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1. How / when did the travel bug start?

I could romanticize it and say I know how, where or when it started! I only know that this little animal has attacked my heart and does not let me rest, flowing through my veins without GPS and probably dreams since childhood, now projected into the goals of adults.

The Premises were already there … freedom to be able to run in the middle of nature at the grandparents’ house, the gratitude for appreciating and acknowledging that my parents were the best, even though we have never traveled, the Love for what I had and never focused on what I didn’t have and the enthusiasm and empathy to hear who was already going.

When I started working, I set priorities, taking advantage of opportunities, following intuition and embracing life with Passion.

2. Besides traveling, he loves a lot …

Photography… which favors empathy, in a dance between looks and smiles. I inhale and “breathe” photographs that slowly “release” as if they were parts of me.

Of my job, which allows me to share and empower dozens of people with the greatest weapon … knowledge.

gastronomic trips between family and friends at cheerful tables “washed down” with wine and sharing.

storytelling comes from write.

Love butterflies and the Moon.

3. How many countries have you visited?

We know that the number is not important and nothing tells us about the way we explore the country (which I love to do) and how the journey is experienced internally and externally. But, I can’t help but feel proud of the good number, for what it represents, for the stories it embraces, for the struggles, for the choices, for the determination and conquest, for the resilience that makes me feel “alive. “in this constant priority between reason and emotion but always in the line of the heart.

I have spread my wings in more than 60 countries, most of them well explored, many repeated and absorbed that make me have an emotional track record of incalculable wealth. We are so many of the trips we take.

Traveler of the month: “data-title =” Traveler of the month: – Traveler of the month: “We take care of the trips we do so much” – SAPO Viagens “>

4. The most memorable trips and why?

Everyone who challenged me the most and made me feel great knowing that I am so small … even in my truths.

I travel to enchant myself, to breathe colors and flowers, to smell the calm and to expand the Soul.

Traveling means releasing layers… and, in this top, I mean India, Myanmar, Bolivia, São Tomé… but, in fact, I carry them all in my chest.

In a group, alone, short or long, with or without volunteering… everyone contributes to this unfinished process which is Life and the ability to amaze me.

5. Where do you want to return and why?

Coming back is good and even if I have already repeated many countries, I don’t have the habit of wanting to go back, I need to explore, discover new places, come across a different look and get lost and find myself.

I want to return to São Tomé and Myanmar for the connections created and to be able to embrace the people I miss, but the momentum to discover will always be greater than to repeat.

Those who have the soul of a traveler don’t take it easy!

Traveler of the month: “data-title =” Traveler of the month: – Traveler of the month: “We take care of the trips we do so much” – SAPO Viagens “> Traveler of the month:

6. Next destinations and expectations. Given the current situation (war and COVID-19), how do you think the next trips will be?

The pulse of change and uncertainty grew stronger, and although I didn’t stop traveling, I slowed down and felt that nothing would ever be the same. I have heard many people say that “they were happy and did not know”, I have always known this and I have never left the IR for “tomorrow”, because the moments will not return, time will not stop and these things appear without warning! The secret is being able to seize opportunities in less favorable situations and the world of travel is no exception.

The greatest learning that we can learn and taking into account all the instability, is the “urgency to LIVE”, with care and responsibility, but “to know that the present is a present”.

I travel a lot and I feel in “places” that I have never been and this is a sign that the little planning I do is starting to take on color! So, I’m already on an exciting journey through Jordan (canceled in 2020), the Philippines and Indonesia, Iran, volunteering with the tribes, etc … If for some positive “unexpected” the universe presents me with a other destination, I accept!

7. The most valuable travel advice you can give

I will give several because this is my favorite part of the speeches “Travel … emotional metamorphosis”.

Practice Emotional Minimalism … travel without comparison, without exaggerated expectations, detach more from the networks and focus more on what you receive.

Listen more to the intuition and GO … also for a Camino de Santiago that offers a beautiful inner journey.

Promote greater Sustainability of Being, communities and the planet.

Travel slowly … take your time in places and people … get lost in the looks and smiles … but never get lost! Because we do not find peace by avoiding Life … but by living it intensely!

8. Favorite place in Portugal

Portugal is a fascinating country, full of wonderful places, which I love to explore and visit.

I’ve always been much more focused on rivers, mountains and villages, looking for the misfit, the unfinished and the never photographed. I like people more, from trading sessions, smells of the countryside and seeing stories between love-laden wrinkles.

For roots and authenticity I am the daughter of Douro

fan of Geres that challenges me and makes me lose …

In love with Amarante which softly cheers and reassures me, where I have my project “Officina do Foco”.

Graduated in Occupational Psychology, with specializations in Coaching, NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Photography, Tita Sorte has been a trainer in the areas of behavioral and personal development for over 17 years. She says she teaches, but most of all she learns on a daily basis.

He conceived the “Officina do Foco” project in Amarante, which aims to promote Human Metamorphosis, through travel, retreats, volunteering, therapies, workshops and training.

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