The 10 most sordid, macabre and surprising museums in the world

Discover the 10 most sordid, macabre and surprising museums in the world. Did you already know any of them? Tell us in the comment box.

Museum of Death – Los Angeles (United States)

Passionate about macabre things? Then this museum is perfect for you. It has over 5,000 objects, photographs and human remains, including a suicide room and the guillotined head of a serial killer executed in 1922 …

Witches Museum – Zugarramurdi (Spain)

Videos, recreations and interactive displays in an old hospital allow visitors to experience the inquisitorial process suffered by the women of this city, famous for its legends of witchcraft.

Mütter Museum – Philadelphia (United States)

If you visit one of the strangest anatomy collections in the world, you could take home a piece of Einstein’s brain, President Cleveland’s jaw tumor, and many other weird things.

Psychiatric Museum – Missouri (United States)

The Glore Psychiatric Museum is not just a medical museum. Despite having 130 years of history, the most impressive part of the place delves into mental pathologies through the drawings and paintings left by thousands of patients. A true artistic spectacle that is worth visiting.

Condom Museum (Bangkok)

Located in Nonthaburi, on the outskirts of Bangkok, it was born with the intention of breaking the prejudices of the Thai population on the use of condoms. The curious thing here is that Thailand is one of the largest condom exporters in the world.

Doll’s house – Xochimilco (Mexico)

For some, Doll Island is a scary place. For others it has charm. Either way, the island full of dismembered dolls hanging everywhere is a must see for macabre art. Recommendation: go there when the sun goes down, when you hear strange noises.

Enduring Beauty Museum – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Some people still don’t know this, but beauty is subjective. Hence the importance of this museum, where various examples of the evolution of “beauty” over time are kept. Some people will surely be traumatized to find that they are not that beautiful anywhere in the world.

Vampire Museum (France)

Jacques Sirgent is responsible for the existence of this place. Passionate about legendary creatures, he decided to create a museum in Les Lilas, 16 minutes from central Paris, with original 19th century vampire hunting tools, mummified cats and other amazing things.

Plastinarum Museum (Germany)

The artist and scientist Gunther von Hagens, after two decades of research, ‘platinized’ the first corpse and, given the fame gained, he decided to open the museum of human corpses preserved with this technique. Nicknamed “Doctor Death”, von Hagens welcomes visitors and donors to his 1,200-meter collection.

Museum of Mummies – Guanajuato (Mexico)

In 1833, there was a cholera epidemic that killed hundreds of people in the region. Due to the heat and drought of the city, the remains underwent a process of “natural mummification”. The bodies now form the largest collection of natural mummies in the world.

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