Work in art: call for tenders at the end of May 2022

Live entertainment, music, curation, series, project management are the areas of interest for the announcements, job offers and opportunities in a broader sense that we propose this week.

Operators in theater, music, dance and contemporary circus fields, curators, cartoonists, project managers are the professionals that the job offers we have selected for you this week are aimed at. In this space, we actually provide a brief overview of the recent talks that have recently opened in Italy or near the end, and the opportunities (also non-profit) that can be used. We remind you that on Facebook you will find the group Artribune jobs: we invite you to register to help share conversations, contests, opportunities, ideas and offers in the creative field. At the same time, here are 5 suggestions to think about …

– Claudia Giraud


Fringe Festival Turin 2021 edition

The notice is available online for professional activity projects in the area live entertainment in the remote urban areas, in the implementation of the program agreement established between the Ministry of Culture and the city of Turin, as the capital municipality of the metropolitan city, giving the transfer to the city 1,836,721 euros. The available resources will go to support projects aimed at ensuring social inclusion, territorial rebalancing and with them occupational protection, as well as improving the tangible and intangible cultural heritage in the peripheral areas of the metropolitan city of Turin through entertainment activities including innovative. The Communication is addressed to organizations active in the theater, music, dance and contemporary circus sectors that have the requirements set out in the Communication. Partnerships are also allowed, as a form of collaboration / sharing of several topics. In fact, the purpose of the announcement is also to promote the ability of entities to network with each other.

Deadline: June 6, 2022



The announcement for the organization of cultural initiatives for dissemination and knowledge of the figure and the work of Pietro Peruginoon the occasion of the celebration of the five hundredth anniversary of his death, which will take place in 2023. “Organizing Committee for the celebration of the fifth centenary of the death of the painter Pietro Vannucci known as Il Perugino“, says its president, Ilaria Borletti BuitoniIn addition to supporting initiatives that enhance and deepen Perugino’s study, it proposes, through close collaboration with the other subjects involved in these important celebrations, to help strengthen Umbria and the places that, by hosting the painter’s work, therefore encourage visitors to the knowledge of a territory so masterfully represented in his creationsThe call is open to public bodies, third sector bodies, instrumental companies, civilly recognized religious bodies and private entities that will need to propose research activities, training, publishing, exhibition and cultural projects.

Deadline: June 15, 2022


Singapore Art Museum

Il Singapore Art Museum opened in 1996 as the first art museum in Singapore. This non-profit art institution, known as SAM, has the task of building one of the world’s foremost public collections of Southeast Asian contemporary art and is also the organizer of the Singapore Biennale, a festival that celebrates art from around the world in the island city of Singapore. It is now looking for a curator who will be responsible for developing specific areas of research specialization in support of institutional policies and goals for exhibition planning, collection development and publications. The curator will also curate art exhibitions and assignments, as well as develop collaborative projects and interdisciplinary projects.

Maturity: until the position is covered

[email protected]


Musse 3462

The editorial staff of Mickey Mouse, the most beloved comic book magazine, published by Panini Comics, is looking for new cartoonist talent. For this reason, it launches an invitation to submit proposals dedicated to the selection of young cartoonists who want to try drawing the famous Disney characters. Those who want to take part in this invitation can try out two scripts, from one page each – prepared by the weekly’s editorial staff – for a total of two independent tables to be interpreted. When they are finished, the unpublished works can be sent to Topolino’s editorial office, which will then contact the authors of the works that are considered most promising by 30 November 2022.

Deadline: July 15, 2022

[email protected]



Connecting cultures – Foundation for the Arts, Interdisciplinarity and Research (FAIR) and social entrepreneurship – is about cultural planning and participatory art dedicated to places, communities and territorial renewal. Founded by Anna Detheridge 2001, author in visual arts, curator and lecturer, Connecting Cultures promotes sustainability in visual arts and design. Based in Milan, and with a rich history behind it, Connecting Cultures has cured cultural projects throughout the country. Now, from June, he is looking for a Project Manager with the role of: Head of Foundation Projects Coordination; Out of Fashion project manager, a platform to promote the culture of sustainable fashion; Head of financial strategy, budget management and coordination with external experts; Support for research, compilation and reporting of calls; Accounting, invoicing, payments.

Maturity: until the position is covered

claudia giraud

Born in Turin, she graduated in contemporary art history at Damms in Turin, with a dissertation on cultural contamination in Piero Ruggeri’s image production in the 1950s. Freelance journalist, registered in the register since 2006, conducts journalistic activities for multimedia and printed publications in the sector. Since 2011 he has been part of the management staff of Artribune (, he is the editor-in-chief of music and curator, for the printed magazine, the section “Art Music” dedicated to all the projects where the musical language crosses the visual arts. She was an event editor at Exibart ( He has gained professional experience in the field of communications (Press Agency “Castello di Rivoli”, “Palazzo Bricherasio”, “Emanuela Bernascone”) and in particular worked as a press officer at the consulting company for contemporary art “Cantiere48” in Turin. He has carried out editorial activities such as editorial coordination, creation and related layout of articles for the press agency specializing in Italian abroad “News Italia Press” in Turin. He has written articles and insights for various specialized and non-specialized journals (SkyArte, Gambero Rosso, Art Weekly Report and Art Report of Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Exibart, Teknemedia, Graphicus, Espoarte, Corriere dell’Arte, La Piazza, Pagina ).

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