V Rising: All about blood type classes and how to get them

Cunning news V Rising: All about blood type classes and how to get them

In V Rising, draining blood from a victim doesn’t just feed you. You also get powerful buffs that will help you on your adventure. How do blood groups work, how to bring them into nature and above all how to always have them available? Find our detailed advice on blood group classes on this page.


  • How blood works
  • Classes of blood groups
  • Types of blood groups and buffs
    • Creature
    • Delinquent
    • Brute
    • Warrior
    • Worker
    • scholar
  • Prison, the blood farm
    • Capture a prisoner and draw blood
    • Take care of your victims

How blood works

As you probably already know, as a vampire you have to feed yourself by sucking the blood of your victims to refill your blood meter. This gauge is reduced when you take actions like powers, heal yourself, take damage, etc. It also gradually decreases over time. If the gauge reaches zero, you take damage until it succumbs.

So you will need to feed often enough to survive. If you are playing multiplayer, note that you can use the power Expose the vein so that one of your friends takes half of your current blood. This can sometimes be helpful.

Drawing blood is the daily life of a vampire

Classes of blood groups

The other use of blood is that contains the blood type of your latest victim. Each opponent has the predispositions of him and they are represented in the form of the blood group. See it as a class. Not all enemies are equally effective in their class. This is represented by a percentage displayed next to the blood group.

The further you venture into dangerous regions, the greater the chance of encountering powerful blood groups (with a high percentage). This is not an exact science. For example, we found most of ours 100% in Dunley Farmland, the area that unlocks most tier III stuff (iron and cotton).

By taking an opponent’s blood, you recover their blood type and associated buffs. These buffs are gradually unlocked. The more powerful the blood, the more effective the level effects will be, until you reach the next level and so on. There are 5 levels for each type of blood group.

The buffs granted are not to be overlooked. You will quickly choose the one that best suits your play style, Thug for DPS, Brute for survival, Scholar for magic, Worker for agriculture, etc.

You lose your current blood type by dying or drawing blood from another victim (except V Blood of the Bosses).

Find below the different types of blood groups and the buffs unlocked by the levels.

The blood type of this brute allows us to reach level IV of the buffs!

V Rising: All about blood type classes and how to get them

Types of blood groups and buffs

Note that information is subject to change depending on patches.


  • Level I: Increase Movement Speed ​​(3% -15%)
  • Level II: increases resistance to the sun (10-25)
  • Level III: reduces damage taken (10% -20%)
  • Level IV: Increases Health Regeneration (150%)
  • Level V: Improves lower level effects by 30%


  • Level I: Weapon Critical Hit Chance Increased (10% -20%)
  • Level II: Movement Speed ​​increased (8% -15%)
  • Level III: Reduces the cooldown of travel skills (12% -25%) and grants a critical hit with a weapon after using one.
  • Level IV: 50% chance on critical hit to increase victim damage taken by 15% for 4 seconds
  • Level V: Improves lower level effects by 30%


  • Level I: Attacking Drains Life (7.5% -12.5% ​​of damage dealt)
  • Level II: Attack Speed ​​increased (7.5% -15%) and Gear Score by 1
  • Level III: Healing received is increased (20% -35%) and heals you for 4% of the victim’s maximum health with a finishing move.
  • Level IV: Receive healing has a 6% chance to increase speed by 20% and damage by 25%.
  • Level V: Improves lower level effects by 30%


  • Level I: increases physical power (10% -20%)
  • Level II: Reduces the cooldown of weapon skills (8% -15%)
  • Level III: Reduces incoming damage (7.5% -15%) and increases damage by 25% when your health is at max.
  • Level IV: 15% chance to parry enemy attacks, reducing damage by 50%. Parrying an attack increases damage by 25%.
  • Level V: Improves lower level effects by 30%


  • Level I: increase the resources obtained (10% -30%)
  • Level II: Increases damage against resource objects such as trees (15% -25%)
  • Level III: Increases canter speed (10% -20%)
  • Level IV: 3% chance to instantly destroy a vein of resources and gain a large speed boost
  • Level V: Improves lower level effects by 30%


  • Level I: Increase Spell Power (12% -25%)
  • Level II: Reduces the cooldown of spells (8% -15%)
  • Level III: Drain Life with Spells (5% -10%)
  • Level IV: 20% chance that there is no cooldown time for the spell when casting
  • Level V: Improves lower level effects by 30%

This Cleric has a very high blood group

V Rising: All about blood type classes and how to get them

Prison, the blood farm

It is often difficult to find the right blood type with a percentage high enough for you. While you can walk around until you find the right prey, this is too random to be effective in the long run.

V Rising has thought of it and gives you the ability to capture most of the opponents to block them prison. Unlock the latter by defeating the level 40 boss, Vincent the Frostbringer.

To capture your prey, use the Dominant Presence skill which is obtainable in the first few missions of the game during the Minion tutorial. All you have to do is take him to one of the prisons in your castle.

Once done, you will need a bottle to extract blood. This bottle will contain the blood type and its prisoner power who you got it from Drink it to get the effects. You can also archive them to use whenever you want.

Prison cells are a must for having the best blood at will

V Rising: All about blood type classes and how to get them

Take care of your victims

Be careful not to kill your prisoner though.. You have two points to consider, his health and his misery. Whenever you drain a prisoner’s blood, reduce its health from 30% to 60%. More, his misery increases. The percentage shown under misery adds to the health the prisoner loses during a flight of human life. This increases the chances of the prisoner’s life reaching zero. He would die of it.

So you need to take care of your guests if you want to keep them alive. Your mission will be to feed them. Each food has its own bonuses to improve prisoners’ caged life. Mice are a temporary solution. You will have to focus on fishing to meet their needs:

  • Rat: The prisoner recovers 20% -30% of his health
  • goby grass: The prisoner recovers 100% of life
  • Rainbow trout: Reduces the misery of the prisoner (5% -10%)
  • Sage fish: Reduces the misery of the prisoner (15% -30%) and increase your health (30% -70%)

Draining the blood from this prisoner would kill him for sure

V Rising: All about blood type classes and how to get them

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