Transform your phone case with these 11 awesome DIY ideas

Store-bought phone cases do a fantastic job of cushioning your delicate phone from dings and drops, but many look bland and generic. Those that look good and ad-stimulating are often quite expensive. So what is a person to do who wants a unique phone case?

Transform your phone case with these 11 cool DIYs. The best part? You can use these ideas to transform as many phone cases as you want, creating multiple options to switch between depending on the mood of the day.

1. Steampunk DIY Phone Case

Do you like the Victorian aesthetic with a gothic touch often found in steampunk designs? Why not turn your bland phone case into a unique looking steampunk design phone case? It’s not the easiest DIY project, but it’s definitely one of the best. The results will be worth every minute you spend creating one.

For supplies, you’ll need copper foil, solder, and a gas torch to connect the necessary parts as described in this easy-to-follow tutorial in Instructables. If you complete this project successfully, you can check out these unique DIY phone charging station ideas to complete your upgraded phone!

2. DIY penguin phone case

If you have a good hand in art and love animals, you will love this great DIY phone case idea. It’s super cute, not forgetting, super easy to make one as you just need white nail polish or paint for the penguin’s body, yellow for the mouth and feet, black for the eyes or whatever color option whets your fancy.


Do you want your penguin to look more realistic and the most unique phone case? Add some penguin wings. For this, flatten some polymer clay in the shape of tiny penguin wings and attach them to the side of the phone case, as shown in the YouTube tutorial above.

3. Mobile phone cases with pressed flowers or leaves

Sometimes, all it takes to turn a boring phone case into an instant ice pick is a few petals of your favorite flower. And if you’re not a flower lover, leaves or even weeds are available right on your lawn. Once set, let them dry for a few hours or days (depending on how much water the plant contains).

Press them and use a resin to harden them on your plain phone case, and voila! You will have a unique planter and everyone will want to know where it came from. Check out this Instructables guide to complete this project.

4. Hot glue phone case

Whether you prefer to choose your phone case design or are looking to fix your already sleek but broken case, this DIY hot glue phone case made on Instructables is perfect for you.

You can choose to make a design of a fancy butterfly, a spooky Halloween spider, a flower, or anything that tickles your fancy at the time of the DIY project, as long as you have the other supplies needed to complete it.

5. DIY Gem Phone Case

Ah! Gems! We love them, but getting a brand new gem phone case means you have to part with a couple of hundred dollars. Fortunately, there’s always a DIY for everything when it comes to tech and the gem phone case is no exception.

The most surprising piece? It’s one of the simpler options on our list, and you’ll only need three supplies; sparkles, glue and the phone case you are trying to transform. Check out the step-by-step guide on Instructables to complete this project.

6. Phone case with rainbow button

Do you like a colorful phone case? You’ll never go wrong with rainbow colors, and this easy-to-follow DIY rainbow phone case idea from Instructables not only makes transformation a breeze; it also guarantees you a guaranteed phone case to protect your phone from any dents. Why? Because these aren’t just rainbow stripes; are rainbow colored buttons. In addition to using old buttons to preserve the environment, you can also check out these DIY ideas using old cables and wires that you can try.

7. DIY Galaxy Phone Case

Nothing screams as unique as the galaxy artwork and if you are looking for unique ways to transform your phone case, you can never go wrong with this art form. The best part about this DIY Galaxy phone case project? It’s not rocket science as you basically only need nail polish or varnish (in different colors), a brush and glitter glue to get the illusion of space on your phone case. Check out the YouTube tutorial above to complete this DIY.

8. Leather phone case

The leather is durable and timeless. The skin is naturally beautiful and luxurious. The skin also appears neutral, which makes it incredibly versatile. So, using the material to transform the phone case is definitely a good idea. One of the best ways to protect your most used device: your phone. See how to get the design done in this easy-to-follow DIY leather phone case from Instructables.

9. DIY Starbucks Phone Case

Can’t go a day without a cup or two of Starbucks coffee? Prove your loyalty and transform your bland-looking case at the same time by trying this simple DIY Starbucks phone case tutorial.

10. Balloon phone case

Need to instantly transform your phone case but don’t have time for DIYs that take more than three steps to complete? You will undoubtedly love the balloon phone case. To make this happen, find a balloon (in your favorite color), blow it until it is big enough to hold your smartphone, put your phone in the center and let the balloon go. It deflates to cover the phone, so only the screen remains exposed, as shown on Instructables.

11. DIY Felt Pokeball Phone Case

Are you a Pokemon Go fan? Do you like running your fingers over felt items? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, this DIY felt Pokeball idea is the perfect way to transform your phone case. It will have you putting your needle felting skills to the test, but once completed, it will be worth it.

In addition to a felting needle, you’ll also need wool, gauze, and warm soapy water to make sure everything stays in place, so you don’t have to start over, and this step-by-step tutorial on Instructables to create one.

Turn your phone case into a unique accessory

If you’re like most of us, your phone is always close at hand. So, it’s only fitting that you turn it into a beautiful accessory by getting yourself a cute phone case. While you can always buy one, making one from scratch allows you to add a personal touch to your everyday accessory, saves you money, and as shown in the 11 DIY case ideas above, fun! Have fun creating one!


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