V Rising: Top 10 Tips for Fast Progress (Castle, Boss, Equipment, Harvest)

Cunning news V Rising: Top 10 Tips for Fast Progress (Castle, Boss, Equipment, Harvest)

In V Rising, take control of a vampire and evolve as a community or alone during your nocturnal adventures to strengthen your powers and take back control of these lands that are yours in blood. Although we will be more exhaustive in the dedicated pages, you will find in this guide our ten best tips to start this survival-rpg published by Stunlock Studios well.


  • 1 – The sun is rising
  • 2 – Get fed
  • 3 – Life and healing bar
  • 4 – Find useful resources
  • 5 – Your heart of the castle
  • 6 – Hunt down the bosses
  • 7 – Gear index
  • 8 – Choose the right weapon
  • 9 – Vampire Skills
  • 10 – Laboratories

1 – The sun is rising

You will often see this message appear at the top of the screen, warning you of the great danger that awaits you. Like any good self-respecting vampire, you won’t shine brightly but it will soon be burned to death if you stay too long under the sun’s rays. You can move in the light for a short time before you feel the effects. And for this, you have the possibility to move during the day. But always stay away from the shadows of different scenery like trees, walls, etc.. Be careful though, the game’s day / night cycle quickly shifts these soothing shadows. Don’t sit still thinking you are safe. Fate may not be in your favor for a long time.

2 – Get fed

Your vampire has a blood gauge that empties when you use skills, take damage, etc. If you drop to zero, you take damage to death. You will then need to suck your prey’s blood to refill your gauge. You can do this on any enemy, except bosses, once they are underneath 30% hit points. While we won’t go into detail here, keep that in mind each prey has a blood group class and a percentage indicating the bonuses given by the latter. Above all, don’t hesitate to get interested. You will very quickly find out which blood type suits your playing style best or what you want to do after taking it.

Note that you can offer half your current blood to another vampire with vampiric power Expose the vein if the urgency of the situation requires it.

V Rising: Top 10 Tips for Fast Progress (Castle, Boss, Equipment, Harvest)

3 – Life and healing bar

Your vampire has two distinct life bars. The maximum and reduced life bar. In fact, when you take damage, some are lethal to a vampire and temporarily reduce the maximum hit points you can heal. This prevents groups from alternating on bosses while everyone else regains their HP before returning to battle. You can recover the reduced maximum health once out of combat.

Also, don’t hesitate to heal yourself as soon as possible with the Blood Cure Vampiric Power. You drain your blood to heal yourself. But that’s better than dying in the next fight.

V Rising: Top 10 Tips for Fast Progress (Castle, Boss, Equipment, Harvest)

4 – Find useful resources

While you can find a lot of resources by killing your enemies, it’s still very random. The named places will help you much more. Open your map and place the cursor on the ones you have already found. The type of resources hiding there is indicated and guarantees an adequate amount. Also, your first goal will surely be to quickly reach level 2 with brass weapons and leather armor. You can find these resources at the Copper Mine of the bandits, in the territories of the bears and in the dens of the wolves or even in the Cemeteries.

V Rising: Top 10 Tips for Fast Progress (Castle, Boss, Equipment, Harvest)

5 – Your heart of the castle

Very quickly the tutorial will ask you to put your first castle heartimportant base of operations if you want to evolve V rising. We strongly advise you not to neglect this part. Find an area with enough space and build the foundation for your first castle. You can place a respawn point and your first workshops there. According to the rules of the server you are on, you will have to provide the Heart with the Essence of Blood, resource collected by killing opponents. Otherwise, it risks deteriorating and eventually disappearing.

However, don’t get too attached. The first region, Bois de Farbane, is home to only low-level resources and is far from it all. You will quickly end up moving to be closer to your higher level farming areas.

V Rising: Top 10 Tips for Fast Progress (Castle, Boss, Equipment, Harvest)

6 – Hunt down the bosses

The main goal of the evolution of V Rising is to hunt down the blood of the many bosses who live there. Once the foundation of the castle is laid, you can build the altar of blood allowing you to start your hunts. Each garment has sang V. Drinking this blood, you will unlock new powers and new professions. It is therefore essential to hunt down the bosses one by one.

Once a leader is kicked out, a trail of blood will appear repeatedly showing you the path to follow. Follow her and defeat the boss to get her rewards.

Note that in the Altar of Blood, you cannot see bosses with more than ten levels of your gear score.

V Rising: Top 10 Tips for Fast Progress (Castle, Boss, Equipment, Harvest)

7 – Gear index

It is the sum of the indices of all the pieces of equipment you are carrying such as the weapon, armor, jewelry, etc. It roughly reflects your level in the game and tells you which enemies are at hand and which ones are too strong for you. By following this clue, you will see your opponents bar in different colors. The redder they are, the tougher the fights will be. Also, if there is a skull and crossbones instead of the monster’s level, it means that the enemy is of a much higher level than yours and you have a good chance of staying there during a fight.

You can increase this score by creating higher level gear.

V Rising: Top 10 Tips for Fast Progress (Castle, Boss, Equipment, Harvest)

8 – Choose the right weapon

There are up to seven types of weapons. You will only have access to three in the beginning, then up to 5 in level 2 (copper and leather). The other two will be accessible from the iron. Each weapon grants different bonuses for performing certain actions. While the weapon to beat will mostly depend on your taste, choosing the right weapon to gather resources does matter. This will allow you to grow faster.

  • The sword and the slicers do more damage to plants.
  • The H. does more damage to the trees.
  • The mass does more damage to minerals.
  • Launch does more damage to creatures (non-human).
  • Mower does more damage to the living dead.

Additionally, you’ll unlock a weapon skill from copper and a second from iron. Each weapon therefore has two forward abilities.

V Rising: Top 10 Tips for Fast Progress (Castle, Boss, Equipment, Harvest)

9 – Vampire Skills

As mentioned above, you will unlock new abilities by defeating the various bosses in the game. There are no less than 40 different abilities spread across 5 trees: Blood, Unholy, Illusion, Chaos and Frost. You can’t have it only four active the same time. A movement, one definitive and two others, attack and / or defense. Although the choice of skills depends entirely on your tastes, however, we recommend that you always maintain a defensive skill, such as Rite Blood, during the first hours of the game. This will allow you to block enemy attacks while you wait for your movement capacity to recharge.

Feel free to use your skills as soon as they are ready. Gaining DPS or mobility during many fights will often tend to shorten them.

V Rising: Top 10 Tips for Fast Progress (Castle, Boss, Equipment, Harvest)

10 – Laboratories

At the end, don’t hesitate to build several refineries in your castle. With the Vanilla rules, the workmanship is long, even for simple tables. You will carry far more raw materials than the maximum refining yield of a single workshop. Multiply sawmills, furnaces, etc. to increase your processing speed and reach your equipment and castle objectives faster. To give an example, our castle soon saw the birth of three sawmills, eight ovens, four millstones, etc.

V Rising: Top 10 Tips for Fast Progress (Castle, Boss, Equipment, Harvest)

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