What is the costal granny style and aesthetic that drives the stars mad?

To be at the forefront of fashion this summer, you’ll have to trust the chic grandmother who lives in you.

In 2012, rapper Macklemore, draped in a gigantic fur coat, sang on the track thrift stores : “’I’ll take your grandpa’s style, I’ll take your grandpa’s style’ (I’ll steal your grandpa’s look, I’ll steal your grandpa’s look, #grandpa). Ten years later, the trend Costal grandmother (also called coastal granny or Grandma da Costa) intends to make us adopt the look of a venerable old lady, rich and white, who, at sunset, likes to drink Chardonnay on the steps of her elegant residence… the end of the world, the trend coastal granny takes us to a universe made of sage beige, marinières, straw hats and seafood.

Luxury, calm and good rosé: what’s the look coastal granny ?

The “Coastal Granny” style (literally “a coastal granny”, for anyone who lives on the coast or at least vacations there) combines the savoir-vivre of Martha Stewart, the elegance of Myril Streep in the film It’s complicated (2009) and Diane Keaton’s sunny good mood.

We can find traces of the Coastal Granny in Jackie Onassis, in the character Grace from the series Grace and Frankie. In the films of Nancy Meyers, where women over sixty laugh over a salad with their friends in cashmere sweaters and light polo shirts (Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Lacoste…) or grow tomatoes in smart sports hats. O coastal granny she is therefore a wealthy woman of a certain age (as they say) who is living her best life. In the wardrobe: thick sandals, fashion (in the morning) and loose white shirt (in the evening). In her house: white chandeliers, organic wool throws and light wood furniture. how does a coastal granny spend the day? She runs a book club, walks along the beach, watches birds, attends wine tastings and charity dinners. Most of all, she gardens with a partially homely energy. Her favorite emojis: 👵, 🌊, ⛵ and 🦞. where we can see the coastal granny in its natural environment? In the United States, we will find them strolling in the small seaside town of Carmel-by-the-Sea in California, on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, on the island of Nantucket, or even in the Hamptons, this peninsula located in the northeast of the island of Long Island. , in the State of New York, where the characters of Gossip Girl will spend the summer. In France, the coastal granny will buy pears, lobster and wine at the market in St-Martin-de-Ré.

One precision, however: you don’t have to be a grandmother to adopt the look. coastal granny. All you have to do is savor Le Labo perfumes and the minimalist aesthetic, jot down poetic quotes in a notebook and open a Minuty rosé from 4pm.

The coastal grandma in the hammocks

It is the American Lex Nicoleta (118,000+ TikTok subscribers) who is the best lifestyle ambassador coastal granny, but also she who coined the term. With her “virtual lookbook”, she shares her lifestyle tips (integrating berries, flowers and sprigs of thyme into her ice cubes to make them look pretty) and mindfully lists the attributes of coastal granny “a house overlooking the coast (…) in a town where gas stations are prettier than any restaurant you’ve ever visited” and “a big bowl full of lemons.” (Lex prefers not to explain why this last attribute is justified, she considers it “flows from the source”.) coastal.

The movement is spreading far beyond TikTok, where #coastalgrandmother has over 50 million views. American actress Anne Hathaway has already adopted the look. On Instagram, she is already delighted: “I hope the summer does not end. »

A very “old money” aesthetic

O coastal granny it opposes an aesthetic in radical contradiction with maximalism, ugly shoes, Y2K fashion or even the (vaguely anti-establishment) craze of Lidl’s Christmas sweaters that have been in fashion for a few years now. the lifestyle coastal is part of the tradition of traditional good taste associated with the upper classes and is based on the classic attributes of a social class impregnated with ” old money (the old money, the one we inherited). Understand: most East Coast money (Maine, Connecticut) that comes from dynasties like those of Kennedy, Mellon or Rockefellers and irrigates Ivy Leagues and Country Clubs. Not the one – despite the change in artistic direction – considered more flashy, vulgar, nouveau riche and “Californian” of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

After Youtube’s #LookingExpensive videos purporting to give “get rich” advice, it’s now about claiming that aesthetic old moneyclean and monochromatic, also known as “quiet luxury.” The #oldmoney vibe frenzy was born naturally on TikTok, where it already has over a billion views.

Several factors would explain this craze that has exploded since the pandemic. First, the nostalgic desire to take refuge in a time and place where life seems easy and safe from global warming and the war in Ukraine: “ it reminds me of a simpler time “, this reminds me of a simpler time, as well as the internet users say with good will. Then there are the growing financial anxieties of those under 30 who, unable to earn more, prefer to take refuge in symbols that evoke prosperity. Failing to live this in real life.

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