Within hours of the winners, the games are still open at the Cannes Film Festival

EO, Decision to leave et To close they have the votes of the critics, but the suspense continues at the end of an edition as solid as it is without surprises or controversies.

“A good homogeneous vintage but still no emotional slap.” This is the refrain that runs on a glamorous but bloodless Croisette after twelve days of celebration. Cannes will have rolled out the red carpet for a number of veteran and regular directors, as it should be. But the festival was strangely free of controversy and provocation on the big screen, press conferences and even a red carpet sartorial revolution. A height.

A few hours after the verdict of the jury chaired by Vincent Lindon, the games remain very open. Eo, decision to leave et To close they have the votes of the critics but it must be remembered that it is in the last hours that the competition has been shaken in recent years, as it had been done Titanium by Julia Ducourtnau o Parasite de Bong Joon-ho.

Of note, on Friday, two of the five directors in the running for the Palme d’Or were still in the starting blocks. Independent cinema figure, the American Kelly Reichardt, whose western pastry chef and cattle First cow enchanted the 2020 Deauville Festival, presented Revealing. Portrait of an artist and how he draws on his life to create. With in the credits, one of his favorite actresses, Michelle Williams.

Punk-gore palm hit Titanium

The Florida-born director shared the steps with a newcomer to the competition, Frenchwoman Léonor Séraille. Camera d’or in Cannes in 2017 for his first film Young woman, try your luck by telling A little brother the story of a family of immigrant origins, from the late 1980s to the present day in the Parisian suburbs.

Will one of these films succeed? Titanium by Julia Ducourtnau, gore gold medalist with punk energy last year? It is difficult to launch certain predictions: no film in competition was unanimous on the part of the festival-goers, who were very spoiled in the parallel sections. And cheered by sensational previews such as November by Cédric Jimenez o Elvis by Baz Luhrmann (award of the craziest party with his drones that draw the silhouette of the musician in the Cannes night sky).

The ovni Eo and her ass seduces

Opinions differ from the international press. The review grid drawn up by the professional magazine Daily screen commends South Korean director Park Chan-wook, 58, (Old boy). Thriller son Decision to leave to the virtuous, realization invites, according to some, to comparisons Primitive instinct. Less sex! This investigation led by a police inspector, who falls in love with the main suspect in a crime, however, has served as a nebulous plot. The film is amplified by the interpretation of its two main characters, two newcomers to the Park Chan-wook cinema: in the role of the inspector, actor Park Hae-il, who had worked with Bong Joon-ho (Memories of a murder, the guest); in that of the widow, the Chinese actress Tang Wei, unveiled by Ang Lee (Lust, caution).

If a long-awaited film like David Cronenberg’s, Crimes of the future, pschitt with reporters stunned by its slowness, another big name, James Gray, has rather captivated critics with Armageddon time. For his fifth time in competition, the author ofAd Astra et The night belongs to us offers a touching and largely autobiographical account of a boy’s childhood in 1980s New York and the discovery of his artistic calling.

The ovni EO, whose protagonist is a donkey in the face of the cruelty of the world and the whims of men, from the dean of the competition, Jerzy Skolimowski, 84, has won the votes of colleagues from ICS (the international society of cinephilia) who give their top marks are more lenient with David Cronenberg chasing James Gray and the rural drama RMN by Romanian Cristian Mungiu, winner of a Palme d’Or thirteen years ago. Luka Dhont’s childhood and friendship story To close even made a fairly high entry in their rankings. His young revelations Eden Dabrine and Gustav De Waele could hope for an interpretation award. The glowing face of Nadia Tereszkiewicz in the autobiographical film The Almond trees by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi on the formative years with Patrice Chéreau also impressed. Just like the cursed clan of Iranian interpreters of Leila and her brothers.

Stars at noon red lantern

On the other hand, the latest melody imbued with social realism by the Dardenne brothers, Tori and Lokita, which could earn them a third historic gold medal later Rosette et The child divided. Praised by the interviewees from Daily screen, is much lower than the ICS. But his busy tone might make Vincent Lindon vibrate.

Bottom of both Screendaily and ICS rankings, Brother and sister by Arnaud Desplechin and Claire Denis’ sensual spy story Stars at noon serve as universal donkey caps.

After completing her seventh art curation, the jury retires to a villa to deliberate on Saturday, cut off from the world. Their list of awards will be unveiled on France Télévisions at the beginning of the evening. To decide among the 21 films in the running, Vincent Lindon is joined by the Anglo-American actress and director Rebecca Hall (Clair-Obscu), the Swedish Noomi Rapace, (Millennium) or the directors Asghar Farhadi (Grand Prix in 2021 with A hero)Ladj Ly (miserable, jury prize 2019) and Joachim Treviri (Julie in 12 chapters, female performance award). The adage has it that a jury chaired by an actor tends towards moving works and that the one chaired by a director has two more technical and uncompromising visions. With a majority of directors alongside the French actor, anything is possible.

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