The story of the shocking footage of agents preying on immigrants in the United States

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The White House called the reports “terrible”; In the picture, a border guard snatches clothes from an immigrant in Texas.

The White House called the scenes “terrible”.

Videos and images of several U.S. border guards on horseback chasing and attacking migrants with an alleged whip near the Rio Grande, in an area bordering the small municipality of Del Rio in the U.S. state of Texas, have sparked controversy in the country.

The scenes took place against the backdrop of a new immigration crisis at the border, which saw up to 12,000 migrants last week, most of them Haitians, detained in a makeshift camp under a bridge linking Del Río to Ciudad Acuña, Mexico.

“To prevent injuries from heat-related illnesses, a shaded area under the Del Rio International Bridge serves as a temporary stopover while migrants wait to be taken into custody by the US Border Patrol,” the agency said last week. statement despite criticism of the precarious situation of migrants.

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