“We want to shake up the joy of life”: says Little Tony’s daughter

“I gave my last name to a daughter and since then it has been the most important thing.” These are the verses of Non ends here, one of the latest interpretations of Little Tony, artist name of Antonio Ciacci, defined as the Italian Elvis Presley. An artistic heritage there Cristiana Ciacci, 48, has been able to collect and continue in the name of a fantastic Italian musician. Today with Little Tony Family, together with Angelo Petruccetti (Tony’s longtime collaborator), she is ready to bring to life an overwhelming summer with Bom Bom, the new single (written and composed by Davide De Marinis and by Angelo Petruccetti himself, the Starpoint label -Caramella Blues) which has a taste of fifties and sixties rock. All, a few days after Little Tony’s death on May 27th.

What is the purpose of this single?

“The title in Portuguese means ‘well, yes’ and our goal, after two years of pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the terrible news that comes from the news, is to create joy – even with Macaroni English – something that makes them feel good. We want to make people dance on the beach, make them sing in the shower and shout loudly from the car window: for never like today do we need to hope that the Good will take over and give way to the zest for life and carefree “.

Can you tell us about the video that came with Bom Bom?

“The funny and pressing video, made with graphics by Federica Pallagrosi and directed by Stefano Cesaroni, sees Magnificent 3, that is, me, Davide and Angelo, in a series. They are adventures and mishaps on a wonderful Cadillac, between space and a “phantom” beauty salon, where irony and imagination mix, to take us all into orbit – in the song we repeat shaker – freedom “.

Are you going on tour?

“We have several dates to define, which will gradually be added to my instagram page cristianaciacciofficial”.

What does the hottest season mean to you?

“The best season, even though I was born in February. Give me forty degrees and I will feel good, I suffer a lot from the cold and winter. Since then, the summer for me has always been the period of maximum work for Dad with his concerts, where I started participating actively since I was 13 years old. We started from May 1st and until the beginning of October it was a wonderful adventure, a constant movement around Italy and wherever we went the same magic was repeated. My father was able to squeeze thousands of people under the stage and pull them into a whirlwind of energy and dance and applause. For me, summer is synonymous with jobs, but one of the best jobs in the world ”.

What is the fondest memory of your father?

“I have several in my heart, but he left me in his way of showing me his enormous good in the few moments he was there, because he was often away. When he came back he took lots of presents with him and every time he went into the house he said: “where is my little Criss” even though she was now a woman and several mothers. I have always been his little girl and every time he repeated my name his eyes lit up “.

In his book My father Little Tony (Bertoni) he tells about the broken dreams of a little girl who is eager for affection. If he could just go back and see his father again for one day, what would he blame him for?

In the book, I tell my story, the only child of two very busy parents. My mother was a long-haul flight attendant for Alitalia, when they were home three or four times a month. My life has been wonderful in many ways but also a life of loneliness, suffering, caresses of affection, a feeling of abandonment. I did not reject him when he was alive and all I had to tell him I have already told him, I would really repeat that if a couple decides to give birth to a child, then they must be there, be a parent and not delegate to babysitters or grandparents. And most of all, I would still blame him for not understanding my anorexia. For him, a disease that has its roots first in the psyche and then in the physical was somewhat unclear. He always said to me “it’s you who do not want to eat, open your mouth and eat”. I tried to give myself different explanations for why, then I realized that it was a cultural thing, in the good sense of ignorance. When he was formed, anorexia was not known “.

Instead of what grandfather was it?

“At that time I had three children, now I have five. He was a rock grandfather he called himself. A grandfather extremely worried and anxious about what life was like and about the mistakes his grandchildren could make. He always said, ‘I who have lived an intense life, I have traveled the world ten times, I would like to pass on all my experience to prevent them from making mistakes “. By the way, he liked to hang out with them, even if he was a little used to “he was afraid to take them in his arms. We began to establish a relationship from three years onwards.”

Another verse from It does not end here says: It does not end here on this stage where it was exciting for no reason … exchanging music with heart and mind. How autobiographical is this song?

“Very autobiographical. It was written by Danilo Amerio after the experience of my father having a heart attack when he performed on stage in Canada, in 2006. At the hospital he thought his life could not end like this and when he returned to Italy he was fortunate. better, he told everything to Danilo who made a beautiful text out of it.A song that my father celebrated fifty years of career with in Sanremo, 2008. He was elated every time by the words and at the same time he felt that this would be his last contribution.Angelo Petruccetti and I had the honor of sharing that scene with him, because we acted as choristers for him. That festival was beautiful, not only because it was the only time I went up on stage at Ariston, but because I had taken my three with me. children, one of whom was recently born “.

Do you want to return to Sanremo?

“Of course yes. My dad always said that it is a stage that causes performance anxiety. I remember the last time: Pippo Baudo announced the names of the participants on the thirteenth day and my father was among the chosen ones. He did not expect it and started sweating, hanging up the phone “mobilize everyone to try, for the choice of costumes. I would be as worried as he is”.

What is your favorite of all the songs your father brought to success?

The Cavalli Bianchi song was sung in Sanremo in 1974, the year I was born. Instead, Riderà was my father’s favorite. “

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