Six games that are not unanimous, but that we really liked

We can’t say it enough: art, including video games, is subjective! Certainly some titles are unanimous, but, more often than not, the community game is divided. And, sometimes, not nearly!

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So, we’ve all already loved a title that our best friend hated or even that many critics got red balls. At that time we ask ourselves questions, we feel a little strange. It’s normal, it happens to everyone.

However, as we wrote at the beginning of the text, games are a matter of personal preference. So here we go with a little tip: ignore what others say … and play whatever you want! Even if it is Superman on the Nintendo 64.

All this to say that, to give you a clear conscience, we have decided to tell you about six games that divided the community … but that the Pèse sur start team liked them a lot.

Don’t judge us! (Especially since the article’s message itself isn’t bad.)


Cyberpunk 2077

2020 and 2021 were not very happy years for CD Projekt Red. With multiple postponements and broken promises, Cyberpunk 2077 quickly went from the most anticipated game to the one that received the most grunts from the community game.

However, between its release on December 10th and December 30th, I spent just over 105 hours in the game, and that means everything to me. Despite the many bugs I encountered, the frustration with them, the disappointments of broken promises, I devoured it Cyberpunk 2077. Its captivating story, fantastic graphics, and overall vibe more than satisfied my need for a new crush.

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Destiny 2

There is a very special je-ne-sais-quoi in the community of Destiny 2 which makes it one of my favorite games.

When several players explore the planets and come together during a “public event”, there is a kind of feeling of camaraderie that forms during the time of the event. It has nothing to do, for example, with the dungeons of World of Warcraft. We are rarely insulted, even rarer that we are sabotaged.

If you create a good circle of friends online or join an active clan, Destiny 2 then it becomes a super fun game! While very repetitive, there is something satisfying about completing missions throughout the solar system. This is nothing new: a multiplayer game is always best played in good company!


The Sims 4

The franchise Sims it is certainly not unloved, but it divides, especially in its own community. There are many reasons, but the one that continually emerges is its exorbitant price if you plan to purchase the DLCs. And without the DLCs, The Sims 4 it’s a bit boring. Especially since it was released, it lacked several basic features that previous titles had, but the game was obviously fully priced. I hate Sims 4. I adore Sims 4. I hate to worship Sims 4despite its mountain of flaws.

Specifically, a brand new DLC titled Living in the cottage was released in July for $ 51.99. The base game costs $ 39.99. It pisses me off and bothers me. Especially since I risk buying it, because #chalet.

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mobile games bowls

I still have no worse discomfort in admitting it: I’m a bit of a big player of mobile games bowls. I just fell in again Toon Blasta type of match 3 with animals Cartoon. It’s so bad, but it sounds good on Sunday nights by watching TV before bed.

Speaking of mobile games, I’m still very active Pokémon Go. It makes a lot of people laugh, but I took pleasure during the pandemic to motivate me to go for a walk and exercise. Every morning I open the game for about ten minutes and look at my goals. I’m looking for Sudowoodo, if you find any.

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The Last of Us Part II

Don’t worry, I won’t be handing out juicy ones spoiler here. I will rather content myself with saying this: for its screenwriting choices, and also for its structure in general, The Last of Us Part II divide the game planet into two clans. Nothing less. And personally, I understand very well.

The first Last of us is a hugely popular game, populated by characters that the entire internet has become deeply attached to. Except that, for the sequel, Naughty Dog decided to play spoilsport by offering fans a story of bloody revenge extremely hard to digest, and forcing them to progress, often reluctantly, in a narrative framework that no one knew. unveil.

I will be very frank, I found the thirty hours of The Last of Us Part II mentally exhausting and at times I even had trouble continuing the adventure. Having said that, looking back, I have to say that it has become one of my favorite games of all time. The game is beautiful, game he is nervous and, above all, the experience is unique, especially for a video game.

The Last of Us Part II it accompanies you for a long time, makes you think and shows that games don’t always have to be “fun” to be masterpieces.

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Detroit: become human

Despite all its flaws, there is a special place in my heart, mine Heavy rain. And, of course, the same can be said for Detroit: become humanQuantic Dream’s latest epic and sometimes ridiculous adventure.

Yes, the writing is definitely not the strong point of the title and its history mixes commonplaces, anxiety and generalities, all in a beautiful sci-fi envelope that is not always very credible. But, for my part, the system of choice and the many branches of the plot that branch it out Detroit: become human come and save the day. And then, we will tell, a small plot bordering a soap opera novel, is always fun.

In fact, unlike The Last of Us Part IIfor example, it is not bad what I held back from Detroit: become human: it is above all entertainment, which has enchanted me and hooked me on my television. But sometimes that’s all it takes to love a game.

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