“The goal was really to make something elegant”

Invited by Mouloud Achour at Clique, Kameto swept his life and career. And of course he returned to the recent episode of Pixel War.

Invited to Clique by Mouloud Achour, Kameto sat across from his interlocutor to look back on a life and career already busy. The streamer inevitably returned to the recent Pixel War episode that propelled him to the rank of war general. The start of the war, the exceptional enthusiasm surrounding the event, and the thanks of Zinédine Zidane, Kameto has returned extensively to one of the biggest arcs on French Twitch in recent years.

Kameto: «At first I said “That stinks of his mother”»

When starting his broadcast, still not knowing what to do, Kameto comes across a message promoting or/place. A delusion to which he admits he was not immediately hooked: “They send me this little link, this little Reddit thing with pixels. And at first, I’m not going to lie, I said: “It smells like his mother” (laughs). I didn’t understand the concept and all. Then, well, I test it anyway, ’cause I tell myself you gotta give it a go».

Very quickly Kameto was caught in the game. A little too much, quickly gaining a reputation as a destroyer: “At first I was in fashion: “I have a lot of people on live. Destroy this, destroy that! I take it down, make my place, do one little thing for my community, KCorp.” In the beginning what we did was ugly, he confides. It was really bad and I still didn’t understand the essence, the principle of r/place.Fortunately for the French community, it won’t last long.

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The genesis of war

So, after being noticed, Kameto learns to channel all his energy. Something to embellish the KCorp logo: “Over time we began to understand, people explained it to us. (…) So we changed our logo, we put little LOL characters, extra things to give it a little style, so we don’t end up with just an ugly logo.» A more pleasant and respectful presence. But who bothered some:There’s another Spanish streamer, sort of my rival, who sees KCorp and says, “Attack it, take it down!” And then go to world war».

After this affront, things were sealed: Spain wanted war and France would do it. Very quickly, many streamers joined the cause and joined forces on behalf of the country. Enough to force the creators of r/place to revise their expectations upwards: “It created a craze and the next day they added a huge all white square. And there we had a lot of French streamers who came, explains Kameto. There was Inox, Amine, Locklear and we said to ourselves: “Come on, we’re doing something big for France, a flag and we’re going to put a lot of references on it, a lot of artistic things”. Then the war started.»

Aesthetics as a trophy

A war that quickly turned into an almost unsustainable attack-defense. France quickly organized itself around Kameto. The goal? The defense of a superb flag full of references: “War was an advantage, but the point was really to do something stylish. So in the end I was in fashion: “I want us to beat them and in the end we see each other with beautiful things, and that they have nothing”sour Kameto. In the end, that’s what happened. (…) We had spent the whole afternoon, with the help of many people who fought, making the Arc de Triomphe, Thomas Pesquet, Daft Punk x PNL, Nepal… (laughs). An imposing flag, which quickly aroused the envy of other countries.

Spain and the United States thus became allies, as Kameto explains:So there was a US/Spain alliance. They were like 1 million in terms of viewers, we were 500k. They were trying to destroy the French flag, and we were defending it. And it was really a war of attack, defence, attack and defense. And it lasted hours.” But after those few hours of fierce fighting, the end of r/place came to end the fight.

An end guaranteeing victory for France

To avoid excesses, the creators of r/place ended hostilities by surprise. Colored pixels no longer existed, the only color still available was just white. Which quickly erases all the works, surprising even the main stakeholders: “Basically, they didn’t announce an end date, to avoid the final races that destroy everything. And then all of a sudden all the pixels turned whitereminds Kameto. And as we were being attacked by a million people, the flag was torn down. It takes us thirty seconds to say to ourselves, “No folks, it’s over.”»

An element that has apparently escaped our enemies. Convinced of the dishonesty of the French, they celebrated this end as a triumph: “And I watched the replay of the Spaniards, the Americans accusing us of using bots, and they said, “Look, Reddit punished them for using bots, we won, come on.” When in fact it was just the end (laughs).»

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The Victory Artisan Underground Organization

If the French were able to defend themselves for so long, it was also thanks to an effective underground organization. Kameto drew a rather flattering portrait of him. On the front line, you can count on Étoiles: “There were spies, but it was a real war, beware! We had Étoiles, which did a little bit of foreign affairs. So he was going to talk to FC One Piece, FC osu!, on the right, on the left, to get allies.“Not to mention the double agents:”And at the same time, we had a guy who lives in Spain, who translated everything the Spaniards said to us. We had a lot of small departments.»

Ultimately, Zerator acted offensively in order to prevent enemy attacks from remaining effective in the long run: “We also had Zerator, says Kameto. He had a strike team, so he attacked everyone, not just to annoy but to avoid being attacked, so people had to defend their territories before attacking and that cost them pixels.It is also thanks to them that Zidane has been enthroned on the French flag for so long.

Kameto: «Zidane made a thank you video and I was like phew»

A feat that did not escape Zizou’s watchful eye. Like a big icing on a huge cake, ZZ sent Kameto a thank you video. Attention that obviously did not leave the streamer indifferent: “I’m from the ’95 generation and Zidane is an icon, a legend. I don’t know, I don’t know anyone who has said anything bad about Zidane, I’ve never heard anything bad about Zidane. He made us dream when we were young and he is an inspiration to us so it had to be Zizou. It was his nephew who told him, he made a thank you video and I was kind of pissed.” What a story.

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