative pieces from their fifth album.

With live shows scheduled for August, Mom’s suggestions, and an album described as “so good” in the works, ’22 looks set to be a big hit by ’75. In the meantime, here’s everything we know so far about the fifth studio album from 1975. See you on the beach?

Another classic …

At the end of 2020, there was little or no word about the band’s follow-up to their fourth album, “Notes On A Conditional Form”. Like us, they’ve probably been basking in a beautiful post-lockdown glow all summer, and we can’t blame them. When they canceled some 2021 tour dates at the very beginning of the following year, the band made up for the inevitable tears of fans with some good news. “We are currently making a new album,” they confirmed for the first time, with Matty adding in his own post, “I already love the new album we’re doing and hope you will too. It won’t last for years. Other stuff. they will be anyway.

Then, last August, in typical Healy fashion, the frontman reiterated – with his tongue firmly on his cheek – that the band was currently “doing another ‘classic record'” while sharing a photo of his flexed bicep. There is little else to say …

“Part 5, day 1”

On January 4th of this year, with Christmas leftovers still swirling in our bellies, Matty Healy greeted the New Year by posting a video of himself in the studio with The 1975, lightly strumming an acoustic guitar. “Part 5, day 1,” he read the caption, presumably letting fans know that the band was in the studio for day one and that work on album five had begun in earnest. Call us Sherlock.

New York, New York …

The only new music we’ve heard from the band in the era following “Notes” has come in the form of “New York,” a song that Healy debuted when she supported Phoebe Bridgers at a Los Angeles show last October. The sombre acoustic track has not yet been confirmed on the new album, but it’s a suitably melodramatic taste of what Matty has been working on in recent years.

We are not crying, you are crying

While “New York” might be our only crumb of new ’75 music at the moment, that doesn’t mean the guys haven’t given us some hint of what’s to come.

Uploading a photo on “gram” last October with the caption “Please”, Matty shared a picture of what people speculated to be the lyrics of a new 1975 song – “Just a friendly reminder, but we can normalize. that feeling when guys, I’m crying ”- complete with Dirty Hit catalog number DH01242, so it looks (hopefully) legit.

Going in the dark …

For any seasoned fan of 1975, you know the exact bat signal that leads you to go on red alert for the band’s new music. They go in the dark. As with every album campaign since 2016’s second effort “I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Inware Of It”, the fun really begins when the band disappears from social media and deletes all of their accounts.

This time, it happened on Valentine’s Day (aww) and as of this writing, they have yet to come back.

Back on the street

The day after the band went dark on social media, they announced their return live for their first gigs since 2019. As social media accounts haven’t returned after the news that they will be headlining Japan’s Summer Sonic festival at Tokyo and Osaka in August, we assume the blackout is a precursor to something even bigger. No one knows if the new music will arrive before August, but at the very least we can expect to hear a decent chunk of LP5 – whether it’s officially released by then or not – in this couple of shows.

“So beautiful”

Even though Matty joked about the “classic” nature of the record, and we were treated to a live performance of a biting acoustic demo, we still don’t know much about where the fifth album is stylistically going. The only current – and rather vague – hint comes from Dirty Hit boss and band manager Jamie Oborne, who tweeted to fans in February: “I wish I could play the new record on you. It’s so beautiful.”

His next tweet, two months later, confirmed that the new record is the “most real”.

Sure, it’s not like The 1975’s new manager will say their next album is their weakest album, but the signs are good nonetheless …

The word is mom

In recent history, or at least since Twitter has become ubiquitous, pop star moms have become a vital source of accidental leaks about when our favorites will return. Whether it’s Matt Helders’ mom telling the world the Arctic Monkeys were working on what would become “AM” in 2012, or Sky Ferreira’s mom sending fans into a frenzy with news of the “Night Time sequel,” My Time “, we adore the open-mouthed mothers.

Speaking of free women, Matty’s mother Denise Welch has fostered speculation that the band is returning with new music sooner rather than later. Quoting a tweet from actor Rickey Thompson saying, “I NEED 1975 TO COME BACK,” Denise simply replied with four thumbs up, indicating that the aforementioned comeback is indeed underway.

While The 1975 themselves remain untouched on social media, those in their orbit have left little clues as to where the band is and what they’re up to.

Actor Sanjiv Hayre left a big hint in late April when he revealed he was shooting scenes for a production in Sheerness Beach in Kent “for a very popular indie rock band”.

Not content with fooling us, Hayre then gave the game away at the end of the thread, linking his appearance to The 1975 themselves.

Aside from the new album, one project advertised in The 1975 Extended Universe that hasn’t materialized yet is the boys’ band’s long-awaited pre-1975 album, Drive Like I Do.

After promising The 1975 would revive Drive Like I Do and release new music, Matty Healy took to Instagram in February 2021, saying the band was “finishing DLID today”, quickly adding, “It’s not a full album, you guys are crazy ”.

It’s that time of year again. We all know that Healy and co. we have an obsession with June 1st – we even launched a new magazine on that date to announce their return in 2018 – and it looks like this year will bring some surprises as well.

On his Twitter account on May 15, manager Oborne shared a tweet from a fan account counting down to the date, suggesting that we will indeed be given something new to devour in a few days.

Come back here for more updates on The 1975’s new music, and if we run out of clues we’ll just contact Denise and get back to you.

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