Sebastian Toutant | Play with his money, as with his board

Sébastien Toutant, or Seb Toots for lovers of snowboard, is an assiduous at risk in heaven, on his table, in front of millions of spectators. With its feet on the ground, Olympic gold is dedicated to another type of sport, investment. His favorite disciplines of him: real estate and stock exchange.

Posted April 3

Sébastien Toutant’s interest in managing his money is not new. It must be said that he found himself early in his life with sums that have nothing to do with the pocket money that parents pay their teenage children to go to the cinema.

“At 13 I won my first competition as a professional. She gave me $ 10,000. That’s a nice figure, at 13! Already there I realized that I could use it to spoil myself or run over it ”, he tells me on the phone. So he bought himself a dirt bike and a bicycle. The rest of his winnings were given to a contact of his parents at a bank.

While it is now sponsored by big brands like Nike, Oakley, O’Neill and Red Bull, and is winning more medals, it has kept the same philosophy: indulge yourself and grow your money. Thus, at 29, he has already owned eight cars, including two Audi R8s worth around $ 200,000 each and a Porsche Macan. “For me it is an expense. It is a pleasure of life. It is not to put them to sleep. I remember it from my father. ”


Sébastien Toutant at the Beijing Winter Olympics, China

Early in his career, Sébastien Toutant realized it was a good idea to put his money to work while living with his parents and that his financial needs were minimal. Especially since his sport exposes him to the risk of serious injuries that could change the course of his life.

The goal of investing is to never run out of money. And the goal not to miss is to always have the freedom that snowboarding gives me. Travel is an incredible life. I want to make sure that, overnight, if I stop working, my investments allow me to live and maintain the same lifestyle.

Sebastian Toutant

The virtuoso of the board does not hide that he is “passionate about real estate”, where he concentrates 60% of his assets, the rest on the stock exchange. Because there will be more and more humans on Earth and this whole beautiful world needs a roof, he justifies himself. With his brother he bought a first triplex “a long time ago”. Then it was a sixplex with his brother and two sisters.

Together with his brother Olivier and a friend, Olympus started a business that currently lends to three real estate companies.


Sébastien Toutant at the PyeongChang Games in 2018

“We buy the entire land. These real estate companies build the houses, rent them out and pay us back. What’s interesting is that the first stage often allows us to search for our down payment. So you end up with 50% of a project with no money lying around. This “turnkey service”, explains Sébastien Toutant, is easier than acquiring and managing existing buildings and allows you to find yourself more quickly with a large number of doors.

More recently, the big jump expert (great air) start a second business with friends to acquire overseas property. They started with a villa in Tulum, Mexico, which is rented on Airbnb most of the time, but reserved for each owner two weeks a year. The idea is to repeat this model – which combines investment and pleasure – in other parts of the world. “We try to find other destinations where you can do sports, trekking. ”

  • Sébastien Toutant's apartment on rue des Émeraudes in Repentigny is on sale for $ 1.6 million.


    Sébastien Toutant’s apartment on rue des Émeraudes in Repentigny is on sale for $ 1.6 million.

  • The condominium kitchen


    The condominium kitchen

  • Stunning river views


    Stunning river views

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The athlete also has, for nearly eight years, a vast attic more than 2000 feet2 overlooking the river in Repentigny. That’s where she lives. But not for long. For the past few months, the condo has been up for sale at a price of $ 1.6 million. Sébastien has reached the stage of the house and the earth. He is looking forward to building on the land overlooking the San Lorenzo that he bought. The plans are ready.

Sébastien also invests in the stock market, with the help of a financial security advisor he has known for a long time.

The two men contact each other every month, sometimes every two weeks, “to talk about new products, new ways of investing”. Sébastien says he does not hesitate to “challenge” anyone who watches over his assets in light of the returns obtained, because “the goal is to make money”.

The snowboarder also says that over the years he “gives himself permission to try different things”, as he doesn’t need all his money right away. This leeway relieves him of a lot of stress. An example ? At the start of the pandemic, he chose a strategy called “3 for 1”.

Basically, for every $ 1,000 he invests in the stock market, he borrows $ 3,000 and expects his earnings to exceed the interest he has to repay monthly. He agrees that it’s as risky as his most spectacular jumps. But so far, he’s proud of his shot. And on the whole he considers himself quite cautious.

I take more risks on the slopes than with my money.

Sebastian Toutant

Obviously the notion of risk for a young professional snowboarder has nothing to do with that of Sunday skiers!

Over the years Seb Toots has also dared to put money into three restaurants, because it’s a sector he likes. These adventures, however, did not add to his bank account. “It’s boring, because I’ve lost money, but it’s one more experience in my life. It’s the kind of project that, if you’re not there often to give your vision, is doomed to failure. When he has more time, he would like to go back to doing it … while he recovers from a failed landing.

Unsurprisingly, like many young people his age, he doesn’t turn his back on cryptocurrencies. “I haven’t invested in bitcoin yet, but one of my partners has a lot of experience with it and I’d like to make some investments sooner or later. ”

At the dawn of his thirties, Sébastien Toutant can certainly claim to have achieved one of his goals, which was to “secure [son] Coming soon. ”But because he“ likes to create and become better ”, he intends to live from another passion after his snowboarding career, a passion that will allow him to invest and indulge himself.

Sébastien Toutant’s tips for investors of his generation

  • Join forces with trusted people who want to do the same thing as you.
  • Buy a plex and live in it. This allows you to pay off your mortgage more quickly.
  • Read investment books, talk about the topic with experienced people.

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